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Summer Spirit

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Current Mood: Summer Spirit

Kick back, relax, and raise a glass to Summertime! Seasonal colors and sassy sayings
will make Summer days (and nights) even brighter!

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Margarita Words Wooden Ornament, 2/Set

Kick back and celebrate the summer with the Margarita Words Wooden Ornament set. This playful wooden ornaments feature a cutout style design of a margarita glass accented with a citrus fruit slice. One is a sunny yellow color and reads 'Hello Sweet Summer' in black script and text. The other reads 'The kids mad eye do it' in black text on a coral-colored finish. The ornaments measure 6" high by 3.75" wide and have a jute hanger at the top. Add these ornaments to backyard party displays for a fun pop of color.

You Bring the Tequila Box Sign

Have good times while getting up to “no good” with the You Bring the Tequila Box Sign. This playful box sign is wood with a black finish and bold white text. It reads “You bring the tequila I’ll bring the bad decisions” and has a green lime slice cutout for accent. The sign is freestanding and measures 6" square with a 1.5" depth. This sign makes a great focal point in a “grown-up drink” display paired with lime slice decor, “salty” glittered accents, and more!

Lime on "Tequila, Lime & Sunshine" Sitter

Don’t be salty, it’s time to party with the Lime on "Tequila, Lime & Sunshine" Sitter. This wooden sitter has a block base with distressed white finish that reads "Tequila, Lime & Sunshine" in green lettering. A green and white lime slice sits boldly atop the block and the piece measures 4.25" high by 3" wide by 1" deep. This freestanding sitter makes a fun addition to a serving tray with glasses, limes, and a pitcher of frosty drinks!

Lemon Drop Martini Chunky Sitter

Drop into the farmhouse for a little refreshment with the Lemon Drop Martini Chunky Sitter. This chunky wooden sitter features a whole yellow lemon with a green leaf cutout. The sitter reads ‘lemon drop martini’ across the top and sports the full recipe for the drink in simple black text. The sitter measures 4.5" high by 6.25" wide by .75" deep. It will look great with other fruit or drink decor, or paired with martini glasses and ingredients in a gift basket.

Recipe Text:
1 oz vodka
.5 oz triple sec
.75 oz fresh lemon juice
.25 simple syrup

using a lemon wedge, rim a martini glass with sugar

combine vodka, triple sec & lemon juice to a shaker filled with ice

Shake well and strain into martini glass

A Good Day Starts With Coffee T-Shirt, Heather Raspberry

If you are a coffee and wine enthusiast, the A Good Day Starts T-Shirt is for you! This heather raspberry colored tee has soft cotton blend fabric and lightly distressed white lettering. It reads 'A good day starts with Coffee and ends with Wine.' The shirt is available in five unisex sizes; S-XXL (see L99XXL for size XXL). This tee is designed and printed in Ohio! Pair this shirt with a cute skirt and sparkly jewelry for a fun night out with friends or try jeans and a cardigan for a more casual look.

Olive to My Martini Polka Dot Square Block, 3/Set

Perfect pairs - from cocktails to company - cannot be beat! The Olive to My Martini Polka Dot Square Blocks are a lovely showcase of that sentiment. Edged with black polka dots and featuring black script and text, these blocks bring a little class to farmhouse decor. The blocks read ‘You are the Olive to my Martini,’ ‘You are the Gin to my Tonic,’ and ‘You are the Whiskey to my Wine.’ Show off your favorite duos with these lovely wooden blocks that look great with black and white decor or a variety of other styles and color schemes. Measures 4” by 4” and .75” of depth with a keyhole hanger.

Summer Drinks Wooden Ornaments, 6/Set

Quench your thirst for fun Summer decor with the Summer Drinks Wooden Ornaments, 6/Set. This darling wooden cutout ornaments feature three styles of drink glasses with cutout citrus slice garnishes. They come in shades of blue, yellow and coral and are topped with jute hangers. Among the ornaments are one short tapered drinking glass, three taller drinking glasses with straws and two margarita style glasses. These ornaments are delightful as decor or add them to bottles and glasses as drink charms during parties. The solid color finish even allows for the addition of names or personal messages.

Pass the Bubbly Coasters, 4/Set

Raise a glass to the charming Pass the Bubbly Coasters set. This set of four resin coasters have a white, stone-like feel with natural-styled edges. They sport rings of leaves and vines with fun, drink-related sayings. The coaster phrases include ‘Pass the Bubbly’ - ‘I’ll Cheers to That’ - ‘Bottoms up!’ and ‘Drinks are on Me.’ The phrases appear in black script and text, and the coasters have a protective cork backing. These coasters make a lovely addition to any living room, sitting room or dining area. They measure 4" square with a .25" depth.

Lemon on "When Life Gives You Lemons..." Sitter

Turn all of life’s lemons into a party with the Lemon on "When Life Gives You Lemons..." Sitter. This fun, playful wooden sitter features a full yellow lemon with a green leaf sitting atop a black block. The block base has distressed edges and white text reading “When life gives you lemons…party!!” It measures 3.75" high by 3.5" wide by 1" deep. This sitter looks great with party or adult-drink themed displays, or add to daily kitchen decor as a reminder to celebrate every day!

Beach Drink Block Sitter, 3/Set

Make Summer farmhouse displays as easy as a day on the beach with the Beach Drink Block Sitter set. These darling wooden sitters are shaped like a drinking glass with a straw and citrus slice cutout. They have bold white letters and lightly distressed edges and measure 6" high by 3.5" wide by .75" deep. One sitter has a coral color finish and reads 'Drink in my Hand Toes in the Sand.' Other states "Day drinking on the Beach' on a yellow background. And the third reads 'I wanna lay in the Sand with a Drink my Hand' on a light blue finish. Pair these freestanding sitters with sunny Summer or beach decor for a lovely, feel-good display.

Chunky Wooden Lime Slice Sitter

It’s “lime” to relax and refresh with the Chunky Wooden Lime Slice Sitter. This cute wooden sitter depicts a half slice of a lime in green and white. It measures 5.25" high by 7" wide with a .75" depth. This sitter pairs perfectly with our other lime offerings or mix it up with our other fruit decor for a fresh Summer display!

If You're Gonna Be Salty Bring Tequila T-Shirt, Heather Dark Gray

Lay it on the 'lime' every day with the If You're Gonna Be Salty Bring Tequila T-Shirt. This funny tee has a soft, cotton blend fabric in heather dark gray with white text and design. It reads 'If you're gonna be Salty at least bring Tequila.' The text is embellished with lines, spirals, dotted lines and a dusting of small dots reminiscent of scattered salt. The shirt is available in five unisex sizes; S-XXL (see L96XXL for size XXL). This tee is designed and printed in Ohio! Add a little humor to your club attire or everyday outfits with this fun, comfortable tee.