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Where the family gathers. Shop modern farmhouse wall accents, pillows, and decor for a homey haven.

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Chicken Resin Coasters, 4/Set

Nothing says country like a rooster! So bring the spirit of the farm into any space with the Chicken Resin Coasters, 4/Set! This set of resin coasters boasts four unique rooster illustrations on a textured, granite-like background and each has a cork base for stability and scratch prevention. They are fit for use in any room and measure 3.75" square by .375" high.

Distressed Bead Garland with Tassels

Dress up a tree, mantel, or doorway with the Distressed Bead Garland with Tassels! Boasting distressed white paint and tassels this garland is a simple way to add charm to any space year-round. Measures 46.5" long with a 1" diameter on the larger beads.

Distressed Beaded Wall Sign, "Welcome"

Guests will instantly find comfort in your home when they see the Distressed Beaded Wall Sign, "Welcome." This wood wall sign boasts weathered white paint for a cozy, rustic finish and its ornamental beads add further vintage appeal. It comes ready to hang by a jute rope strap and reads, “welcome,” in elegant script lettering. Measures 9" high by 13" wide by .75" deep.

Distressed Wooden Bead Garland With Tassels

Whether you drape it over a vase, hang it on a hook, or use it to accessorize a wreath the Distressed Wooden Bead Garland With Tassels is perfect for your farmhouse. This stylish bead garland pairs great with everything from country chic to contemporary with its grey-washed wood beads and grey suede tassels. The tassel is a versatile accessory that pairs well with seasonal or everyday décor and measures 48” long by 1” deep.

Home Distressed White Resin Sitter

The Home Distressed White Resin Sitter is 6” wide x 2” high white resin sign that reads “home.” This tabletop piece features distressed three dimensional letters and a lightweight design allowing it to perfectly sit on any surface. Give this piece as part of a housewarming present or to accent your own home.

Home is Where the Herd Is Metal Sign

No matter who is in your herd the Home is Where the Herd Is Metal Sign is the perfect accent piece to honor them. The country chic metal sign reads, "Home is Where the Herd is" with a picture of a cow and measures 8" high by 8" wide by .25" deep. With 2 available nail holes for hanging the sign is a great farmhouse inspired piece for the living room, bedroom, or home office.

Home Sweet Home Stacked Books

Being home just got even sweeter with the Home Sweet Home Stacked Books. This adorable wood accessory boasts the appearance of books stacked on top of one another and tied together with a jute string bow. It reads, “Home Sweet Home” in black script and measures 2.5” high by 8" wide by 4” deep. Place this charming accessory on book shelves, mantels, or tabletops as a unique accent to picture frames, vases, or actual books.

Love Grows Here Stacked Books

Create a cozy feeling in your farmhouse with the Love Grows Here Stacked Books. This wood accessory is styled in the shape of books stacked on top of one another and bound together with a jute string tied with a bow. It has a cream finish and reads, “Love Grows Here” in black lettering. Place this charming accessory on mantels, shelves, or desks with florals or picture frames for a unique display in any room. Measures 2.5” high by 8" wide by 4” deep.

Galvanized Metal Two-Tiered Tray

Galvanized Metal Two-Tiered Tray will add a layer of modern sophistication to any farmhouse with its industrial look and versatile styling options. The freestanding two-tier metal tray measures 16" high by 13" in diameter and has a black metal center with a circular loop. It looks great decorated with florals, candles, signs, coffee mugs, or small vases. Place the tray on tabletops, kitchen counters, or in dining rooms for a beautiful accent all year round. The tray is also a great accessory for creating seasonal arrangements for halloween, Christmas, and Easter.

Please note: MSRP for this item is $72.49 each.

Hanging Halo Taper Holder

The simple elegance of the Hanging Halo Taper Holder will add uniqueness and a little light to any environment. This metal hoop candle holder is painted in an aged white tone with distressing. A platform with taper-holder rises from the bottom of the halo. The attached metal loop makes for sturdy and easy hanging. Wrap in seasonal floral and greenery for a festive piece or tie a bow of buffalo check ribbon below the taper holder for a display that looks great all year long. Halo hanger measures 15.5" high by 14.5 wide.

Count Your Blessings Distressed Frame w/Holder

Never forget to count your blessings again with the Count Your Blessings Distressed Frame w/Holder. This distressed wood frame sign boasts a white-washed finish and reads, “count your blessings” in black lettering. The sign has a freestanding display with a removable wood holder that is perfect for display on tables, mantels, or counters. It measures 6” high by 17.5” wide and looks great paired with florals, framed signs, and pictures frames for a unique display all year long.

Distressed Wooden Bead Garland w/Jute Tassels

Distressed Wooden Bead Garland with Jute Tassels will be your new favorite decorating accessory. This highly versatile garland comes with substantial wooden beads in a distressed finish. The ends feature rustic, jute tassels for a touch of country charm. Drape these beads over container edges, tiered trays or through floral displays. They look great with minimal effort, just toss them into a display and be amazed!

Forever Thankful Striped Natural Pillow

The Forever Thankful Striped Natural Pillow is a lovely reminder to take time to be grateful for the blessings of life. This off-white burlap-style pillow measures as a 10” square. It reads “Forever Thankful” in black lettering with four black stripes outlining both sides of the text. This pillow works year-round and blends well with all kinds of farmhouse décor.

Always Grateful Striped Natural Pillow

The Always Grateful Striped Natural Pillow sends a kind message to not take life for granted. This pillow measures as a 10” square. It has an off-white burlap-style and reads “Always Grateful” in black lettering. The message has four black stripes on each side of the text. This pillow is a great accent for all types of chairs and couches and works for every season.

Let's Stay Home Distressed Frame w/Holder

Do you love being at home? Then you need the Let's Stay Home Distressed Frame w/Holder to celebrate how much home means to you. The wood sign boasts a distressed white frame and reads, “let's stay home” in black lettering. It is adorned with a wooden holder for a freestanding display that is perfect for tables, mantels, or desks. Pair with a picture frame, box sign, or floral for a unique display all year long. Measures 6” high by 12” wide.

Simply Blessed Striped Natural Pillow

The Simply Blessed Striped Natural Pillow is a great accent for any farmhouse setting or display. It measures as a 10” square. This off-white burlap-style pillow reads “Simply Blessed” in black lettering with four black stripes lining both sides of the text. It’s a lovely year-round piece that complements rustic décor and furniture.

Together Is My Favorite Striped Natural Pillow

Nothing is more valuable than the relationships we have with friends and family. And the Together is My Favorite Striped Natural Pillow is a simple, rustic piece that expresses this sentiment. This pillow measures as a 10” square and has an off-white burlap style. It reads “Together is My Favorite Place to Be” in black lettering. The pillow features four black stripes on each side of the text. Whether in a living room, nook, or bedroom, this piece will add character to any space.

Mini Wooden Ladder, 3/Set

Elevate farmhouse decor with the Mini Wooden Ladder available in three color finishes. This three-rung miniature ladder adds height and interest to any table display. Try adding mini greenery or entwining flowers for a unique floral piece. Available in whitewash, natural oak, and walnut finishes to complement any country-chic style. Each ladder measures 8" high by 2.5" wide by .5" deep.

Large Wooden Ladder, 3/Set

The Large Wooden Ladder will take farmhouse décor to new heights. Available in white, brown and natural wood tones, these ladders mix perfectly with other rustic and vintage décor. The 17" height makes these wooden accessories highly versatile. Use the five rungs to hang small garments such as gloves, socks, handkerchiefs or face masks. Or, add one of these ladders to the garden or vining, potted plants for a unique trellis.

Medium Wooden Ladder, 3/Set

Add height and a unique element to farmhouse décor with a Medium Wooden Ladder. These 12" high, four-rung ladders come in white, brown, and natural wood. They look adorable on tiered trays or standing against signs, milk cans and other sitting décor. The rungs can also be used for hanging small accessories like ornaments or jewelry. Ladders measure 12" high by 3.5" wide by .5" deep.

Welcome to Our Hive Distressed Half Milk Can

Welcome visitors to home sweet home with the Welcome to Our Hive Distressed Half Milk Can. This white metal can features a bright sunflower graphic in gold and brown with bees in gold and black. “Welcome to our Hive” frames the bottom of the flower in black text. The design and white finish of the can feature light distressing for a vintage feel. This half can is designed to hang on walls and has a keyhole hanger. It can also be easily displayed freestanding on shelves, tables or mantels. This milk can looks great when filled with golden florals and greenery or drape a wooden bead garland around the edge for a modern, rustic look. Measures 10" high by 7" wide by 4" deep.

Natural Wood Bead Garland With Tassel, 3 ft

Dress up any display or design with the Natural Wood Bead Garland with Tassel. This 3-foot-long garland features 1" diameter natural wooden beads with a jute tassel at one end. This versatile accessory will add rustic-chic charm where ever it is displayed. Garland measures 1" diameter by 3 feet in length.

Small Plush Cream Gnome with Ribbed Hat

The Small Plush Cream Gnome with Ribbed Hat is an easy way to add a soft and fun touch to farmhouse décor. This cute, plush gnome has a wavy, white cascading beard made of faux fur and a round nose. His cap is made of a super soft ivory fabric with vertical ribbing and contains an internal wire for easy positioning. His weighted bottom makes for sturdy display in a variety of settings and he could double as a cute paper or napkin weight. Measures 8.5" high by 3" wide by 2" deep.

Medium Sitting Plush Cream Gnome with Ribbed Hat

Add a little texture and whimsy to the farmhouse with the Medium Sitting Plush Cream Gnome with Ribbed Hat. This plush gnome sitter has a bulbous nose and wavy, white beard spilling out from a super soft, ribbed, ivory cap. It has a sturdy, weighted bottom and an internal wire in the cap for easy positioning. This adorable sitter doubles as a hanging gnome by bending the hat into a hook! Measures 13" high by 4" wide by 2.75" deep.

Large Sitting Plush Cream Gnome with Ribbed Hat

Gnomes have long been symbols of good luck and protection on the farm, watching over crops, livestock, and gardens. The adorable Large Sitting Plush Cream Gnome with Ribbed Hat is the perfect way to bring that luck and protection into the farmhouse. This plush sitter features a posable, ribbed, ivory cap with a cute, bulbous nose and long, wavy, white beard made of faux fur. It has a weighted bottom for sturdy display and looks great on tables, mantels, or even floor displays. Gnome measures 25" high by 5" by 4.5" deep.

Dangle Leg Plush Cream Gnome with Ribbed Hat

The Dangle Leg Plush Cream Gnome with Ribbed Hat brings a sense of fun and whimsy to the farmhouse – and maybe a little good luck too! Long used as a symbol of good luck and protection for crops, gardens and fields, this adorable plush sitter is prefect for bringing those good vibes inside. This gnome features a long, wavy, faux fur beard in white with a round nose and ribbed, ivory hat. The legs and arms are made of a woven ivory fabric and the legs have ivory and silver faux fur cuffs. The legs dangle freely while the hat and arms have internal wires for a variety of fun positioning options. This gnome will look great on shelves or mantels or displayed on couches and chairs. The simple ivory theme looks great paired with darker décor or with black and white farmhouse accessories. Measures 24" high by 4" wide by 4" deep.

Bottle Topper Plush Cream Gnome with Ribbed Hat

The Bottle Topper Plush Cream Gnome with Ribbed Hat is sure to bring a warm and fuzzy feeling to farmhouse décor. This symbol of good luck and protection on the farmstead has been reimagined into a super soft plush with ribbed ivory hat and flowing, white, faux fur beard. It's cute, round nose peeks out from under the cap which has a wire for easy positioning. This cute gnome looks great as a bottle topper or hanging from the hat when shaped into a hook. It also makes an adorable hand or finger puppet for children! Measures 12" high by 3" wide by 1.5" deep.

Fuzzy Yellow Flower Gnome 13"

Add the cheery Fuzzy Yellow Flower Gnome 13" to your décor and the smiles are sure to abound. This adorable plush gnome sitter has a white faux fur beard with a bulbous nose peeking out from under his yellow cap. The cap is made of a fleecy material and has a white flower accent and yarn puffball on top. It also includes an inner wire so the cap can be positioned as desired. Brighten up everyday displays or add an extra sunny note to spring and summer décor with this charming little gnome. Measures 13" high by x 4.5" wide by 3.5" deep.

Fuzzy Yellow Flower Gnome 16"

The Fuzzy Yellow Flower Gnome 16" is sure to catch the eye and spark smiles. This cute plush gnome has a round nose and white, faux fur beard spilling out of his yellow, fleecy hat. The hat includes an internal wire for easy positioning and is accented with a white flower and puffball topper. This adorable gnome will add color and charm to table, shelf and floor displays or would make a fun doorstop for lighter weight doors. Measures 16" high by x 6" wide by 4" deep.

Fuzzy Yellow Flower Gnome w/Dangle Legs

The Fuzzy Yellow Flower Gnome with Dangle Legs is sure to delight young and old. This plush gnome sports a bright yellow cap and shoes in a fleecy material with a white flower accent on the cap. His long white beard is made of faux fur and his cute, round nose pokes out from under his hat. The legs dangle freely and can be crossed for an adorable look. The hat also includes a wire support inside and can be positioned as desired. This cute, plush gnome will brighten up any setting and looks perfect with his legs dangling over the edge of shelves, mantels or tables. Measures 7.5" high by 4" wide by 4" deep.

Distressed Black, White & Gray Bead Garland w/Tassels

Add a simple, chic elegance to a variety of displays with the Distressed Black, White & Gray Garland w/Tassels. This versatile accessory features large, white, wooden beads with smaller, alternating black and gray wooden beads. The garland is strung on a jute cord and each end is accented with black, suede tassels. The color and design of this garland makes it a perfect addition to farmhouse decor, but it will also compliment a wide range of other styles. Try draping this garland on milk cans or vases, or around blocks and signs to easily upscale your display. Measures 46" long with a .75" diameter.

Distressed Black Bead Garland with Tassels

The Distressed Black Bead Garland with Tassels is an update of our popular bead garland accessories. This garland consists of alternating large and small wooden beads with a distressed black finish and has black leather tassels at each end. The garland measures 47" in length and the larger beads have a .75" diameter. This garland looks great in a variety of settings! Drape it on tiered trays, around milk cans or over the frames of signs. Weave it amongst florals or sitting decor, candles, and more. It looks lovely every time!

I Have Found the One Chalkboard Look Sign

Bring a lovely sentiment into the farmhouse with the simple beauty of the I Have Found the One Chalkboard Look Sign. This lovely sign has white, handwritten-style script over a chalkboard-black colored background. It reads "I have found the one whom my soul loves." The frame is rustic wood and has a sawtooth hanger for easy hanging. This sign makes a sweet addition to bedroom or family room decor and would pair perfectly with wedding and family photos. Sign measures 16" high by 9.75" wide by 1.5" deep.

Natural Wood Beaded Two Tiered Tray

Create a beautiful, statement display with the Natural Wood Beaded Two Tiered Tray. This lovely two tiered tray features natural wood trays ringed in prominent, round, wooden beads. The center column is dark metal and is topped with a ring for easy moving and lifting. The bottom tray sits atop three, simple, sturdy wooden legs. The natural wood finish and style of this tray make it compatible with a wide range of colors and styles. Fill with candles, mini signs, sitters, florals - nearly anything you can think of! Measures 13" high with a 13" diameter.

Please note: MSRP for this item is $56.99 each.

Beaded White Wood Platters, 2/Set

Add a simple elegance to any display with the Beaded White Wood Platters. These lovely wooden trays feature a large beaded detail around the edge platter and short, sturdy spindle style legs. They come in a white, lightly distressed finish and feature two sizes. The small measures 7" long by 13.75" wide by 2.5" high, and the large tray measures 9" long by 17.75" wide with a 2.5" height. Use these platters for presenting appetizers or main courses at dinner parties. Or use these platters with decorative items to add extra height and beauty.

Please note: MSRP for this item is $86.29 each.

Best Friends Sayings Cube

Show appreciation for friends with the humorous Best Friends Sayings Cube. This 2.75" square cube has a white background with brown edges. It features a variety of funny phrases about friendship in brown text and script. Add this block to trays, tables or shelves and rotate occasionally for new sayings. It also makes a great gift for friends who love a good laugh! Phrases include: "A good friend is cheaper than therapy" - "We'll be friends until we're old and senile. Then we'll be new friends" - "Always remember when you fall I will be here to pick you up - after I stop laughing."

You Are My Person Friendship Cube

The You Are My Person Friendship Cube is a sweet reminder of the importance of friendship. This 2.75" square cube features four phrases about friendship in mixed brown and gray script and text on a white background. The top and bottom of the cube sport a brown and white buffalo check pattern. The phrases included are:

"You are my person"
"Life is better with friends"
"Friendship is not a big thing it's a million little things"
"Best friends are never apart maybe in distance but never in heart"

Family Beaded White Wood Sitter

Bring more beaded beauty in the the farmhouse with the Family Beaded White Wood Sitter. This sitter measures 5.25" high by 21.75" wide with a 2.25" depth. It features the world ‘FAMILY’ in capital letters standing upright on a natural wooden base. The letters have a distressed white finish and are embellished with wooden beading. This sign looks great on the mantel or table top displays with greenery and family photos.

Blessed Beaded White Wood Sitter

The Blessed Beaded White Wood Sitter is a lovely way to celebrate the blessing of life every day. This farmhouse chic sitter features large white capital letters standing upright on a natural wood base. It reads ‘BLESSED’ and has a wooden beaded enhancement with light distressing on the finish. This sign looks beautiful on tables or shelves sitting in front of a wreath or garland of florals or greenery. Measures 5.25" high by 23.5" wide with a 2.25" depth.

Aztec White Metal & Wood Risers, 2/Set

Bring height and instant beauty to farmhouse displays with the Aztec White Metal & Wood Risers set. This set of two risers has a metal base with embossed Aztec design and distressed white finish. Each sits on three sturdy, triangular metal legs for secure displays. The circular risers have a natural wooden top and look great uplifting a variety of decor such as signs, sitters, candles and more! These risers also make great displays for plates of appetizers or desserts at parties! The small riser measures 10" in diameter with a 4.25" height and the large measures 12" in diameter with a 4.75" height.

Turquoise Wave Beaded Garland, 36"

Wave goodbye to boring displays with the Turquoise Wave Beaded Garland, 36”. This appealing, 36" long bead garland features round wooden beads in white with larger distressed turquoise beads. Alternating with the turquoise beads are elongated, natural tone beads with a wave design to their shape. Each end of the garland sports a jute tassel. This garland looks great with Spring-time blues or everyday white and wood decor. Wrap around signs, candles, or containers for an instant boost of beauty and style.

Love This Family Black Wooden Sign

Reflect the importance of family in the farmhouse with the Love This Family Black Wooden Sign. This 6.5" square wooden box has a distressed black finish and 1.5" thickness for easy freestanding display. It also has a sawtooth hanger on the back for hanging display. It reads ‘love this family’ in white text and script accented with a leafy depiction at the bottom. This sign looks lovely with colorful or more neutral florals and decor.

Home Sweet Home House Metal Wall Hook

It’s always good to be home, especially with lovely and functional decor like the Home Sweet Home House Metal Wall Hook. This metal plaque is shaped like a house with a chimney and sports three sturdy hooks at the bottom for hanging keys and other necessities. It has a distressed finish in black with raised white text and script reading ‘Home sweet home.’ The back has two D-Ring hanger for secure installation. Hang this hook in entry-ways or back porches or add to kitchen decor for hanging potholders, dish towels and more! Measures 8" high by 5.5" wide with a 1.75" depth at the hooks.

Farm Fresh Honey Resin Coasters, 4/Set

Sweeten living room decor in the farmhouse with the Farm Fresh Honey Resin Coasters set. These resin coasters have a natural stone styling with rounded corners and a cork backing. The set has four very unique designs and each measures 4" square with a .25" thickness. One coaster reads ‘Farm Fresh Local Honey - Natural · Pure · Raw · Organic’ in a mix of black text styles. It has a yellow and white gingham background with a large jar of honey sporting a black and white gingham ribbon and a spiral honey dipper. Bees fly around the jar and the words for added accent. Another coaster with a white background sports a bouquet of Black-eyed Susans and daisies tied off with a yellow gingham ribbon. Bees are scattered about and the coaster reads ‘Honey Bees and Flowers please’ in black script. The third coaster has a black background with a wreath of yellow flowers and gray greenery. A large golden and black striped bee sits in the center of the wreath and is accented with the phrase ‘Bee Humble - Bee True.’ The fourth coaster has a white background with a burst of wild flowers in tones of yellow and white with gray leaves and stems. Bees dance among the flowers and the coaster reads ‘You Bee-long Among the Wildflowers. These beautiful coasters will be a welcome addition to the farmhouse living room, dining room, and more!

Pass the Bubbly Coasters, 4/Set

Raise a glass to the charming Pass the Bubbly Coasters set. This set of four resin coasters have a white, stone-like feel with natural-styled edges. They sport rings of leaves and vines with fun, drink-related sayings. The coaster phrases include ‘Pass the Bubbly’ - ‘I’ll Cheers to That’ - ‘Bottoms up!’ and ‘Drinks are on Me.’ The phrases appear in black script and text, and the coasters have a protective cork backing. These coasters make a lovely addition to any living room, sitting room or dining area. They measure 4" square with a .25" depth.

No Talkee Before Coffee Coasters, 4/Set

Pay homage to the drinks that get us through the day with the No Talkee Before Coffee Coasters set. This set features four unique phrases appearing in black script and text and all related to coffee. The phrases read ‘No talkee before Coffee’ - ‘Coffee until Cocktails’ - ‘No workee before coffee’ and ‘Coffee until Wine.’ These weighty resin coasters have the look and feel of white stone and are backed with a protective layer of cork. They make a great gift for coffee lovers and look great with a wide variety of decor. Measures 4" square with a .25" depth.

Please Grow Plant Stake, 2/Set

Some plant just need a little help and words of encouragement. Give your green friends the support with the Please Grow Plant Stakes. These stakes read "Please Grow" in white lettering on a gray backing and "Don't go dying on me" in gray lettering on a white background. These are perfect for any planter inside or on covered porches. Measures at 2.5" long and 10" tall.