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Adulting Is Hard Block, 2/Set

Made from wood with a white-painted, slatted surface, the Adulting is Hard blocks are available in two designs. Phrases include “Coffee, because adulting is hard,” and “Coffee, because it’s too early for wine,” which are printed in a variety of fonts alongside a small floral accent. The freestanding blocks each measure 4” square and have a nail hole in the back for ease in hanging on a farmhouse kitchen wall.

Be The Change Mini Stick, 3/Set

Inspirational Be the Change Mini Sticks are in three designs featuring the phrases “Be the change,” “kindness is free,” and “kind people are my kinda people.” The designs incorporate a contemporary color scheme including coral, navy, and white. The freestanding wooden signs each measure 1” high by 6” wide x 0.5” deep and have natural toned edges.

Bee Happy Beehive Box Sign

Make your home décor happy with the Bee Happy Beehive Box Sign. This vintage inspired wood box sign has a freestanding display and boasts the image of a beehive hanging from a tree buzzing with adorable bee accents. It has a cream finish and reads, “Bee Happy” in black lettering. Place on tabletops, mantels, or bookshelves with similarly styled signs for a beautiful spring display. Measures 4” squared by 1.5” deep.

Bee Kind Sunflower Box Sign

Bee Kind Sunflower Box Sign is made for the classic farmhouse with its vintage sunflower graphics and adorable bee accents. This freestanding wood box sign has a cream finish and reads, “Bee Kind” in black lettering. It looks great on tabletops with a simple floral or a matching box sign for a beautiful everyday display. Measures 4” squared by 1.5” deep.

Bee's Knees Mini Stick, 2/Set

Be ready for spring with the Bee's Knees Mini Stick, 2/Set. The mini woodblocks have a beautiful yellow finish with exposed edges and black lettering that reads, “You are the bee’s knees” and “Always bee-lieve in yourself. Blocks measure 1” high by 6” wide by .5” deep and look great displayed together or separately on mantels or bookshelves with a colorful floral.

Bee-utiful Wooden Block, 3/Set

Take a moment to find beauty in the simple things with the Bee-utiful Wooden Block, 3 Set. These freestanding wooden blocks have a white finish and three unique designs that look great displayed anywhere throughout the farmhouse. The blocks have two keyhole hangers and read, “Life Is Bee-utiful", “We’re meant to Bee”, and “Always bee Sweet” in black lettering. Images of honey pots, sunflowers, and bees adorn these beautiful spring signs. They measure 3” high by 6” wide by .75” deep and make great accessories for tabletops, mantels, or bookshelves.

Believe Resin Sitter

The Believe Resin Sitter is the perfect farmhouse inspired accent piece! Distressed white letters read, "Believe" in a lightweight resin material that makes it great for tabletops. At 3.5" high by 8" wide by .75" deep, the sitter is great by itself or pairs well with similar signs.

Believe Thin Mini Blocks, 3/Set

Believe Thin Mini Blocks are a simple way to spread Christmas joy in old school style! Featuring a deep red finish with natural wood edges, these freestanding wood blocks are perfect for dressing up shelves and tabletops. They are easily combined or displayed separately and feature holiday phrases like, "merry," "believe," or, "joyful" in white lettering. Measures 1.5" high by 5" wide by .5" deep.

Blessed Distressed White Resin Sitter

The Blessed Distressed White Resin Sitter is a 7” wide x 2” high white resin sign that reads “blessed.” With distressed letters, this tabletop piece is a perfect accent for a mantlepiece or shelf next to a family photo in a rustic farmhouse. The resin material makes this sign lightweight and more versatile than a metal version.

Blessed Resin Sitter

The Blessed Resin Sitter is the personification of rustic charm. This farmhouse inspired sign strikes the perfect balance of vintage flare and country chic. The sign reads,"Blessed" in distressed, light gray letters and measures 3" high x 8.5" wide. Lightweight resin material makes this sign extremely versatile in its display, as you can easily move this stylish accent piece to any room in your home.

Blessed Script Word Shelf Sitter

Bless your home with the stylish accent of the Blessed Script Word Shelf Sitter. This simple wood sitter boasts a black finish and reads, “Blessed” in cutout letters. It measures 7.5” high by 15.5" wide by 1.25” deep and looks great on tabletops, mantels, or shelves. Pair with florals, picture frames, box signs, or other sitters for a beautiful every day or seasonal display.

Bloom Where You're Planted Laser Cut Block

Bloom Where You're Planted Laser Cut Block features weathered teal paint and unfinished edges for an aged look. It reads, “bloom where you're planted,” in laser cut script and sits freestanding. This block is perfect for display on a bookshelf or mantelpiece and makes a perfect accent in any room. Measures 1.75” high by 8” wide. Made in the USA.

Call It A Dream Blocks, 3/Set

Adorn your house with the sweet messages of the Call It A Dream Blocks. These adorable wooden blocks feature a distressed white finish with exposed wood edges for a rustic appearance that looks great in any modern farmhouse. They read, “Daydream. Believer”, “If you stumble make it part of the dance”, and “Don't call it a dream call it a plan” in black lettering. Display the freestanding blocks on a tabletop or bookshelf with a floral or candle to create a beautiful arrangement perfect for any occasion. Measures 4” squared by .75” deep.

Cement Taper Block

Our Cement Taper Block measures as a 1¾” square. The gray color and rough texture of the cement gives it a classic look and feel that makes it ideal for holding any battery-operated taper candle. Please note: taper candle is a prop and is not included with the block.

Choose Joy Sunflower Block Stackers, 3/Set

Spreading love is easy with the Choose Joy Sunflower Block Stackers, 3/Set. These unique freestanding wood blocks have a bright green finish and a stackable display that is perfect for tabletops or mantels. The colorful blocks read, “Choose Joy” and “And Share with Others” in white lettering and have a sunflower accent that is perfect for lightening up any room. Blocks measure 6.5” high by 7” wide by .75” deep.

Chunky Sun Shine

Chunky Sun Shine is the perfect accessory to brighten up any room in your home. The freestanding wooden sitter is in the shape of a sun with a golden yellow finish. It reads, “Shine” in black wooden script and has a flat bottom that is great for display on any surface. Measures 3.5” high by 7.75” wide by 1.5” deep and looks great on a covered porch, bookshelf, or tabletop.

Coffee + Friends Make the Best Blend Laser Cut Block, 8"

Celebrate good coffee and conversation with the Coffee + Friends Make the Best Blend Laser Cut Block! This wood block boasts blue-gray paint and raw edges for a rustic finish and is freestanding for tabletop display. It looks great alone or paired with similar blocks and reads, “coffee + friends make the best blend” in laser cut lettering. It is proudly made in the USA and measures 1.75” high by 8” wide.

Coffee and Love Wood Block, 2/Set

Coffee and Love Wooden Blocks are simple, freestanding accents. The 4” square wooden blocks come in two designs that read “Coffee, hot and fresh,” and “This house runs on coffee and love.” They have a white-painted, slatted textured surface with natural wood edges and a nail hole in the back for the option to hang them and would be great in any farmhouse inspired kitchen.

Coffee is Always a Good Idea Laser Cut Block, 8"

Coffee Is Always A Good Idea Laser Cut Block, 8" is a humorous wood block perfect for any coffee addict! It is painted brown with exposed edges and is freestanding for shelf display. It looks great alone or paired with similar blocks and reads, “coffee is always a good idea,” in laser cut lettering. It is proudly made in the USA and measures 1.75” high by 8” wide.

Dear Coffee Block, 2/Set

Farmhouse-inspired Dear Coffee Blocks make perfect kitchen accents. With a slatted finish, they are made from wood with a nail hole hanger on the back. They feature two designs that read “Dear coffee, I love you, that is all,” and “First I drink the coffee, then I do the things.” The freestanding signs have a natural toned wooden edge and measure 4” square by 0.5” deep.

Dream Big Mini Stick, 3/Set

Dream Big Mini Stick , 3/Set., are painted wooden blocks available in three assorted designs. Blocks are black, freestanding, and feature the phrases, "be happy," "dream big," and, "be strong" in bold white font. They look darling in an office or living room and are great for accenting signs or family photos. Each block has raw edges and measures 1" high by 6" wide.

Easy Peasy Square Block, 2/Set

Create an inspired farmhouse with the Easy Peasy Square Block, 2 Asstd. The country-themed woodblocks have a freestanding display with a black and white buffalo check pattern. Blocks read, “See the good” and “Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy” in black lettering with lemon accents. The blocks measure 4” square by .75” deep and look great on tables, mantels, or office desks.

Faith Over Fear Rectangular Block, 3/Set

Find daily courage in the Faith Over Fear Rectangular Block! These freestanding blocks come as a set and are made of painted wood with raw edges. They feature printed phrases in bold black font over a white finish and read, “faith over fear,” “simple - a simple life is a beautiful life,” and “this is us - our life. our story. our home.” They look great on tables or shelves and measure 3” high by 5.75” wide.

Please note: This item features an assortment of designs which are each sold individually (not as a set). When you order the price break quantity of 6 you will receive 2 of each style.

Family Engraved Blocks 3/Set

Let your home decor display how much your family means to you with the Family Engraved Blocks. These engraved wooden blocks are freestanding and are perfect for accenting tabletops or mantels. Blocks come in a set of three and read, "Let's Stay Home", "Family", and "Together is Best" in engraved brown lettering. Measure 4" high by 4" wide by 1.5" deep.