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Embossed Bread Box

The Embossed Bread Box is a painted metal bread box with gray quatrefoils. It reads, “Fresh Bread,” “Baked Fresh,” and, “Served Daily.” It comes with a functional hinged lid and is a charming way to organize in the kitchen. It is antique white and complements any country decor. Measures 10" high by 13.5" wide by 11.5" deep.

Enamel Soap Dish w/ Carrier

Lend your kitchen or bathroom a little old school cool with the Enamel Soap Dish with Carrier! Fun and functional, this piece features a galvanized metal base and a removable enamel tray for easy cleaning. Styled after classic wash tub basins, the base has two handles and reads, "soap" in black lettering while the tray boasts ridges to keep bar soap in place. The base measures 1.5" high by 7" wide by 3.5" deep and the tray measures 2" high by 5.5" wide and 3.5" deep.

Weathered Two-Tiered Tray

The Weathered Two-Tiered Tray is a farmhouse inspired accessory perfect for kitchens, living rooms, or dining rooms. This wooden two-tiered tray is a freestanding tabletop accessory with three wooden legs, two wooden trays, two distressed wooden beams for support, and a metal circular loop on top. It measures 21” high and 12” in diameter and is perfect for decorating with framed signs, candles, florals, or sitters. The trays can also be used as a functional accent to store knick-knacks, keys, and mail. The tray is pictured with the Wooden Family Block, 35346 and pillar candles 84752, 84753, 84755.

Please note: MSRP for this item is $54.79 each.

White Silos, 3/Set

An iconic image of farm life makes its way into your home with these nesting decorative containers with simple closures. Made of aged metal, the body of each silo is painted white and aged with rust. The silos measure 8” tall x 5 ½” in diameter, 10” tall x 7 ½” in diameter, and 12 ½” tall x 8 ¼” in diameter.

Please note: for decorative use only. This product is not intended to be used with food.
Additional note: MSRP for this item is $78.99 per set.

Galvanized Metal Two-Tiered Tray

Galvanized Metal Two-Tiered Tray will add a layer of modern sophistication to any farmhouse with its industrial look and versatile styling options. The freestanding two-tier metal tray measures 16" high by 13" in diameter and has a black metal center with a circular loop. It looks great decorated with florals, candles, signs, coffee mugs, or small vases. Place the tray on tabletops, kitchen counters, or in dining rooms for a beautiful accent all year round. The tray is also a great accessory for creating seasonal arrangements for halloween, Christmas, and Easter.

Please note: MSRP for this item is $72.49 each.

Wire Napkin Holder

Our Wire Napkin Holder measures 6” squared x 4 ¼” deep, including a small basket on one side. The wire has been wrapped around a distressed metal frame to create a woven look, which gives this napkin holder its rustic and industrial feel. Jars and napkins pictured used as props.

No Talkie Before Coffee Distressed Metal Sign

Add some humor to the morning coffee routine with the No Talkie Before Coffee Distressed Metal Sign. The sign features a distressed black background with aged, white wording. It states "No Talkie Before Coffee" in a mix of text and script. This prominent sign will remind family and guests that coffee comes first, then the day can start. Display hanging or leaning with other coffee décor or other black and white items. Sign measures 11.5" square by .5" deep.

Hanging Halo Taper Holder

The simple elegance of the Hanging Halo Taper Holder will add uniqueness and a little light to any environment. This metal hoop candle holder is painted in an aged white tone with distressing. A platform with taper-holder rises from the bottom of the halo. The attached metal loop makes for sturdy and easy hanging. Wrap in seasonal floral and greenery for a festive piece or tie a bow of buffalo check ribbon below the taper holder for a display that looks great all year long. Halo hanger measures 15.5" high by 14.5 wide.

Count Your Blessings Distressed Frame w/Holder

Never forget to count your blessings again with the Count Your Blessings Distressed Frame w/Holder. This distressed wood frame sign boasts a white-washed finish and reads, “count your blessings” in black lettering. The sign has a freestanding display with a removable wood holder that is perfect for display on tables, mantels, or counters. It measures 6” high by 17.5” wide and looks great paired with florals, framed signs, and pictures frames for a unique display all year long.

Let's Stay Home Distressed Frame w/Holder

Do you love being at home? Then you need the Let's Stay Home Distressed Frame w/Holder to celebrate how much home means to you. The wood sign boasts a distressed white frame and reads, “let's stay home” in black lettering. It is adorned with a wooden holder for a freestanding display that is perfect for tables, mantels, or desks. Pair with a picture frame, box sign, or floral for a unique display all year long. Measures 6” high by 12” wide.

Mini Wooden Ladder, 3/Set

Elevate farmhouse decor with the Mini Wooden Ladder available in three color finishes. This three-rung miniature ladder adds height and interest to any table display. Try adding mini greenery or entwining flowers for a unique floral piece. Available in whitewash, natural oak, and walnut finishes to complement any country-chic style. Each ladder measures 8" high by 2.5" wide by .5" deep.

Large Wooden Ladder, 3/Set

The Large Wooden Ladder will take farmhouse décor to new heights. Available in white, brown and natural wood tones, these ladders mix perfectly with other rustic and vintage décor. The 17" height makes these wooden accessories highly versatile. Use the five rungs to hang small garments such as gloves, socks, handkerchiefs or face masks. Or, add one of these ladders to the garden or vining, potted plants for a unique trellis.

Medium Wooden Ladder, 3/Set

Add height and a unique element to farmhouse décor with a Medium Wooden Ladder. These 12" high, four-rung ladders come in white, brown, and natural wood. They look adorable on tiered trays or standing against signs, milk cans and other sitting décor. The rungs can also be used for hanging small accessories like ornaments or jewelry. Ladders measure 12" high by 3.5" wide by .5" deep.

Welcome to Our Hive Distressed Half Milk Can

Welcome visitors to home sweet home with the Welcome to Our Hive Distressed Half Milk Can. This white metal can features a bright sunflower graphic in gold and brown with bees in gold and black. “Welcome to our Hive” frames the bottom of the flower in black text. The design and white finish of the can feature light distressing for a vintage feel. This half can is designed to hang on walls and has a keyhole hanger. It can also be easily displayed freestanding on shelves, tables or mantels. This milk can looks great when filled with golden florals and greenery or drape a wooden bead garland around the edge for a modern, rustic look. Measures 10" high by 7" wide by 4" deep.

Natural Wood Bead Garland With Tassel, 3 ft

Dress up any display or design with the Natural Wood Bead Garland with Tassel. This 3-foot-long garland features 1" diameter natural wooden beads with a jute tassel at one end. This versatile accessory will add rustic-chic charm where ever it is displayed. Garland measures 1" diameter by 3 feet in length.

Distressed Black, White & Gray Bead Garland w/Tassels

Add a simple, chic elegance to a variety of displays with the Distressed Black, White & Gray Garland w/Tassels. This versatile accessory features large, white, wooden beads with smaller, alternating black and gray wooden beads. The garland is strung on a jute cord and each end is accented with black, suede tassels. The color and design of this garland makes it a perfect addition to farmhouse decor, but it will also compliment a wide range of other styles. Try draping this garland on milk cans or vases, or around blocks and signs to easily upscale your display. Measures 46" long with a .75" diameter.

Vintage Dark Gray Coffee Clock

Keep your morning moving with the Vintage Dark Gray Coffee Clock. This classic clock features the shape of a steaming cup of coffee with a distressed gray finish. The face of the clock is brown with white numbers and lettering and reads "Delicious – Fresh Brewed – COFFEE – The Most Important Meal of the Day." This clock reflects your love of coffee and will help keep you running on time in the mornings! It is freestanding, measures 10.25" high by 8.5" wide by 2.25" deep and looks great on shelves or the countertop next to your coffeemaker. It requires one AA battery (not included.)

Please note: MSRP for this item is $40.29 each.

Distressed Black Bead Garland with Tassels

The Distressed Black Bead Garland with Tassels is an update of our popular bead garland accessories. This garland consists of alternating large and small wooden beads with a distressed black finish and has black leather tassels at each end. The garland measures 47" in length and the larger beads have a .75" diameter. This garland looks great in a variety of settings! Drape it on tiered trays, around milk cans or over the frames of signs. Weave it amongst florals or sitting decor, candles, and more. It looks lovely every time!

Life Begins After Coffee Square Block

Make coffee priorities very clear with the Life Begins After Coffee Square Block. This cute black, wooden block has a white, dimensional coffee mug that reads "Life begins after coffee" in black text. The block looks great sitting or hanging next to coffeemaker or tucked in with coffee beans and mugs. The block has a keyhole hanger and measures 4.5" square with a .5" depth.

Farm to Table to Soul Round Easel Sign

Remember the importance of fresh, whole food with the Farm to Table to Soul Easel Sign. This round, wooden sign has a white finish with raw edges and reads "Farm to Table to Soul" in black text and green script. The word "Table" is a dimensional, wooden cutout giving the sign a little added depth. This sign makes a lovely addition to kitchen counters or shelves, sitting with the easel back. Or display in dining displays sitting on tables or hanging using the D-Ring hanger. Sign measures 5" diameter and a .25" depth.

Willow Cup and Saucer

This Willow Cup and Saucer is perfect as a planter or as a bird seed holder. Measuring 7" wide by 4.5" high, it features a plastic liner on the inside for increased usability. The widened saucer makes it a very stable design, perfect for the garden or kitchen table top.

Bee Humble Bee Kind Pot Holder

Remember the simple but important things in life with the Bee Humble Bee Kind Pot Holder. This pot holder features a black and gold bee with gray wings and the phrase "Bee Humble • Bee Kind" in black script. The front is ivory with a gray back that matches the sewn-in hanging loop. The pot holder is thick with smooth, durable fabric and a sewn diamond pattern making it great for display and use. Hang this cute pot holder on hooks or knobs for easy access and a lovely accessory in the kitchen. Measures 8" square with an approximate 1.25" loop.

Honey Bees & Flowers Please Pot Holder

The Honey Bees & Flowers Please Pot Holder will add a vintage, sunny element to the farmhouse kitchen. This ivory pot holder features a prominent, distressed sunflower design in gold and brown with a black and gold bee on each side. The phrase "Honey Bees & Flowers Please" frames the design in black script. The back of the pot holder and loop hanger are dark grey and the holder sports a sewn-in diamond pattern. The design makes this a great display piece while the thickness and smooth, durable fabric makes it highly usable in the kitchen, as well. Measures 8" square with an approximate 1.25" loop.

Mini Lemon Fillers, 8/Pkg

Fill trays, bowls, jars, and large vases with the bright and sunny Mini Lemon Fillers, 8/Pkg. This set of 8 plastic coated foam lemons features a bright yellow color and two sizes. There are four larger lemons that measure 2" long with a 1.5" diameter. There are also four smaller lemons which measure 1.75" long with a 1.25" diameter. The lemons come packaged in a brown, plastic, net produce bag.

Distressed My Kitchen My Rules Cutting Board Ornament

Remind everyone who is boss in the kitchen with the Distressed My Kitchen My Rules Cutting Board Ornament. This cutting board shaped, wooden ornament has a white finish with distressed edges and reads "my kitchen my rules" in black script and text. Below the text is a black, wooden cutout of a cow and the ornament is topped with a jute hanger. This adorable ornament looks great with other black and white decor and hangs easily on hooks and knobs. Measures 7" high by 4" wide by .5" deep.

Lemon Sayings Magnets, 6/Set

Bring some lovely, positive messages to the farmhouse kitchen with the Lemon Sayings Magnets set. This set of 6 magnets features three designs. The smaller magnets features a single watercolor style lemon - some with a single leaf, some with two leaves. The larger magnets feature two watercolor color style lemons on a joined stem with one leaf. The magnets sport six different sayings in a mix of black text and script. These magnets are perfect on the refrigerator but also make a lovely addition anywhere you find a magnetic surface! They measure 3.5" high by 2.25" wide and 3.25" high by 2.5" wide. Phrases include:
"The zest is yet to come" • " Squeeze the day"
"Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy" • "See the good"
"This is the zest life" • "When life gives you lemons make lemonade"

Natural Wood Beaded Two Tiered Tray

Create a beautiful, statement display with the Natural Wood Beaded Two Tiered Tray. This lovely two tiered tray features natural wood trays ringed in prominent, round, wooden beads. The center column is dark metal and is topped with a ring for easy moving and lifting. The bottom tray sits atop three, simple, sturdy wooden legs. The natural wood finish and style of this tray make it compatible with a wide range of colors and styles. Fill with candles, mini signs, sitters, florals - nearly anything you can think of! Measures 13" high with a 13" diameter.

Please note: MSRP for this item is $56.99 each.

Geometric Ceramic Bowl

Give your plants a handsome home with our Geometric Ceramic Bowl! Boasting a modern black and white color scheme with fun geometric patterning this bowl is the perfect size for small snake plants, succulents, and cacti. It has mild distressing for character and easily fits on a countertop, in a window sill, or on a side table. Measures 4" high with a 5" diameter and is for decorative use only.

Embossed Bread Box Black

Bring a fresh, stylish statement piece to the farmhouse kitchen with the Embossed Bread Box Black. This lovely metal bread box has a black finish with white accents. The box reads ‘Fresh Bread’ and “Baked Fresh - Served Daily.’ The box has a small round handle and pretty flower pattering that covers the entirety of the lid. The words and designs are embossed and have light distressing to the white finish. The box stands on four short legs that are also accented in white. This bread box looks beautiful on the kitchen counter top with a variety of decor styles and is an excellent piece for the modern farmhouse kitchen. Measures 10" high by 13.5" wide by 11.5 deep.

Dinner Is Poured Beaded Wine Tag, 3/Set

Add a little humor to your wine accessories with the Dinner Is Poured Beaded Wine Tag assortment. These round, wooden wine tags have jute hangers with wooden beads and feature three funny wine-themed phrases burnt into the natural wood. One tag reads "Dinner is poured" another reads "Wine not?" and the third reads "Mommy's special juice." These tags have a blank back where you can add a personal message and use as a gift tag. Or display as ornaments on wine bottles, cork holders, hooks, or pegs. Tags measure 3.5" high and 3" wide.

Spread Hap-pea-ness Mini Round Easel Sign, 2/Set

Bring a smile to the faces of friends and family with the Spread Hap-pea-ness Mini Round Easel Signs. These adorable round signs have a white background with distressed edges and each features a cute, dimensional vegetable with a fun phrase. One sign reads "Spread Hap-pea-ness" in black with an image of three green peas in a pod. The other reads "Stay Up Beet" and has the image of a red beet with green leaves. These fun and uplifting signs make a great addition to the kitchen, dining room, or anywhere you want to spread some positivity. They look great on sitting on trays or shelves among farmhouse décor using their wooden easel back. Or, they can be easily hung using the triangle ring hanger. Signs measure 4" in diameter with a .25" depth.

Farm Sweet Farm Round Easel Sign

Celebrate the farm homestead with the Farm Sweet Farm Round Easel Sign. This cute, round, white, wooden sign features a cutout of a barn and a cow in black and white. It reads "Farm Sweet Farm" with the word "Sweet" in cutout script in a lovely shade of green. This sign will add a little sweetness to kitchen decor or looks great tucked into tiered trays or on end tables. Measures 6" in diameter with a .25" depth. The easel back and D-Ring hanger give a variety of display options for this sweet sign.

Life Is Short Mini Round Easel Sign, 3/Set

Add the sweetness of strawberries and a little humor to the farmhouse with the Life Is Short Mini Round Easel Sign assortment. These round, wooden signs are white with distressed edges and feature a wood cutout, strawberry in red with green stem and white polka dot accents. The signs read "Life is short make it sweet," "The Sweetest Pick of the Patch," and "You are Berry Sweet" in black text. These signs include an easel back and D-ring hanger for a variety of display options. They measure 4" in diameter with a .25" depth and look great with other fruit and strawberry decor or when paired with red and white picnic decor.

Summer With Watermelon Block

Nothing says Summer like a slice of juicy watermelon. Capture that sweet, fruity essence with the Summer With Watermelon Block. This sturdy wooden block is white with distressed edges and sports the word "Summer" in black text. The "U" in Summer is replaced with a red and green cutout of a watermelon slice with black seeds. This block looks great on kitchen counters or shelves, or tucked in among delicious food on a summer picnic table. Measures 3" high by 8" wide by .75" deep.

Berry Nice Square Block

Add a fun element to country-chic décor with the Berry Nice Square Block. This white, distressed edge block is solid wood and sturdy when displayed freestanding. A red dimensional strawberry with green stem and white accents is the star of this sitter. The punny phrase "berry nice" is displayed in black script and text. This block is eye-catching on shelves, tables and mantels. Pair with other red or black and white pieces for a lovely display. Measures 5" square by .75" deep.

Distressed Mom's Kitchen Cutting Board Ornament

The Distressed Mom's Kitchen Cutting Board Ornament makes a cute addition to farmhouse kitchen decor. This wooden ornament has a white finish with distressed edges and reads "Mom's Kitchen" in black script and text. The word "mom's" is dimensional for a little added depth and the ornament is topped with a jute hanger. This little cutting board looks lovely with other black and white farmhouse decor and can be displayed on hooks, pegs or knobs. Or display sitting on it's side on counter tops or shelves. Measures 3.5" high by 8.25" wide with a .5" depth.

Sweet Peach Shadowbox Frame

Add a note of cute sweetness to displays with the Sweet Peach Shadowbox Frame. This frame features a lightly speckled white background with a wooden cutout peach with green leaf. The phrase "Sweet Peach" frames the image in a mix of black script and text. The rough, medium brown shadowbox frame adds an extra touch of rustic-chic and has a sawtooth hanger for easy hanging. This frame looks great displayed alone or as part of a wall collage of various signs and images. It also looks lovely leaning on tables or trays. Measures 6.75" high by 6" wide by 1" deep.

Coffee Is A Hug Mini Stick, 3/Set

Show your affection for coffee with the adorable Coffee is a Hug Mini Stick assortment. These cute little wooden sticks are easy to tuck into tiered trays or on shelves with coffee beans, mugs, and more. They feature a white background with brown buffalo check edges. Brown text reads "but first, coffee" on one stick, "Love is brewing" on another, and "Coffee is a hug in a mug" on the third. Sticks measure 1" high by 6" wide with a .5" depth.

Felt Strawberry Poke

Sweeten summer décor with the adorable Felt Strawberry Poke! Made from lightly stuffed felt fabric, the red strawberry sits atop a wooden dowel rod. It is accented by tiny black strawberry seed dots and a green stem. Easily tuck into a collection of colorful florals to add a sweet and summery touch! Measures 10” high overall, by 3” wide.

Felt Carrots Ornament

The Felt Carrots Ornament features two adorable felt carrots strung together by jute rope. This charming spring accent makes decorating a snap, simply drape the pair in a seasonal garland, around a cabinet knob, or tuck inside a floral arrangement. Each carrot measures 5.25” high by 2” wide, and it measures approximately 20" long.
$5.79 $6.29

White Wash Salt and Pepper Caddy with Shakers

Shake up farmhouse kitchen decor with the White Wash Salt and Pepper Caddy with Shakers. This sturdy metal caddy has a distressed white finish with spherical feet and an angled handle for easy display and carrying. The shakers are clear glass with a mason jar inspired style and are topped with metal shaker tops. They measure 3.75" high by 1.75" wide while the caddy is 6.5" high by 4.5" wide. This vintage styled set will be right at home in the farmhouse kitchen or in the middle of dining room table displays.

Script Wine ID Tag, 3/Set

Label wines for easy identification with these fun Script Wine ID Tags. The tags are made of wood with jute hangers accented with wooden beads. Each tag has a wine type etched in darkened wood script letters. Tags include "red" "white" and "rosé." Hang these tags around wine bottle necks or above sections in a wine cabinet or cellar. The backs of the tags are blank and can be used to add a personal message when gifting a bottle of wine. Tags measure 3.5" high by 3" wide.

Aztec White Metal & Wood Risers, 2/Set

Bring height and instant beauty to farmhouse displays with the Aztec White Metal & Wood Risers set. This set of two risers has a metal base with embossed Aztec design and distressed white finish. Each sits on three sturdy, triangular metal legs for secure displays. The circular risers have a natural wooden top and look great uplifting a variety of decor such as signs, sitters, candles and more! These risers also make great displays for plates of appetizers or desserts at parties! The small riser measures 10" in diameter with a 4.25" height and the large measures 12" in diameter with a 4.75" height.

Aztec White Metal Canisters, 2/Set

The Aztec White Metal Canisters set is a lovely combination of style and function. This set of two metal canisters has an embossed, Aztec-styled pattern with a distressed white finish. The canister lids have solid wood handles and remove easily. These decorative storage containers are perfect for art and craft supplies, dishwasher and laundry pods, and other non-food items. The large container measures 8" in diameter with a 9.75" height. The small container is 6.75" in diameter with a 8.5" height.

Aztec White Metal Milk Can

The farmhouse favorite milk can gets an appealing refresh in the Aztec White Metal Milk Can. This white metal milk can features an Aztec style embossed design with distressed finish. The can is 9.25" high with a 5.5" diameter. It measures 7" wide at the handles. This can looks lovely filled with a variety of florals or greenery and pairs perfectly with our other Aztec patterned accessories.

Oval Natural Wood Riser w/Jute Wrap Handle

Bring more texture and height to displays with the Oval Natural Wood Riser with Jute Wrap Handle. This cutting board styled riser has an oval shape and four wooden legs for sturdy display. The handle has a hole at the top and is wrapped in jute cord for added detail. This riser makes a perfect addition to kitchen decor and looks lovely with kitchen themed signs, sitters, candles, and more! It is for decorative purposes only and measures 2.25" high with a 14" length and 8.25" width.

Rectangular Natural Wood Riser w/Jute Wrap Handle

Uplift farmhouse displays with the shabby-chic Rectangular Natural Wood Riser with Jute Wrap Handle. This cutting board styled riser sits on four sturdy legs for secure display and has a rustic distressed finish. The riser has a jute-wrapped handle with a hole detail. This riser looks great with kitchen decor but can be added to any setting to raise decor and style. It measures 2.25" high with a 13.75" length and 9.25" width and is for decorative purposes only.

Turquoise Wave Beaded Garland, 36"

Wave goodbye to boring displays with the Turquoise Wave Beaded Garland, 36”. This appealing, 36" long bead garland features round wooden beads in white with larger distressed turquoise beads. Alternating with the turquoise beads are elongated, natural tone beads with a wave design to their shape. Each end of the garland sports a jute tassel. This garland looks great with Spring-time blues or everyday white and wood decor. Wrap around signs, candles, or containers for an instant boost of beauty and style.

I Like My Coffee Hot Layered Block

The I Like My Coffee Hot Layered Block will be one of the hottest items in the farmhouse kitchen… along with the coffee and the man of the house! This 6" square solid wooden block depicts a dimensional white coffee mug filled with black coffee. In a mix of script and text it reads ‘I like my Coffee Hot (like my husband).’ The background is gray with a light splatter of white and black paint and the edges are lightly distressed. This makes a great addition to the kitchen and looks lovely with other black and white themed decor.

I Like Big Mugs Layered Block

For those who need their coffee super-sized, the I Like Big Mugs Layered Block is the perfect fit. This sturdy solid wooden block sign has a dimensional coffee mug in white on a gray background and reads ‘I like Big Mugs and I cannot lie.’ The background has a light splattering of black and white paint and the edges of the block are black with light distressing. This freestanding block looks great next to the coffee maker, mug holders or with other coffee themed decor. It measures 6" square with a .75" depth.

Kitchen Brings Family Together Distressed Metal Sign

Add a little vintage style to the farmhouse kitchen with the Kitchen Brings Family Together Distressed Metal Sign. This 6.5" high by 24" wide metal sign reads ‘Kitchen’ in prominent, black letters and is accented with a black rolling pin that reads ‘brings families together’ in white script. The design is highly distressed with rusted edges and the sign has two sawtooth hangers. This sign looks great hanging in the kitchen or leaning on the counter with kitchen accessories or decor.

Coffee Black Distressed Metal Sign

Bring the grounded, dark tones of coffee to the farmhouse with the Coffee Black Distressed Metal Sign. Featuring a solid metal design with obvious distressing and rusted edges, this sign has a black finish with white hand-painted style letters reading ‘Coffee.’ Below the larger letters it reads ‘fresh roasted & fresh ground’ in white script. A vintage hand-grinder is depicted in realistic white sketch and above it reads ‘EST. 1982.’ This sign will add bold notes to kitchen or coffee display and looks great hanging via its sawtooth hangers or leaning in shelf or table displays. Measures 6.5" high by 24" wide with a .5" depth.

Coffee White Distressed Metal Sign

Add rustic charm and vintage styling to coffee or kitchen displays with the Coffee White Distressed Metal Sign. This white metal sign has obvious distressing along with rusted edges and reads ‘Coffee’ in large, hand-painted style letters. The word ‘Fresh’ appears above with little scrolling accents and below it reads ‘Freshly brewed Always open’ in white script. The first and last letters of the word ‘coffee’ are enlarged for an eye-catching effect and the word is split by an image of a vintage, insulated coffee pot. This sign will entice the senses when paired with other coffee themed decor or hanging via its sawtooth hangers in kitchen displays. It measures 6.5" high by 24" wide with a .5" depth.

Gather In Our Kitchen Beaded Framed Sign

The kitchen is where the laughs and chats are and the Gather In Our Kitchen Beaded Framed Sign never let's you forget. This lemon themed kitchen sign has lemons and leaves sprinkled around text reading "Gather in our kitchen. Sit long. Talk much. Laugh often." This white wood framed sign hangs with wooden beads to match. It hangs 9.75" tall and long.

Beaded Wine Ornament, 3/Set

Add a little charm and humor to wine bottles and wine decor with the Beaded Wine Ornament assortment. These lovely 3" diameter round white ornaments have fun, wine-inspired phrases and a jute hanger for easy hanging. One reads ‘Wine not?’ while another states ‘Time to Wine Down.’ The third reads ‘You had me at Wine.’ The white wooden beads accent the hanger and the jute tassel that graces the bottom of each ornament. These tags can be used as decor or gift tags for gift bottles of wine. They have a blank back to allow the addition of personal messages. Ornaments hang 11" including hanger and tassel.

Coffee Metal Cutout Sign

If you love coffee and you love home decor, then you wont be able to get enough of this Coffee Metal Cutout Sign. The sleek metal cutout simply reads "coffee" and brings a modern contemporary feel to any kitchen or coffee station. The sign measures 6.25" high by 20.25" wide and comes with 2 metal hangers that make it ideal for hanging.

Kitchen Is For Dancing Distressed Metal Sign

This distressed metal sign’s black-and-white color palette and fun, graphic appeal energizes kitchen decor. The border of this enamel wall art has a distressed, rust look, and its text reads “this kitchen is for dancing,” accented on either side by a wheat motif. It measures 13 ¾” tall x 10 ¼” wide x ¼” deep and hangs from two sawtooth hangers.