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North Pole Lodge Ski Resort Metal Sign

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Bask in the feel of Winter on the slopes with the North Pole Lodge Ski Resort Metal Sign. This large metal sign reads ‘North Pole Lodge Ski Resort’ in green and white text on a white background with a red banner. Below is a depiction of red ski with ski poles and other amenities are listed such as ‘Coffee Shop’ ‘Rentals’ ‘Lessons’ and ‘Après-ski’ (after-ski activities!) The sign is framed in dark green and accented with a scattering of silvery snowflakes. This sign will bring a combination of excitement and warm-cozy vibes to Winter displays and looks great with Winter florals and other Winter activity decor like ice skating, sledding and more! Measures 10.75" high by 19.75" wide with a .25" depth and has 2 D-Ring hangers.
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  • Metal
  • 10.75" H x 19.75" W x .25" Dp.
  • 2 D-Ring hangers
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  • Metal
  • 10.75" H x 19.75" W x .25" Dp.
  • 2 D-Ring hangers