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Busy Bee Hive Distressed Metal Post Box

Adorn your home with the vintage feel of the Busy Bee Hive Distressed Metal Post Box. This adorable accessory is simply decorated and covered in country charm with its distressed white finish and embossed honeycomb pattern. It boasts beautiful embossed floral accents and reads, “Bussy Bee Hive” in black lettering with the image of an embossed bee. The post box is perfect for easy sorting and storing mail with its open and close mail slot that features a convenient smaller mail slit on top. Hang on porches or entryways for with its two keyhole hangers for wall display. Measures 15.5” high by 10.5” wide by 3” deep.

Please note: MSRP for this item is $50.19 each.

Farmers Market Milk Can

This green milk can displays the words, “Farmers market fresh and healthy,” in vintage-style lettering. It has a 5½” diameter and is 9½” high. Weathered for a pastoral look, this accent works well for displaying florals (not included). This item is not food safe and is for decorative purposes only.

Metal Trays w/ Wooden Handles, 2/Set

Metal Trays with Wooden Handles are the perfect farmhouse chic accessories. The elegant metal trays features two wooden accent handles and a lightly embossed diamond pattern for a sleek and sophisticated look. Set comes with two size trays that look great as living room, bathroom and bedroom decor. Place on coffee tables, dressers, or sinks for a charming display. Trays measure 3.75" high by 12" wide by 12" deep and 3.75" high by 10" wide by 10" deep.

Olive Bucket Metal Trays, 3/Set

Everyday decor meets farmhouse inspired style with these charming Metal Trays. This set of galvanized metal trays feature an olive bucket style, and come in three varying sizes that allow for versatile and creative display options. The trays can be used to store items around the house or accessorized for decorative use. Two convenient metal handles with a rust finish make moving fast and easy. Large tray measures 4" high by 14" wide by 14" deep, medium measures 4" high by 12" wide by 12" deep, and small measures 4" high by 10" wide by 10" deep.

Please note: MSRP for this item is $63.29 per set.

Rustic Gold Metal Wall Basket

Made with a weathered gold finish, the Rustic Gold Metal Wall Basket is a stylish solution to any storage needs. It accents any room and is easily hung by its loop hanger, but it can also be used freestanding on a desk. It measures 9" high by 6.75" wide by 4" deep and easily stores toys, papers, or craft materials.

Galvanized Divided Organizer

Five sections make up this industrial-chic Galvanized Divided Organizer. Each section has a metal bookplate in front for easy labeling. It is perfect for the entryway, kitchen, or home office. The complete organizer measures 20 ¾" long by 4 ½" wide and 5 ½" high. Each individual section measures 4" wide.

Distressed Enamel Piggy Planter

The Distressed Enamel Piggy Planter is sure to steal hearts. This adorable planter has a shape reminiscent of a cooking pot but sports a cute little piggy snout, eyes and ears. It comes in distressed gray enamel with black edges and accents. The planter stands on four sturdy metal legs to keep plants upright and secure. The planter has a pre-drilled hole in the bottom to allow drainage of excess water making it perfect for use on patios, decks, and in gardens. The piggy measures 8.5" high by 7.5" wide by 8.5" deep.

Please note: MSRP for this item is $38.89 each.

Oval Olive Buckets, 2/Set

Add some rustic texture to displays with the Oval Olive Buckets. This set of galvanized metal buckets includes two different bucket sizes. Each has sturdy metal handles and horizontal slot openings with an appealing, galvanized texture. These buckets are perfect for filling with lovely greenery and florals, potpourri, or various accessories. Small bucket measures 6" high by 10" wide by 6" deep and the large bucket measures 8" high by 12" wide by 8" deep.

Please note: The MSRP for this item is $44.89 per set.

Round Olive Wall Pockets, 2/Set

Add a stylish, modern-rustic feel to the farmhouse with the Round Olive Wall Pockets. This set of two wall pockets features a galvanized texture and a pocket with horizontal slot openings. The pockets come with hardware on the back for hanging. Fill the pockets with florals, beaded garlands, or tuck in a variety of fun accessories for a unique display piece. Small pocket has a 10" diameter and is 2.5" deep. The large pocket has a 12" diameter and measures 3.75" deep.

Please note: MSRP for this item is $34.59 per set.

Metal Wall Planter

Easily add florals and greenery to walls and doors with the Metal Wall Planter. This half bucket style planter features a galvanized texture and a keyhole hanger for easy hanging. It can also be displayed freestanding. Add this hanger to walls among art, signs, and other décor then switch out the florals for easily refresh displays for different seasons. Measures 10" high by 6" wide by 4.25" deep.

Shabby Chic Round Geometric Wall Buckets, 2/Set

The Shabby Chic Round Geometric Wall Bucket set will add a trendy but traditional element to farmhouse décor. These buckets feature a diamond pattern texture and distressed whitewash finish. The buckets have a flat metal back and look great displayed hanging on a wall via two D-Ring hangers. The style and height of the buckets will accommodate a wide range of florals and accessories making them the perfect year-round containers. The small bucket measures 15" high by 7" wide with a 3.75" depth. The large bucket has a 18" height with an 8" width and a 4.75" depth.

Please note: MSRP for this item is $48.09 each.

Shabby Chic Rectangle Basketweave Wall Buckets, 2/Set

Add texture and rustic beauty to the farmhouse with the Shabby Chic Rectangle Basketweave Wall Buckets set. These sturdy metal buckets have an embossed basketweave texture with a distressed white finish on the outside. They have large, aged metal handles for easy hanging and carrying and can also be displayed freestanding. These sizeable buckets will accommodate a wide variety of florals and greenery or can be used to store and display an array of accessories. Small bucket measures 15.25" high by 7.5" wide with a 5" depth. The large bucket measures 19" high by 9.5" wide with a 5.75" depth.

Please note: MSRP for this item is $54.99 each.

Fresh Flowers Distressed Metal Truck

Add a classic farmhouse element to displays with the Fresh Flowers Distressed Metal Truck. This metal farm truck has a distressed light blue finish and reads "Fresh Flowers" in embossed text and script. Small details like side mirrors and cutout front grill add to the charm of this lovely truck. The bed of the truck is open and looks great with a variety of additions like florals, candles, springtime bird nests, and more! Measures 16.75" from grill to tailgate. It is 8.5" wide and 7.25" tall.

Please note: MSRP for this item is $66.49 each.

Embossed Bread Box Black

Bring a fresh, stylish statement piece to the farmhouse kitchen with the Embossed Bread Box Black. This lovely metal bread box has a black finish with white accents. The box reads ‘Fresh Bread’ and “Baked Fresh - Served Daily.’ The box has a small round handle and pretty flower pattering that covers the entirety of the lid. The words and designs are embossed and have light distressing to the white finish. The box stands on four short legs that are also accented in white. This bread box looks beautiful on the kitchen counter top with a variety of decor styles and is an excellent piece for the modern farmhouse kitchen. Measures 10" high by 13.5" wide by 11.5 deep.

Ivory Farmer's Market Metal Truck

The large and in charge Ivory Farmer's Market Metal Truck makes a statement piece out of a classic farmhouse element. This 30" long truck has a distressed, white metal cab with black metal accents. It reads 'Farmers Market' in black script on both truck doors and has wheels that really turn. The spacious truck bed is made of wooden slats with light white distressing. It will look amazing filled with a variety of florals, trees, nests, and many other accessories. The large size and fun design make this piece eye-catching whether on tables, large shelves, or floor displays. Measures 30" from grill to tail, 13.75" high and 11.75" across the front of the truck.

Please note: MSRP for this item is $196.89 each.

Teal Metal Truck

The Teal Metal Truck is a classic farmhouse element with a fresh look. This metal pickup truck has a distressed teal finish and a bed enclosed with tan slats. It is simple yet enticing with little details like white wall tires and silver headlights. This truck looks great with florals and candles in the bed and the color makes it a fun design element all year long. Measures 9.25" high by 8.75" wide by 18" long.

Galvanized Round Basket

Our Galvanized Round Basket measures 8” in diameter x 2” deep. The textured metal strips that make the base of the basket have a folded appearance that carries up the sides, where they are welded to two parallel metal bands. This industrial farmhouse accent is completed by two round handles. It adds a rustic, modern element to home decor, whether it is mounted on a wall or set on a table or shelf.

Please note: for decorative use only. This product is not intended to be used with food.

Aztec White Metal Canisters, 2/Set

The Aztec White Metal Canisters set is a lovely combination of style and function. This set of two metal canisters has an embossed, Aztec-styled pattern with a distressed white finish. The canister lids have solid wood handles and remove easily. These decorative storage containers are perfect for art and craft supplies, dishwasher and laundry pods, and other non-food items. The large container measures 8" in diameter with a 9.75" height. The small container is 6.75" in diameter with a 8.5" height.

Distressed Black Metal Wall Bucket, 2/Set

Bring texture and a rustic accent to any farmhouse space with the Distressed Metal Wall Bucket set. This set comes in two sizes: small and large. They measure 6.75" long by 3" wide by 5" high and 8.5" long by 4" wide by 6.25" high. These distressed, black buckets each feature a line down the middle outlined in white. Small, black metal dots line the bucket openings. They can be displayed freestanding on any table or mantel or hung up via keyhole hangers. The versatile look of the buckets works for pairing with all kinds of décor and displaying florals from different seasons.

Galvanized Oval Wall Planters, 3/Set

Adding florals and greenery to a space has never been easier. The Galvanized Oval Wall Planters come in three different sizes: large, medium, and small. The large is 9" long by 3.75" wide by 8.75" high while the medium is 7” long by 3.25" wide by 7.75" high. The small measures 4.75" long by 2.5" wide by 6.75" high. These half bucket style planters have an unfinished, rustic construction that blends well with any farmhouse style. They can be displayed freestanding on any table or mantel or hung up via metal loops. These planters can be used year-round with florals from every season.

White Silos, 3/Set

An iconic image of farm life makes its way into your home with these nesting decorative containers with simple closures. Made of aged metal, the body of each silo is painted white and aged with rust. The silos measure 8” tall x 5 ½” in diameter, 10” tall x 7 ½” in diameter, and 12 ½” tall x 8 ¼” in diameter.

Please note: for decorative use only. This product is not intended to be used with food.
Additional note: MSRP for this item is $78.99 per set.

Vintage Flower Market Cart

The Vintage Flower Market Cart is a tabletop accent perfect for adding a pop of country style to any home. It is made of galvanized metal that has been painted antique white with black trim and features rusted and weathered detailing. It is the perfect size for use as a small planter for an earthy atmosphere. Measures 10" high by 15" wide by 6" deep.

Whitewashed Galvanized Fleur De Lis Wall Pockets, 2/Set

Hanging farmhouse displays are in the pocket with the Whitewashed Galvanized Fleur De Lis Wall Pockets, 2/Set. This set of two hanging metal containers have a lovely embossed fleur de lis pattern on the pocket and a distressed white finish. The large pocket is 12" in diameter and has a 3" depth. The small pocket has a 2.75" depth and is 9.25" in diameter. The pockets have keyhole hangers and look beautiful with vining and standard florals.

Whitewashed Fleur De Lis Galvanized Milk Can, Small

Milk the beauty of farmhouse displays with the Whitewashed Fleur De Lis Galvanized Milk Can, Small. This white metal milk can is a pretty mix of vintage farmhouse and elegant accent. The white finish is distressed over the embossed fleur de lis pattern. The can measures 8" high by 6" wide at the handles with a 4" depth. This can will compliment a variety of florals year-round and looks great when displayed with it’s larger matching version.

Whitewashed Fleur De Lis Galvanized Milk Can, Large

Bring a touch of elegance to rustic beauty with the Whitewashed Fleur De Lis Galvanized Milk Can, Large. This 9.5" high milk can has a whitewashed finish that is distressed over an embossed fleur de lis pattern. It measures 7.5" wide at the handles and is 6" deep. This can looks great filled with florals and with a beaded garland draped around it.

Whitewashed Fleur De Lis Galvanized Mail Bin

Add texture and beauty to a variety of displays with the Whitewashed Fleur De Lis Galvanized Mail Bin. This metal mail bin is 9" high by 8.75" wide and has a 3" depth with two pre-drilled holes for hanging. It has a whitewash finish with an embossed fleur de lis pattern with distressing over the pattern. It will look great with florals or holding various other decorative or useful items around the farmhouse.

Cream Urn, 4"

Elevate farmhouse displays with the vintage-chic Cream Urn, 4". Made of metal and sporting a distressed white finish, this fluted urn has a 7.75" diameter and is 4" tall. This urn adds interest and beauty to displays when filled with a candle and full floral candle ring. It also looks great year-round filled with decorative balls, Easter eggs, mini pumpkins or Christmas bulbs.

Black Urn, 4"

Fill farmhouse displays with beauty and charm with the Black Urn, 4". Standing 4" tall with a 7.75" diameter, this fluted black metal urn looks great filled with florals or a floral ring and candle. It also makes a lovely catch-all for keys, sunglasses, loose change and more!

Black & White Vintage Patterned Metal Vase, Tall

Bring a pattern of simple beauty to farmhouse displays with the Black & White Vintage Patterned Metal Vase, Tall. This 10.75" high metal vase has a distressed white wash finish and measures 6.25" in diameter. The lip of the vase is black and the diamond-like vintage pattern appears in black as well. This lovely vase is perfect for everyday displays but versatile enough to be used year-round with Spring, Fall and Winter florals.

Black & White Floral Patterned Metal Vase, Short

Add an extra touch of beauty to displays with the Black & White Vintage Patterned Metal Vase, Short. Featuring a raised pattern of interconnected diamond designs, this vase has a white finish with accents in black. It measures 7" in diameter and 7.75" high. The black and white color scheme meshes well with a variety of farmhouse decor making it a great fit for any season.

Wood & Black Metal Open Air Lantern

Add a unique and eye-catching element to farmhouse displays with the Wood & Black Metal Open Air Lantern. This lantern is composed of black metal with a distressed wood tray in the center. It has a moveable metal handle on top for hanging or carrying. The open air design allows for a wide variety of additions including minimal and larger florals, a single pillar candle or grouping of smaller candles, and more! It measures 10" high and the dimensions at the widest point are 6.5" by 6.5".

Vintaged Birdcage w/ Hanging Cement Planter, Medium

A washed, gray birdcage suspends a rustic, cement pot by a hood and jute rope. Its simple design and farmhouse style makes this weathered accent great as an understated and unique tabletop display. It makes a great compliment to small houseplants and pretty floral accents, standing 13.5” high x 7” in diameter.

Wood Plant Holder w/Triangle Metal Frame

Give plants a dash of style with the Wood Plant Holder with Triangle Metal Frame. This trendy plant holder has a sturdy black metal frame with a loop at the top for easy hanging on a hook, cord, or chain. It holds a square wooden base that angles out at the top and comes with a plastic liner. This holder is great for potted plants or faux florals. Or get a little more unique and drape with a bead garland or use as a flameless candle holder. This piece measures 14.5" high and 6.5" wide by 6.5" deep.

Natural Zinc Milk Can, 10.5"H

The Natural Zinc Milk Can, 10.5"H is a classic farmhouse piece you’ll want to milk for all its worth! This matte finish metal milk can measures 10.5" high by 6.5” wide with a 5.5" depth. The soft silver coloring and simple design make it a beautiful accent for a variety of florals and decor. This container can be used throughout the year and with seasonal florals and everyday greenery!

Cutout Butterfly White Metal Buckets, 2/Set

Bring a little rustic, whimsical charm to the farmhouse this Spring with the Cutout Butterfly White Metal Buckets, 2/Set. These metal buckets have a cream white finish with brown edging. The insides of the buckets are galvanized metal and this raw silvery metal shows through light distressing on the outside of the buckets. Each has a pretty cutout butterfly design and a swing handle for hanging or carrying. The small measures 4.75" in diameter with a 6.25" height without the handle and a 11.75" height with the handle. The large is 6" in diameter and 7" tall without the handle and 13.5" with it. Fill these buckets with Spring florals or add a flickering flameless to see these butterflies flutter!

Black Metal Bathtub & Shower Head Basket

Clean up those tired bathroom displays and make something fresh and new with the Black Metal Bathtub & Shower Head Basket. This darling metal bathtub shaped basket has a black finish and stands on four clawfoot style legs. It has a white embossed plaque that reads 'BATH' in black and is finished with a stylish shower head at one end. It measures 15.25" high by 12.25" wide and 6.75" deep. This basket is perfect for holding rolled wash cloths or hand towels, bath bombs, soaps and lotions, and so much more!

White Geometric Trellis Lanterns, 2/Set

Light up farmhouse displays every day with the White Geometric Trellis Lanterns, 2/Set. These lovely lantern shaped metal containers come in two sizes and feature a white finish inside and out. They have a cylinder style design with a bottom that tapers in slightly and sport a striking geometric cutout pattern. The small measures 5.5" in diameter with a 7" height. The large measures 6.5" in diameter with a 8.5" height. Each lantern has a metal swing handle and when including it in the measurements, the heights increase to 12.5" for the small and 14.5" for the large. Add a flameless candle or bud lights to these lanterns to light up displays or use as enticing containers for florals.

Vintage Bathtub Planters, 2/Set

Our set of two Vintage Bathtub Planters scream old school cool! Inspired by antique clawfoot bathtubs, this metal planter set makes a perfect container for herbs and inedible plants. Set them on a covered porch or patio for chic gardening space or use the smaller planter to store rolled washcloths and toiletries. Large planter measures 22.5" wide by 20" high by 8" deep. Small planter measures 13.5" wide by 14.5" high by 6" deep.

White Chicken Wire Oval Baskets, 2/Set

Unique design comes together with a farmhouse favorite in the White Chicken Wire Oval Baskets, 2/Set. This versatile set includes two extended oval baskets with a lightly distressed white paint finish. The baskets have a metal frame wrapped in chicken wire and ball feet on the bottom. There is a swing handle at each end with a dark wooden handle grip. The larger basket measures 4.5" high by 28.25" long by 8.25" wide while the small basket is 3.5" high by 18" long by 5.25" wide. These baskets make a beautiful coffee table or centerpiece display when filled with greenery and florals and season accents. Christmas bulbs and snowflakes in the Winter can be changed out for Easter or robin's eggs in the Spring.

Distressed White Chicken Wire Round Trays, 2/Set

Add a traditional element to farmhouse displays all year long with the Distressed White Chicken Wire Round Trays, 2/Set. These versatile trays have a mesh of chicken wire stretched over a metal frame. The white finish is lightly distressed and both trays have two swing handles with dark wood grips. The large tray is 15" in diameter with a 3" height and the small has a 12.5" diameter and 2" height. Fill the larger tray with greenery and stack the smaller on top with a grouping of candles and small accents for an eye-catching display. Change out the greenery to refresh for different seasons!