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Get work done in style with our farmhouse home office essentials. We have containers for sorting mail, book and magazine holders, organizers, and more. 

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"World's Okayest ..." Block Sign, 2/Set

Embrace mediocrity with the "World's Okayest" Block Sign! This painted block sign has unpainted edges and is available in two designs. It sits freestanding for shelf or tabletop display and reads, "world's okayest boss," or, "world's okayest employee" in white lettering. It looks darling in an office setting and is sure to inspire laughter. Measures 2.75" high by 3.75" wide by .75" deep.

Always Smile Box Sign

Take a little time to smile with the Always Smile Box Sign, making it the ideal accent piece for living rooms, bedrooms, or the workplace. The wooden sign features a slat-wood look with a white painted finish. An array of pink colored dots are arranged horizontally inside of the box. A pink circle with white lettering complements the dots, and reads, "Always Smile". Comes with an available sawtooth hanger or can be left freestanding. Measures 7.25" high by 7.75" wide by 1.5" deep.
$6.59 $10.39

Be a Light Box Sign

The Be a Light Box Sign will instantly light up any space with its encouraging message. It is a framed wooden box sign with slat-wood interior. Sign is painted in a classic white color and features the image of an orange sun, that reads, "Be a Light" in white script. Comes with a sawtooth hanger for easy wall hanging display or can be left freestanding. Measures 7.25" high by 7.75" wide by 1.5" deep.
$6.59 $10.39

Choose Happy Box Sign

Choose Happy Box Sign is the perfect accent piece when you need a little inspiration. The wooden shadowbox sign has a slat-wood look, with a white painted finish. Diagonal navy-blue lines cover the interior of the box and are complemented by a navy-blue circle that reads, "Choose Happy" in white lettering. This freestanding accessory also comes with a sawtooth hanger and looks great on table tops, walls, shelves, or desk. Measures 7.25" high by 7.75" wide by 1.5" deep.

Get It Girl Block, 3/Set

Freestanding Get it Girl Block Signs feature inspirational phrases printed in a contemporary color scheme including coral, navy, and white. They display the phrases “Stay weird,” “Get it girl,” and “Too legit to quit” in three assorted designs. Perfect for an office or dorm room, these cheerful signs measure 3.25” high by 6” wide by 0.75" deep.

Girl Boss Block Sign

Find daily motivation with the Girl Boss Block Sign! This wood block is painted white with polka dot accents, exposed edges, and the phrase, "girl boss" in script lettering. Block is freestanding for shelf or tabletop display and is perfect for a home or work office. Measures 3.75" high by 3.75" wide by .75" deep.
$1.99 $2.99

Junk Hider Boxes 3/Set

Junk Hider Boxes 3/Set is a painted wood box with a rustic, weathered finish. Box is perfect for organizing stationery materials, small plants, or general knickknacks and comes in assorted designs with assorted phrases. It can be placed on shelves, countertops, or console tables and measures 4.5" high by 4.5" wide by 4.5" deep.