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Black & White Buffalo Check Milk Can, Small

Embrace all the feels of the classic farmhouse with the Black & White Buffalo Check Milk Can, Small. The galvanized metal milk can has two metal handles and a black and white buffalo check pattern that is the perfect accent to any farmhouse. It can be used to decorate kitchens, living, rooms, or bedrooms and looks great paired with your favorite florals or candle. Measure 8" high by 4" in diameter.

Blue Metal Farmer's Market Truck

Let the Blue Metal Farmer's Market Truck complement your farmhouse with its vintage country charm. The metal truck reads, "Farmer's Market" in black script and features distressed blue paint that gives the truck that perfect rustic feel. Measuring 6" high by 6" wide by 17" long, this truck makes a great accessory for tables, mantels, or shelves. Fill the bed of the truck with farmhouse-inspired accessories to transform this truck into a striking accent piece.

Buffalo Check Metal Basket

Place your favorite artificial plants and candles in the Buffalo Check Metal Basket to create a centerpiece for your farmhouse table. The Red Buffalo Check pattern with a rustic finish make this basket perfect for any time of year. It measures 7” high by 14.5” wide by 9” deep.

Busy Bee Hive Distressed Metal Post Box

Adorn your home with the vintage feel of the Busy Bee Hive Distressed Metal Post Box. This adorable accessory is simply decorated and covered in country charm with its distressed white finish and embossed honeycomb pattern. It boasts beautiful embossed floral accents and reads, “Bussy Bee Hive” in black lettering with the image of an embossed bee. The post box is perfect for easy sorting and storing mail with its open and close mail slot that features a convenient smaller mail slit on top. Hang on porches or entryways for with its two keyhole hangers for wall display. Measures 15.5” high by 10.5” wide by 3” deep.

Please note: MSRP for this item is $47.19 each.

Chevron Metal Baskets, 3/Set

Farmhouse style meets modern design with the Chevron Metal Baskets. The durable metal baskets feature a cut-out chevron pattern and two metal handles. Baskets come in three sizes and look great paired together as a decorative display with florals or battery-operated candles. Large basket measures 12.5" high by 16" wide by 16" deep, medium basket measures 10.5" high by 12" wide by 12" deep, and small basket measures 8" high by 9" wide by 9" deep.

Please note: MSRP for this item is $143.79 per set.

Embossed Metal Trash Bin

French country meets American farmhouse with this Metal Trash Bin. This galvanized bin has a foot petal for easy open and close functions for the busy kitchen. Featuring embossed french lettering with an image of a rooster with a flower in its talons, "Le Coq en Pâte", literally translated as, “A rooster in dough,” means feeling cosy and pampered. Measures 17¼" high by 10¾" in diameter with a capacity of approximately 6.5 US gal. (medium size trash bag).

Farm Fresh Milk Enamel Ornament

Hang this metal, enameled ornament around the home or kitchen to add rustic, farmhouse flavor to your decorating. The outlined silhouette of a cow frames the words “farm fresh milk” and “locally grown,” while hints of rust accentuate the edges of its shape. Our Farm Fresh Milk Enamel Ornament measures 6” high x 8 ¼” wide and hangs by a curved wire.

Farmers Market Milk Can

This green milk can displays the words, “Farmers market fresh and healthy,” in vintage-style lettering. It has a 5½” diameter and is 9½” high. Weathered for a pastoral look, this accent works well for displaying florals (not included). This item is not food safe and is for decorative purposes only.

Flower Market Metal Basket

Add a pop of antique style to any space with the Flower Market Metal Basket. This container is robin egg blue with basketweave texture, mild distressing, and rusted detailing. It has embossed lettering and reads, “Flower Market - Seeds & Supplies,” and comes with two pre-drilled holes for wall display. It complements any room and can be used to store everything from florals to office supplies. Measures 8.5" high by 12.5" wide by 4.25" deep.

Gray Metal Basin

This vintage style wash-tub is made from distressed metal and measures 12” high x 16” wide x 7” deep. Whether you use it as a magazine/book holder in the living room or as a catch-all for items in the laundry room, this basin makes a great addition to any farmhouse-inspired home. Florals are not included.

Leaf Etched Enamel Milk Can

Leaf Etched Enamel Milk Can is a stylish take on the classic milk can accessory that is great for a modern inspired farmhouse. This fashion-forward milk can has a deep green finish with two white handles and geometric leaf etched accents with a white finish on the base of the can. It looks great on tables, mantels, or countertops and measures 12.5” high by 5.5” in diameter. Create a unique bouquet of florals in the can for a beautiful everyday display.

Please note: MSRP for this item is $40.29 each.

Metal Trays w/ Wooden Handles, 2/Set

Metal Trays with Wooden Handles are the perfect farmhouse chic accessories. The elegant metal trays features two wooden accent handles and a lightly embossed diamond pattern for a sleek and sophisticated look. Set comes with two size trays that look great as living room, bathroom and bedroom decor. Place on coffee tables, dressers, or sinks for a charming display. Trays measure 3.75" high by 12" wide by 12" deep and 3.75" high by 10" wide by 10" deep.

Olive Bucket Metal Trays, 3/Set

Everyday decor meets farmhouse inspired style with these charming Metal Trays. This set of galvanized metal trays feature an olive bucket style, and come in three varying sizes that allow for versatile and creative display options. The trays can be used to store items around the house or accessorized for decorative use. Two convenient metal handles with a rust finish make moving fast and easy. Large tray measures 4" high by 14" wide by 14" deep, medium measures 4" high by 12" wide by 12" deep, and small measures 4" high by 10" wide by 10" deep.

Please note: MSRP for this item is $63.29 per set.

Rustic Gold Metal Wall Basket

Made with a weathered gold finish, the Rustic Gold Metal Wall Basket is a stylish solution to any storage needs. It accents any room and is easily hung by its loop hanger, but it can also be used freestanding on a desk. It measures 9" high by 6.75" wide by 4" deep and easily stores toys, papers, or craft materials.

Vintage Blue Basketweave Milk Can

Lend your spring decor a down-home touch with the Vintage Blue Basketweave Milk Can. Made of galvanized metal it has robin egg blue paint, a distressed and rusted finish, basketweave patterning, and two side handles for transport. It can be used to accent an entryway or dining room and looks darling filled with flowers. Measures 14" high by 7.75" wide by 7.75" deep.

Vintage Fresh Flower Market Milk Can

Our vintaged, light blue milk can reads “fresh flower market,” in embossed lettering on a galvanized-metal can with two handles. Its blue paint is distressed and textured, accented by rust-like stains and brushed, cream accents. Measuring 11.5” high x 7” in diameter, this classic piece of farmhouse decor looks wonderful with real and artificial floral accents.

Please note: for decorative use only. This product is not intended to be used with food.

Welcome Home Metal Wall Milk Can

Welcome Home Metal Wall Milk Can is a great way to brighten up a space! It has a crisp white finish and a bold black rim for a clean modern look that complements most design styles. It reads, "welcome home" in black lettering for an extra pop and can be filled with seasonal florals for a truly impressive display! It has a single keyhole slot for hanging and measures 9.25" high by 7" wide by 3.5" deep.

White Metal Farmer's Market Truck

Give your home that nostalgic feeling with the White Metal Farmer's Market Truck. The farmhouse-inspired truck features distressed white paint and reads, "Farmer's Market" in black script. The rustic appearance of the truck is highlighted by the durable metal material, making it a great indoor accent piece. Measuring 6" high 6" wide by 17" long the truck is perfect for pairing with other accessories to create a vintage farmhouse look.

Galvanized Metal Candle Tray

Our galvanized metal candle tray comfortably fits candles, jars, and even some flower vases in its simple, rustic-inspired facade. This metal tray sits at 2.25” tall x 4” deep x 16” wide making it the perfect accent for a mantlepiece, a coffee table, or even a table on your farmhouse covered porch.

Florals and pillar candles sold separately.

Galvanized Divided Organizer

Five sections make up this industrial-chic Galvanized Divided Organizer. Each section has a metal bookplate in front for easy labeling. It is perfect for the entryway, kitchen, or home office. The complete organizer measures 20 ¾" long by 4 ½" wide and 5 ½" high. Each individual section measures 4" wide.

Washed Tin Mini Catch All

Washed Tin Mini Catch All is the functional yet stylish accessory that is perfect for the farmhouse with its washed metal finish and single metal handle. Place the catch all in living rooms, offices, or bedrooms for a convenient way to store remotes, office supplies, or knick-knacks. The tin also looks great paired with a floral, candle, or picture frame for a decorative tabletop display throughout the farmhouse. It measures 2” high by 2.25” wide by 3.25” long.

Washed Tin Mini Flower Bucket

Create a charming farmhouse display with the Washed Tin Mini Flower Bucket. This galvanized metal bucket has a metal handle and a beautiful washed finish that looks great with farmhouse décor. Easily create unique floral displays by pairing with your favorite every day, seasonal, or special occasion floral for a beautiful arrangement all year long. The bucket measures 4” high by 2.25” in diameter and is perfect for tabletops, mantels, or desk.

Washed Tin Mini Tall Catch All

The Washed Tin Mini Tall Catch All is made for the farmhouse with its simple design and washed metal finish that perfectly complements rustic country décor. It measures 3” high by 2.25” squared and looks great displayed on tabletops, mantels, or counters. Fill the tin with everyday household items or your favorite florals for a beautiful and unique tabletop display. The tin also pairs well with picture frames, wood sitters, or framed signs for a more personalized display.

Galvanized Olive Bucket 5.25"

Made of galvanized metal, the Galvanized Olive Bucket is perfect for storing stationery, knick knacks, and florals. This sturdy and durable bucket is unpainted to complement a variety of styles and seasons and features slits for a traditional olive bucket look. It is small enough to be displayed in any room and measures 5.25" high by 4.5" wide by 4.5" deep.

Vintage White Post Box

This Vintage White Post Box can cheer up any porch or serve as storage for a charming kitchen utensil holder. Features an embossed design of a bird in flight with scrollwork flourishes. Includes a slot for the mail as well as a hinged top for storing larger items. A pre-drilled hole in the back ensures easy hanging. Measures 15½" high by 10¾" wide and 3¼" deep.

Washed Galvanized Wall Mail Bin

Our washed galvanized wall mail bin measures 10” tall x 3” deep x 10” wide and is a perfect wall accent to add rustic flair. Use this wall-mounted metal bin to create a vibrant display with cherished notes and letters or a floral. Floral sold separately.
$12.99 $19.59

Washed Galvanized Metal Basket

The Washed Galvanized Metal Basket is a galvanized metal basket with a metal handle. This basket is ideal for mini florals and fillers and it can be used anywhere from the kitchen to a home office. Measures 5.5" H by 5.5" W.

Washed Galvanized Bowl with Handle

This galvanized bowl makes a classic display piece on the table or around the home and garden. It stands 2 ½” tall x 5” deep x 5” wide, and features worn wooden handles and rusty weathered metal. Washed galvanized pie pan and floral sold separately.

Please note: for decorative use only. This product is not intended to be used with food.

Washed Galvanized Wall Flower Boxes, 3/Set

This set includes three flower boxes of different sizes. Free standing or mounted on a wall, these folded, metal boxes elevate rustic decor with the simplicity of their silhouettes. They are the perfect partner for cascading florals to brighten your living space and garden. The boxes measure 4 ¾” high x 3” deep x 9 ¾” wide, 5 ½” high x 3 ½” deep x 13” wide, and 7 ¼” high x 4” deep x 6 ½” wide. Each washed galvanized box comes with holes punched to be easily mounted to the wall. Florals sold separately.