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Enamel Soap Dish w/ Carrier

Lend your kitchen or bathroom a little old school cool with the Enamel Soap Dish with Carrier! Fun and functional, this piece features a galvanized metal base and a removable enamel tray for easy cleaning. Styled after classic wash tub basins, the base has two handles and reads, "soap" in black lettering while the tray boasts ridges to keep bar soap in place. The base measures 1.5" high by 7" wide by 3.5" deep and the tray measures 2" high by 5.5" wide and 3.5" deep.

For Your Issue Tissue Box

Give every tissue box a facelift with the For Your Issue Tissue Box! Crafted from painted wood it features a cut-out for removing facial tissues and has a weathered white finish. It reads, "here's a tissue for your issue" in bold black lettering and boasts decorative black filigree underneath. Box is easily kept on entryway or side tables for a fun and functional piece and measures 5.75" high by 5.5" wide by 5.5" deep.

Vintage Bathtub Planters, 2/Set

Our set of two Vintage Bathtub Planters scream old school cool! Inspired by antique clawfoot bathtubs, this metal planter set makes a perfect container for herbs and inedible plants. Set them on a covered porch or patio for chic gardening space or use the smaller planter to store rolled washcloths and toiletries. Large planter measures 22.5" wide by 20" high by 8" deep. Small planter measures 13.5" wide by 14.5" high by 6" deep.

Love Is All You Need Trinket Tray

It's good to have a catch-all for your earrings, bracelets, keys, and rings. It's even better if it's pretty. This ceramic trinket tray is perfect for the vanity or dresser top, measuring 4 1/2" in diameter and 3/4" deep.

Vintage Jewelry Holder

This perfectly shabby chic jewelry holder features 6 hooks for hanging necklaces and bracelets, and a catch-all dish for rings and pins. Made of metal with a slightly rustic patina, this jewelry holder features a small metal bird sitting on top in it's own aesthetic loop. Holder measures 15" high by 8" wide with a 3¾" diameter base. Great for storing hair pins, earrings, and any kind of jewelry!

Get Naked Wood Block, 3/Set

This set of three designs on freestanding wooden blocks are printed with humorous phrases that are perfect for a guest bathroom. The phrases read “Flush it, flush it real good,” “Get Naked,” and “So fresh and so clean, clean.” The blocks each measure 3” high by 6” wide by 0.75” deep.

Soak, Wash and Relax Sign

Transform your bathroom into a relaxing oasis with the Soak, Wash and Relax Sign. The simple white background complements the bold black letters that read, "Soak, Wash & Relax", which offers a clean yet sophisticated look. This contemporary metal sign is an elegant statement piece measuring 20" high by 14" wide by .25" deep with one sawtooth hanger.

Hot Baths Sign

The Hot Bath Sign is the perfect complement to a relaxing hot bath. At just 5" high by 12" wide by .25" deep this sign is an ideal sized accent piece. In striking white letters this retro metal sign reads, "Hot Baths 25 cents. Soap and Towel Extra". Sign comes with 2 sawtooth hangers, and is sure to spruce up any bathroom.

Best Seat in the House Sign

Hang this chic, humorous metal sign in a guest or master bathroom. It is embossed with the phrase, "Best Seat in the House" in white lettering for a clean black and white design. Includes two sawtooth hangers on the back for easy display, and measures 5" high by 12" wide.

White Iron Bathtub Soap Dish

White Iron Bathtub Soap Dish is the perfect accessory for your bathroom! This charming iron soap dish is in the shape of a vintage bathtub and has a white finish with a black rim. Place on bathroom counters for a beautiful bathroom accent that looks great with any decor. It measures 2" high by 5.25" wide by 2.5" deep.

Iron Bathtub Soap Dish

Bring vintage charm into a master or guest bath with the Iron Bathtub Soap Dish! Featuring an old-school clawfoot bathtub design, this metal soap dish has painted black feet and a black rim to contrast its light gray finish. It is the perfect size for holding bar soap and measures 2" high by 5.5" wide by 2.5" deep.

Funny Bathroom Blocks 3/Set

Keep things light with Funny Bathroom Blocks! Crafted from wood these freestanding blocks have exposed edges for an aged look and are available in three designs. Each bears a painted finish and humorous phrase like, "bath vibes only," "squeeze my bottom," or, "put a lid on it" in a printed typeface. They look great on a shelf or countertop and measure 4" high by 4" wide by .75" deep.

Hello Sweet Cheeks/Seat Yourself Reversible Toiletries Box

Enjoy the charming humor of the Hello Sweet Cheeks/Seat Yourself Reversible Toiletries Box. This wooden box has a white-washed finish with grey lettering that reads, “seat yourself” and “Hello sweet cheeks”. It measures 4” high by 11.75” wide by 7” deep and looks great displayed anywhere throughout the bathroom, including counters or hanging shelves. Use to store any assortment of bathroom toiletries for an easy and stylish storage accessory.

Please note: MSRP for this item is $28.99 each.

If You're Dirty and You Know It Enamel Sign

Just like your parents told you...wash your hands! The If You're Dirty and You Know It Enamel Sign is a fun reminder of this simple and important hygiene practice. The white enamel sign has black edging and the phrase 'If you're dirty and you know it wash your hands' in black text and script. Hang in your home or hang the sign at work for a lighthearted reminder. Measures 11.75" high by 11.75" wide.

Relax & Get Naked Enamel Sign

Long day? The Relax & Get Naked Enamel Sign encourages a long hot shower. The white enamel sign has black edging with the cheeky message of 'Relax & Get Naked' in black text. Accompanying the text is an illustration in black of a bath tub with a shower running. The ready to hang sign measures 11.75" high by 11.75" wide.

Toilet Block Sign, 2/Set

Toilet Block Sign is crafted from wood and comes in two designs with funny phrases like, "hello, sweet cheeks," and "nice butt" in bold lettering. Blocks have a painted finish and exposed edges and look great on a shelf or countertop. Measures 3" high by 5.75" wide by .75" deep.

Yellow Iron Bathtub Soap Dish

Add a cute, sunny note to bathroom décor with the Yellow Iron Bathtub Soap Dish. This lovely, bathtub shaped soap dish has a light yellow finish with white legs and edging. It will hold a wide variety of bar sizes or could be used for other small toiletries. It measures 2.25" high by 5.75" wide by 2.5" deep.

Mint Iron Bathtub Soap Dish

The Mint Iron Bathtub Soap Dish is a fresh, fun way to hold hand soap. This solid iron, mini bathtub will look lovely on bathroom counters or tub-side. It features a light mint green finish with white rim and legs and measures 2.25" high by 5.75" wide with a 2.5" depth.

Light Gray Iron Bathtub Soap Dish

The Light Gray Iron Bathtub Soap Dish is a fun re-imagining of a classic bathroom element. This clawfoot style bathtub is the perfect size for holding a variety of hand soaps and looks great with its light gray and white finish. It measures 2.25" high by 5.75" wide with a 2.5" depth and will look lovely paired with other countertop bathroom décor or toiletries.

White Metal Bathtub

Bring a charming and functional accessory to the farmhouse bathroom with the White Metal Bathtub. This metal claw foot tub has a white finish with glossy black accents. It measures 6” high by 12” wide with a 5.5” depth. This tub looks darling when filled with bathroom accessories such as hand towels, extra soap, lotions, air fresheners and more!

It Doesn't Flush Itself Shiplap Square Block, 3/Set

Have a little fun with bathroom decor with the It Doesn't Flush Itself Shiplap Square Block assortment. These wooden shiplap style signs feature humorous phrases in black text and script. One reads ‘Hope everything comes out Okay.’ Another reads ‘Don’t be gross wash your hands.’ And the third reads ‘It doesn’t flush itself.’ These signs look great hanging or sitting on countertops or shelves. Signs measure 4" square by .5" deep.

Please note: This item features an assortment of designs which are each sold individually (not as a set). When you order the price break quantity of 12, you will receive 4 of each style when available.

Best Seat in the House Rustic Box

Know exactly where the best seat in the house is with the Best Seat in the House Rustic Box. This ‘cheeky’ rustic box has a distressed white finish and a reversible design. One side reads 'Best Seat in the House' and the other reads 'Bathroom Open 24 Hours.' The hallowed out box gives many options for what to place inside like toilet paper right above the ‘the best seat in the house.' It measures at 4” height, 11.75” long and 7” depth.