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Pink & White Paper Flower Garland

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Accent Springtime displays with abundant greenery and little pops of color with the Pink & White Paper Flower Garland. This 4-foot garland has a wrapped wire base for easy styling. It sports plastic eucalyptus style sprigs that fade from dark to bright green and small but eye-catching paper flowers in white and deep pink. This garland looks lovely running along table or shelf displays or wrapped around large containers.
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  • Paper, plastic,
  • 4 ft L
  • Wrapped wire stems
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Pink & White Paper Flower Candle Ring, 3"

Beautify the farmhouse with little touches of natural charm found in the Pink & White Paper Flower Candle Ring, 3". This candle ring has an inner diameter of 3" and spreads to approximately 8-10" on the outside diameter. It has plastic eucalyptus style sprigs that fade from a darker green at the base to bright green at the tips. Some stems sport white or pink paper blooms and all are bound with wrapped wire stems at the base. Use this candle ring with candles or wrap around door knobs, drawer pulls, and more for a little pop of natural beauty.

Americana Rose & Poppy Candle Ring

Bring notes of freedom and outdoor beauty to farmhouse displays with the Americana Rose & Poppy Candle Ring. Springing from a base of wrapped wire stems, papery poppies in red and white steal the spotlight. Deep blue, red and white roses accent the larger flowers. The mix of fabric and plastic leaves along with wrapped wire vines gives this candle ring a wild and free tone. It measures 3.5" on the inside diameter with an approximate 8-10" outside diameter. Add this candle ring to everyday displays for a quick and lovely Americana uplift.

Hanging Dill Leaves

Hanging Dill Leaves features light green dill florals on hanging stems. It is 18" long overall, and adds a bright touch to floral arrangements.
  • Paper, plastic,
  • 4 ft L
  • Wrapped wire stems