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Galvanized Metal Two-Tiered Tray

Galvanized Metal Two-Tiered Tray will add a layer of modern sophistication to any farmhouse with its industrial look and versatile styling options. The freestanding two-tier metal tray measures 16" high by 13" in diameter and has a black metal center with a circular loop. It looks great decorated with florals, candles, signs, coffee mugs, or small vases. Place the tray on tabletops, kitchen counters, or in dining rooms for a beautiful accent all year round. The tray is also a great accessory for creating seasonal arrangements for halloween, Christmas, and Easter.

Shabby Chic Wooden Three-Tiered Tray

Create elegant displays in your farmhouse with the adorable look of the Shabby Chic Wooden Three-Tiered Tray. This white-washed wooden tray features three individual tiers that are perfect for decorating with beads, florals, signs, or candles. It is great for placing in kitchens, bedrooms, or living rooms and makes the perfect accent to seasonal displays. The tray measures 23" high by 18" wide and boasts three wooden legs for stability.

Weathered Two-Tiered Tray

The Weathered Two-Tiered Tray is a farmhouse inspired accessory perfect for kitchens, living rooms, or dining rooms. This wooden two-tiered tray is a freestanding tabletop accessory with three wooden legs, two wooden trays, two distressed wooden beams for support, and a metal circular loop on top. It measures 21” high and 12” in diameter and is perfect for decorating with framed signs, candles, florals, or sitters. The trays can also be used as a functional accent to store knick-knacks, keys, and mail. The tray is pictured with the Wooden Family Block, 35346 and pillar candles 84752, 84753, 84755.

Hanging Ivory Script Gather Sign

Hanging Ivory Script Gather Sign is the perfect accessory for the classic farmhouse. The wooden sign has a fresh ivory finish that looks great all throughout the farmhouse. It reads, “Gather” in cutout letters and measures 7” high by 9.5” wide by .5” deep. The sign has two d-ring hangers for a beautiful wall display in living rooms, bedrooms, or anywhere you like to gather with the people you love.

Coffee Served Cup Holder Sign

Coffee Served Cup Holder Sign is the perfect accessory for coffee lovers! The wooden cutout sign is in the shape of a cup and reads, "Coffee Served All Day," in black lettering. Create a beautiful display wherever you like to drink your coffee by easily hanging the sign with its sawtooth hanger. Sign features two hooks that are great for hanging your favorite coffee accessories. Measures 11.5" high by 15.5" wide by .5" deep.

Best Blend Coffee Cup Holder Sign

Display your love of good friends and good coffee with the Best Blend Coffee Cup Holder Sign. It is a white wooden cutout sign in the shape of a coffee cup that reads, "Coffee and friends make the best blend," in black lettering. Sign has one sawtooth hanger on back for easy wall display in a kitchen or dining room. The two hooks on the front of the sign are great for hanging your favorite coffee mugs. Measures 11.5" high by 15.5" wide by .5" deep.

Coffee Metal Cutout Sign

If you love coffee and you love home decor, then you wont be able to get enough of this Coffee Metal Cutout Sign. The sleek metal cutout simply reads "coffee" and brings a modern contemporary feel to any kitchen or coffee station. The sign measures 6.25" high by 20.25" wide and comes with 2 metal hangers that make it ideal for hanging.

Enamel Soap Dish w/ Carrier

Lend your kitchen or bathroom a little old school cool with the Enamel Soap Dish with Carrier! Fun and functional, this piece features a galvanized metal base and a removable enamel tray for easy cleaning. Styled after classic wash tub basins, the base has two handles and reads, "soap" in black lettering while the tray boasts ridges to keep bar soap in place. The base measures 1.5" high by 7" wide by 3.5" deep and the tray measures 2" high by 5.5" wide and 3.5" deep.

Bless This House Mini Cutting Board Ornament, 2/set

Elevate your home with the charm of our darling set of two Bless This House Mini Cutting Board Ornaments! Made of lightweight and durable wood these ornaments are ready to hang by the leather strap attached to the handles. Reads: "bless this house," and "every day is a good day," in bold black lettering. These ornaments look equally at home on display in a kitchen or front room! Measures 5" high by 3" wide.

Embossed Bread Box

The Embossed Bread Box is a painted metal bread box with gray quatrefoils. It reads, “Fresh Bread,” “Baked Fresh,” and, “Served Daily.” It comes with a functional hinged lid and is a charming way to organize in the kitchen. It is antique white and complements any country decor. Measures 10" high by 13.5" wide by 11.5" deep.

Distressed Galvanized Bistro Trash Bin

The Distressed Galvanized Bistro Trash Bin is made of galvanized metal with a weathered, distressed finish. It opens by its foot pedal and is compatible with plastic liners. It reads, “Le Coq en Pate,” and features an embossed rooster for detail. Place it in an office or bathroom for a cozy feel. Measures 14" high by 10.25" wide by 10.25" deep.

Cheers Y'all Cutting Board Wall Hanger

The Cheers Y'all Cutting Board Wall Hanging is a round paddle cutting board made of durable wood with a leather strap for hanging. It reads, "cheers y'all," in black lettering for a pop of country charm. This item is intended for decorative use and is ideal for display in a kitchen. It makes the perfect gift for a home cook. Measures 11.75" wide by 15" high by .25" deep.
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Good Day Cutting Board Wall Sign

The Good Day Cutting Board Wall Sign is a decorative wooden cutting board perfect for your favorite home cook. It features a leather strap for wall display in a kitchen or dining room and reads,"every day is a good day," in bold black script. Measures 17" wide by 26" high by .75" deep.

White Silos, 3/set

An iconic image of farm life makes its way into your home with these nesting decorative containers with simple closures. Made of aged metal, the body of each silo is painted white and aged with rust. The silos measure 8” tall x 5 ½” in diameter, 10” tall x 7 ½” in diameter, and 12 ½” tall x 8 ¼” in diameter.

Please note: for decorative use only. This product is not intended to be used with food.