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Fruit + Lemons

Lemons and peaches and berries! Oh my! Shop our collection of fruit-inspired decor.

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8/Pkg - Mini Lemon Bowl Fillers

Fill trays, bowls, jars, and large vases with the bright and sunny 8/Pkg - Mini Lemon Bowl Fillers. This set of 8 plastic coated foam lemons features a bright yellow color and two sizes. There are four larger lemons that measure 2" long with a 1.5" diameter. There are also four smaller lemons which measure 1.75" long with a 1.25" diameter. The lemons come packaged in a brown, plastic, net produce bag.

Always Look on the Bright Side Square Block, 4/Set

When life gives you lemons… make lovely displays! The Always Look on the Bright Side Square Block assortment features cute lemon graphics with phrases in gray text and script on white wooden blocks. The blocks have distressed edges and a keyhole hanger in the back but can also be displayed freestanding. One block reads ‘Always look on the Bright Side’ while another states ‘Bless this Kitchen.’ A third block states ‘Every day is a Fresh Start’ and the fourth reads ‘Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.’ These blocks look darling with grey and white buffalo check pillar candles and yellow beads or florals. They measure 4" square and .75" deep.

Choose Happy Lemon Pillow Ornament

Add a pop of color to your happy place with the Choose Happy Pillow Ornament. The stuffed canvas pillow features a cheerful lemon illustration and is boldly printed with the inspirational phrase, “Choose Happy.” The back of the pillow is made from trendy black and white check fabric, and it comes with a jute hanger to easily hang in a summery wreath, on a doorknob, or kitchen cabinet. It measures 5.5” high by 4.25” wide.

Easy Peasy Square Block, 2/Set

Create an inspired farmhouse with the Easy Peasy Square Block, 2 Asstd. The country-themed woodblocks have a freestanding display with a black and white buffalo check pattern. Blocks read, “See the good” and “Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy” in black lettering with lemon accents. The blocks measure 4” square by .75” deep and look great on tables, mantels, or office desks.

Fresh Picked Lemon Spray

Add a rich, fresh tone to kitchen or dining decor with the Fresh Picked Lemon Spray. This spray has deep green fabric leaves with cute yellow lemons peeking out from the foliage. The lemons are plastic and foam and the stems are plastic and wrapped wire for easy positioning. This spray looks good tucked in among lemon decor or as an addition to jars, vases or milk cans. Measures 15" long.

Lemon Beauty Hanging Bush

Lemon Beauty Hanging Bush is a fresh and versatile floral perfect for sprucing up any space. Bush boasts airy plastic leaves on a flexible, plastic-covered wire base and looks darling draping shelves, stuffed in baskets, or used to pull together a table setting. Measures 33" long.

Lemon Slice Bead Garland

Variety is the Slice of life, and the Lemon Slice Bead Garland will add color and beauty to a variety of farmhouse displays. This lovely wooden bead garland has white and yellow beads with a .5" diameter and sports a jute tassel at one end. The other end of the garland has a round wooden lemon slice with light distressing that measures 3" in diameter. The garland is 24" long overall and makes a beautiful accent to lemon, fruit, or Spring-themed displays.

Live Life With Zest Lemon Slice

Live Life With Zest Lemon Slice is sure to sprue up your home décor with its playful display and inspiring message. This freestanding wooden accessory is shaped like a lemon with a golden yellow finish and reads, “Live Life With Zest” in black script with “Zest” highlighted in wooden letters. It has a circular design with a flat bottom that is perfect for display on kitchen counters, dining room tables, or mantels. Measures 5.5” high by 5.5” wide by 1.25” deep.

Live Simply Chunky Lemon

Remember to enjoy the little things with the Live Simply Chunky Lemon. This freestanding wooden accessory is in the shape of a lemon with a warm yellow finish that’s is accented by two green wooden leaf cutouts. It reads, “Live Simply” in black script with “Simply” highlighted in black wood letters and measures 4.75” high by 6.25” wide by 1.25” deep. Place this dimensional accessory on tabletops and pair with your favorite candle, picture frame, or floral for a beautiful display.

Pucker Mini Sticks, 3/Set

Pucker Mini Sticks are the personification of country charm. These simple wood mini sticks have a freestanding display with a white finish that is highlighted by a black and white buffalo check pattern around the sides. The sticks read, “Squeeze the Day”, “Pucker Up”, and “When You Can’t Find the Sunshine Be the Sun” in black script that is highlighted with lemon accents. Measure 1” high by 6” wide by .5” deep.

Simply the Zest Mini Stick, 3/Set

When life has you feeling squeezed, squeeze back with the Simply the Zest Mini Stick Set! Each mini stick gives bright and uplifting encouragement. Sayings, in jaunty type and script, are 'Squeeze the Day!', 'You're simply the zest!', and 'Hello Sunshine!'. Each mini stick measures 1" high by 6" wide and .5" deep.

Squeeze the Day Lemon Metal Sign

Make lemonade out of lemons everyday with the Squeeze the Day Lemon Metal Sign. This sizable metal sign features an upright yellow lemon with a green stem and large leaves at the top. It reads ‘Squeeze the day’ in raised white script and text with a gray outline. This embossed sign will look great hanging over the sink in the kitchen or as a focal point in a lemon-inspired wall display. The sign measures 19.5" high by 16" wide with a .25" depth and has a D-ring hanger on the back.

Vintage Squeeze The Day Old Town Scale Clock

Squeeze every moment in life with the Vintage Squeeze The Day Old Town Scale Clock. Sporting a yellow finish with black distressing, this metal clock looks like a vintage kitchen scale. The platform at the top is fixed for easy display of other decor and the face of the clock reads ’Squeeze the day’ in gray script and text. Behind the wording and numbers, a wreath of branches with lemons and white flowers is depicted. This sunny take on the farmhouse scale clock measures 7" high by 5.5" wide with a 5" depth and requires one AA battery (not included). This clock will look great topped with a candle and floral candle ring or supporting a few fresh or faux lemons for an on-point display!

When Life Gives You Lemons Notepad

When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade, and the When Life Gives You Lemons Notepad will be there to help you remember the recipe with its adorable design and 50 lined pages that are perfect for note taking. The notepad reads, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade" in black lettering with the image of lemons for a subtle vintage touch. It measures 5.75" high by 4.25" wide and has a magnet on the back for convenient hanging options all around the house or office. The notepad is locally made in Ohio and is great for note taking, making lists, and jotting down recipes.​

Berry Sweet Chunky Strawberry Sitter

Welcome warmer days to the farmhouse with the sweet sentiment of the Berry Sweet Chunky Strawberry Sitter. This fun, solid wood sitter features a deep red background with white polka dot accents and a green, dimensional stem. The word "berry" appears in black, wooden cutout script and the word "sweet" is in black text. This lovely strawberry is eye-catching on countertops, mantels, tables and shelves. It looks great with black and white décor or when paired with greenery or other strawberry items. Measures 5.25" high by 6.5" wide by 1" deep.

You're Berry Sweet Shadowbox Frame

The You're Berry Sweet Shadowbox frame will bring sweet smiles to the farmhouse this summer. This wooden shadowbox frame has a white, lightly distressed finish and reads "you're berry sweet" in black script and text. An eye-catching red and green dimensional strawberry with white polka dots accents the phrase. This frame can be displayed freestanding or hanging from the sawtooth hanger. Add to table or shelf displays for a little added depth and pair with black and white décor, or let it be the white pop among greenery and red accessories. Measures 4" high by 6.25" wide by 1.5" deep.

Strawberry Square Block

Add an easy pop of color and the feel of summer with the Strawberry Square Block. This 3.5" square block has a white background with distressed edges and a wood, cutout strawberry. The strawberry is bold red with a green top and white dotted accents. This block can be displayed freestanding or leaning and pairs perfectly with our other strawberry décor for a fun, summery display.

Summer With Strawberry Block

Make summer displays their "berry" best with the Summer With Strawberry Block. This white, sturdy wooden block reads "Summer" in black text. The "U" in Summer has been replaced with a dimensional strawberry in bold red and green with white polka dot accents. This block looks beautiful when displayed with summer greenery, especially with a few red buds or berries mixed in. Measures 3" high by 8" wide by .75" deep and is freestanding.

Wooden Strawberry Block

Add a little fresh color to the farmhouse this season with the Wooden Strawberry Block. This solid wood block in rich red has a green, dimensional stem and white polka dot accents. Pair this fun block with box signs or other fruit décor for a lovely, summery display. Can be displayed leaning, freestanding or lying flat. Block measures 3.5" high by 4.25" wide by .5" deep.

Chunky Summer Watermelon Sitter

Bring to mind the sweetness and warmth of summer with the Chunky Summer Watermelon Sitter. This sturdy wood sitter features the word "Summer" in black dimensional letters on a red background with two-tone green rind and black seed accents. Bitemarks can be seen at the top of the watermelon wedge. This block looks great on kitchen counters, shelves or as part of a centerpiece on the dining room table. Measures 3.5" high by 6.75" wide by 1" deep.

Chunky Watermelon Wedge Sitter

What better way to refresh existing décor than with the juicy, summer-fresh Chunky Watermelon Wedge Sitter? This adorable wooden sitter has a bold red color with lightly distressed edges, a two-tone green rind, and black seed accents. This sitter will look great with black and white farmhouse décor and also looks great when paired with summer greenery or other fruit decorations. Measures 3.75" high by 4.5" wide by 1 deep.

Happy Summer Watermelon Block

Welcome summer into the farmhouse with the sweetness of the Happy Summer Watermelon Block. This white, wooden block has distressed edges and is freestanding. It features a dimensional slice of watermelon with a bold red color, green rind and black seed accents. The phrase "Happy Summer" appears in black text and the word "Summer" is dimensional as well. This block looks great on shelves and tables or makes a fun addition to the picnic or patio table during cookouts! Measures 3.25" high by 6.25" wide by .75" deep.

Skinny Watermelon Wedge Block

Add the Skinny Watermelon Wedge Block to farmhouse décor to conjure thoughts of warm summer sun and fresh, fruity breezes. This cute wooden block has a bold red finish with green rind and black seeds. It measures 3.75" high by 3.5" wide. The block's thinner depth makes it easy to tuck into tiered trays or add to shadowbox frames to refresh everyday décor with a summery pop of color.

Summer With Watermelon Block

Nothing says Summer like a slice of juicy watermelon. Capture that sweet, fruity essence with the Summer With Watermelon Block. This sturdy wooden block is white with distressed edges and sports the word "Summer" in black text. The "U" in Summer is replaced with a red and green cutout of a watermelon slice with black seeds. This block looks great on kitchen counters or shelves, or tucked in among delicious food on a summer picnic table. Measures 3" high by 8" wide by .75" deep.

Watermelon Square Block

The Watermelon Square Block is a lovely representation of summertime and adds an eye-catching pop of color to farmhouse displays. This 3.5" square by .5" deep wooden block is white with distressed edges and sports a red and green watermelon wedge with black, painted seeds. The bold colors and simple design of this block make it an easy accent to add to trays, tabletops and more. Pair with red and white buffalo check accents for the perfect summer picnic theme.

Sweet Peach Chunky Sitter

The Sweet Peach Chunky Sitter will and a pop of soft, springtime color and bring to mind the scent and sensation of fresh fruit. This solid wood sitter is shaped like a peach with a green leaf and reads "Sweet Peach" in black text and script. Add this sturdy sitter to trays, shelves, or countertops. It looks great with other fruit decor or when complimented by springtime greenery. Measures 3" high by 3.25" wide with a 1" depth.

“You're the Berry Best" Strawberry Bead Garland

String a little sweetness through farmhouse display with the “You're the Berry Best" Strawberry Bead Garland. This cute beaded garland features white and red wooden beads and measures 23" long. One end of the garland sports a white wooden tag that reads ‘You’re the berry best’ in black script. The other end of the garland is finished with a jute tassel and wooden strawberry charm. This garland looks darling wrapped around candles and containers and looks great with our other strawberry decor.

Summer Fruit Distressed Wooden Tag Ornaments, 3/Set

Scatter the sweetest compliments around the farmhouse with the Summer Fruit Distressed Wooden Tag Ornaments. These have a tag shaped design in wood with a whitewashed finish ornaments and read ‘You’re one in a melon’, ‘Life is berry sweet’ and ‘You’re simply the zest’. Each phrase is accented with a simple depiction of a fruit and the ornaments are topped with jute hangers with wooden bead accents. These tags will brighten the day when hanging on door knobs, cabinent knobs, hooks and more! Measures 5" high and 3" in length.

Beaded Watermelon Mini Garland

Add juicy little details to farmhouse Summer displays with the Beaded Watermelon Mini Garland. This enticing mini garland features bright red wooden watermelon slices with white and green rinds and black seed details. Each slice is separated with a .75" diameter white wooden bead and the overall garland length is 25". Hang this sweet garland over the side of a picnic basket or pair it with other fruit themed decor.

Watermelon on "Summer" Wooden Sitter

Farmhouse displays will be a little sweeter this Summer with the Watermelon on "Summer" Wooden Sitter. This charming wooden sitter features a slice of red watermelon with a green and white rind and black seeds. It sits atop a green wooden block that reads 'Summer' in white capital letters. The has has some light distressing and the piece measures 3.5" high by 4" wide by 1" deep. This sitter looks great with a mix of other fruit decor, or paired with picnic or patriotic items to further celebrate the summer months.

Wooden Beaded Strawberry Ornament

Dressing up farmhouse displays with be "berry" easy with the Wooden Beaded Strawberry Ornament. This darling ornament features a layered wooden cutout of a red strawberry with green top and white dotted accents. It has a sting hanger that is accented with wooden beads in shades of green with .25" and .75" diameters. The ornament hangs 9.75" total and adds a little juicy detail to displays when tucked into a milk can, vase, tote bag, and more!

Wooden Strawberry Mini Garland

String up something fresh and fruity with the Wooden Strawberry Mini Garland. Sporting a 22" length, this darling garland has five wooden strawberries on a soft string with loops at each end. Each strawberry measures 2.5" high by 2" wide. The smaller style of this garland allows for unique uses like embellishing baskets or gift bags, but its bold berries will still look great on mantles or doorways.

Lime on "Tequila, Lime & Sunshine" Sitter

Don’t be salty, it’s time to party with the Lime on "Tequila, Lime & Sunshine" Sitter. This wooden sitter has a block base with distressed white finish that reads "Tequila, Lime & Sunshine" in green lettering. A green and white lime slice sits boldly atop the block and the piece measures 4.25" high by 3" wide by 1" deep. This freestanding sitter makes a fun addition to a serving tray with glasses, limes, and a pitcher of frosty drinks!

Chunky Wooden Lime Slice Sitter

It’s “lime” to relax and refresh with the Chunky Wooden Lime Slice Sitter. This cute wooden sitter depicts a half slice of a lime in green and white. It measures 5.25" high by 7" wide with a .75" depth. This sitter pairs perfectly with our other lime offerings or mix it up with our other fruit decor for a fresh Summer display!

Lemon Drop Martini Chunky Sitter

Drop into the farmhouse for a little refreshment with the Lemon Drop Martini Chunky Sitter. This chunky wooden sitter features a whole yellow lemon with a green leaf cutout. The sitter reads ‘lemon drop martini’ across the top and sports the full recipe for the drink in simple black text. The sitter measures 4.5" high by 6.25" wide by .75" deep. It will look great with other fruit or drink decor, or paired with martini glasses and ingredients in a gift basket.

Recipe Text:
1 oz vodka
.5 oz triple sec
.75 oz fresh lemon juice
.25 simple syrup

using a lemon wedge, rim a martini glass with sugar

combine vodka, triple sec & lemon juice to a shaker filled with ice

Shake well and strain into martini glass

Wooden Lemon Slices & Wedges Mini Garland

Add a fresh, sunny pop of color to kitchen or seasonal displays with the Wooden Lemon Slices & Wedges Mini Garland. This 31" garland has five alternating lemon slices and wedges with layered wooden cutout details. The slices measure 2" in diameter while the wedges are 1.25" high by 2" wide. This garland will add touch of color to black and white kitchen decor or looks great in a variety of season themes like fresh fruit, summer picnic, or mixed drinks.

Chunky Wooden Lemon Sitter

Bring a little sour-sweet sunshine to farmhouse decor with the Chunky Wooden Lemon Sitter. This simple but eye-catching sitter is solid wood and measures 5.25" high by 5.5" wide by .75" deep. It depicts a bright yellow and white round lemon slice with a flat bottom for sturdy display. This sunny lemon slice is a lovely accent to lemon-themed signs and decor or looks great paired with other fruit-themed decor.

Chunky Wooden Lemon Slice Sitter

Squeeze a little more fun into Spring and Summer farmhouse display with the Chunky Wooden Lemon Slice Sitter. This half slice lemon sitter has a bright yellow and white finish and a flat bottom for solid display. It measures 3.25" high and 6" wide with a .75" depth. Add this slice sitter to other lemon decor or pair with our lime decor for a cute lemon-lime theme!

Lemon on "When Life Gives You Lemons..." Sitter

Turn all of life’s lemons into a party with the Lemon on "When Life Gives You Lemons..." Sitter. This fun, playful wooden sitter features a full yellow lemon with a green leaf sitting atop a black block. The block base has distressed edges and white text reading “When life gives you lemons…party!!” It measures 3.75" high by 3.5" wide by 1" deep. This sitter looks great with party or adult-drink themed displays, or add to daily kitchen decor as a reminder to celebrate every day!