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Autumn Acres Pumpkin Patch Chunky Wooden Truck

Take a trip to the pumpkin patch with the Autumn Acres Pumpkin Patch Chunky Wooden Truck. This charming teal truck sitter is solid wood with raw edges and measures 3.5" high by 7" wide with a .75" depth. The bed is filled with two large pumpkins in cream and orange and the door reads ‘Autumn Acres Pumpkin Patch’ with a little orange pumpkin icon. This sitter looks great with other farm truck decor or surrounded by Fall florals.

Christmas Sweater Wooden Ornaments, 3/Set

Who doesn’t love a warm, toasty sweater on a cold Winter night? Bring an instant sense of coziness to displays with the Christmas Sweater Wooden Ornaments. This set of three, sweater-shaped ornaments features hand-drawn style details and a traditional Christmas color palette in rustic tones. Two of the sweaters read “Joy,” and “merry christmas” in script style font. The third sweater sports an adorable snowflake design. These ornaments are and obvious choice for Christmas trees but also look great on wreathes and garland or hanging from the mantel with stockings. They also make cute, unique tags for holiday gifts. Ornaments measure 3.25" high by 3.75" wide by .25" deep.
$2.97 $6.69

Cozy Christmas Sweater Stackers, 3/Set

Have a little fun with your Christmas decor this winter with the Cozy Christmas Sweater Stackers, 3/Set. The wooden stackers boast a freestanding display and look adorable on mantels, tabletops, or counters. The blocks have a distressed white finish and read, "Cozy", "Christmas" in a red and green script and are accented by a wooden cutout of a vintage-looking Christmas sweater. This festive accessory has an old-fashioned feel and measures 6" high by 6.75" wide by .75" deep when stacked.
$3.97 $6.49

Distressed Chunky Wooden Snowflake Sitters, 3/Set

Let beauty and delight fall into the farmhouse this Winter with the Distressed Chunky Wooden Snowflake Sitters set. These lovely wooden sitters come in three styles with a white finish and distressed edges. All have a .75" depth for easy freestanding display. The small is 4" in diameter, the medium 5" in diameter, and the large 5.75" in diameter. These snowflakes add beauty and interest to signs, candles, and other Winter and holiday staples. They look great with a wide variety of styles and Winter florals.

Distressed Metal Snowflake Buckets, 3/Set

Bring rustic, textured beauty to Winter farmhouse decor with the Distressed Metal Snowflake Buckets, 3/Set. This set of three metal buckets comes in three sizes with a matching snowflake cutout on each. The largest bucket is white and measures 6" in diameter and is 7.25" tall. The medium bucket measures 5" in diameter and is 6" in height with a gray finish. The small bucket is black and has a 4" diameter with a 4.25" height. All three buckets have a distressed finish and they look beautiful lit with candles. They also make lovely containers for Winter florals, sparkly Christmas bulbs, and more!

Distressed Wooden Snowflake Spindles, 3/Set

The Distressed Wooden Snowflake Spindles, 3/Set bring elegance and vintage beauty to any setting. These lovely snowflake cutouts come in three sizes and have a whitewash finish. They are secured to natural wood spindle bases by a wooden dowel. They look beautiful with red and black buffalo check or red and green holiday accents. Small snowflake measures 2.5" in diameter and 9" high. Medium measures 3" in diameter and 11" high. Large snowflake is 3.75" in diameter with a 13" height.

Please note: MSRP for this item is $42.59 each.

Distressed Wooden Tree, 8"

Our Distressed Wooden Tree sitter balances rustic charm with elegance for a charming country Christmas accent. Made of lightweight and durable wood this sitter has been whitewashed for a vintage feel and textured finish. It is freestanding and perfect for display on a mantel or prominent shelf all winter long. Measures 8" high and 2.75" wide.

Fall Kinda Girl Box Sign with Happy Fall Pumpkins Truck Sitter, 2/Set

Welcome in those Fall farmhouse days with the Fall Kinda Girl Box Sign with Happy Fall Pumpkins Truck Sitter set. This fun wooden set has an orange box sign that reads ‘I’m a Fall Kinda Girl’ in bold white letters. It is accented with a white leaf cutout and has lightly distressed edges and letters. Accompanying the box sign is a layered wooden cutout of a farm truck form behind. The truck is green with silver accents and has a bed full of orange pumpkins. The tailgate reads ‘Happy Fall Y’All’ in white script and text. The truck measures 3.25" high by 4"wide by .75" deep while the sign measures 6" high by 5" wide with a 1.5" depth. The truck nests in the back of the box sign creating a lovely way to gift the set or an easy way to store it! This set looks darling with the truck on top of the sign or beside it and it pairs nicely with Fall florals and pumpkins.

Let It Snow Wooden Book Stack

Bring texture and beauty to Winter displays with the Let It Snow Wooden Book Stack. This wooden block stack is designed to look like three books bound at one end with a jute cord. The book stack has gray and white buffalo check on top and distressed edges. The “books” read ‘Let it Snow’ in gray script with gray snowflake accents. The jute cord is tied with a double bow with three white beads and a wooden snowflake charm. The stack measures 3.75" high by 7.5" wide by 5" deep and looks lovely with snowflake sitters and burlap wrapped trees.

Meet Me in the Pumpkin Patch Blue Pumpkin Truck Layered Box Sign

Head for the pumpkin patch this Fall with the Meet Me in the Pumpkin Patch Blue Pumpkin Truck Layered Box Sign. This layered wooden sign is full of Fall-time charm depicting a light blue farm truck with a bed full of pumpkins on a whitewash style background. The sign reads ‘meet me in the Pumpkin Patch’ in gray text and script. The lower layer of the sign has lovely orange plaid that frames the sign beautifully. This sign looks great on tables or shelves with a collection of real, plush, or plastic pumpkins! Measures 6" high by 8" wide with a 1.5" depth.

Merry Christmas Chunky Truck Sitter

Create a beautiful holiday display with the vintage charm of the Merry Christmas Chunky Truck Sitter. This adorable natural wood sitter boasts the shape of a vintage red pickup truck that reads, "Merry Christmas" and is carrying a Christmas tree. The freestanding accessory measures 4" high by 6.25" wide by 1" deep and looks great on tabletops, mantels, or shelves for a festive accent in any room.

Merry Christmas To All Woodland Birch Wood Sign

Fill the farmhouse with rustic, wintry beauty with the Merry Christmas To All Woodland Birch Wood Sign. This 12.5 high by 23.25" wide sign has a shiplap style background and is framed in birch wood branches. It has a depth of 1.25" and two sawtooth hangers on the back. It reads ‘Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night’ in a mix of black script and text. This sign looks great with other woodland style decor but is versatile enough to fit beautifully among a variety of Christmas accessories. Hang above or lean on the mantel for a large and naturally lovely focal piece.

Merry Christmas Woodland Cutout Home

Feel at home for the holidays with the Merry Christmas Woodland Cutout Home. This layered wooden peice features three houses of various heights and designs on a wooden base. The largest home in the back and center is black and white buffalo check with a stained wooden roof and a star cutout window. The medium home is white with a stained wood roof and reads ‘Merry Christmas’ in black script and text. It has a dark green bottlebrush wreath with snowy accents and a white ribbon bow. The smallest house is all stained wood and features two rectangular window cutouts. These houses look lovely with other buffalo check decor or Winter trees and other woodland style accents. Measures 10.5" high by 11.5" wide with a 2.5" depth.

Merry Little Christmas Natural Pillow

Send Christmas wishes to all with the Merry Little Christmas Natural Pillow. The off-white burlap-style pillow measures as a 10” square. It reads “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” in black lettering with a black snowflake at the top. It’s a simple, rustic piece that goes well with blankets, couches, and Christmas decorations.

Mini Wooden Snowflake Christmas Tree Sitters, 3/Set

Spruce up the farmhouse for Winter or Christmas with the Mini Wooden Snowflake Christmas Tree Sitters set. These wooden triangular trees are solid wood with distressed edges and come in three sizes. The small tree is white with a gray snowflake and measures 3" high by 2" wide. The medium tree is 3.5" high by 2.25" wide and has a solid gray finish. The large tree has a blue background with pretty white snowflakes and measures 4" high by 2.25" wide. All three have a .75" depth for sturdy freestanding display. These trees look lovely with icy florals and snowman signs or sitters.

North Pole Lodge Ski Resort Metal Sign

Bask in the feel of Winter on the slopes with the North Pole Lodge Ski Resort Metal Sign. This large metal sign reads ‘North Pole Lodge Ski Resort’ in green and white text on a white background with a red banner. Below is a depiction of red ski with ski poles and other amenities are listed such as ‘Coffee Shop’ ‘Rentals’ ‘Lessons’ and ‘Après-ski’ (after-ski activities!) The sign is framed in dark green and accented with a scattering of silvery snowflakes. This sign will bring a combination of excitement and warm-cozy vibes to Winter displays and looks great with Winter florals and other Winter activity decor like ice skating, sledding and more! Measures 10.75" high by 19.75" wide with a .25" depth and has 2 D-Ring hangers.

North Pole Sleigh Rides Wooden Sign

Take a trip down Santa Clause Lane with the North Pole Sleigh Rides Wooden Sign. This rustic, stylish sign has a black background with off-white distressed wooden frame. The sign reads ‘North Pole Sleigh Co. - Sleigh Rides - 15 Cents per Ride - Trips to Santa Clause Lane - With Cozy Blankets & Hot Cocoa’ in alternating white text and script. The sign measures 10.5" high by 14" wide with a 1.5" depth and has two sawtooth hangers on the back. This sign looks darling with sleigh, Santa, or hot cocoa decor. Or go for a more stylish display with Winter florals, a bead garland and candles or Christmas lights.

Pumpkins, Leaves Box Sign with Pumpkin Spice Chunky Sitter, 2/Set

“Leaf” summer behind and cuddle into pumpkin spice vibes with the Pumpkins, Leaves Box Sign with Pumpkin Spice Chunky Sitter set. This cute and simple sign features a block sign in soft orange and a to-go cup cutout in black. Both have lightly distressed edges and bold white lettering. The box sign measures 6" high by 4.5" wide with a 1.5" depth and it reads ‘Pumpkins Leaves Lattes Please.’ The cup sitter is .75" thick solid wood with a 5" height and a 3.5" width. It states ‘Pumpkin Spice Lattes Please.’ The cup cozily nests in the back of the box sign making it easy to store and even more fun to gift! Pair this freestanding sign set with plush pumpkins and Fall foliage for a darling display.

Sweaters and Blue Jeans Box Sign with Hello Pumpkin Easel, 2/Set

All the Fall vibes are embraced in the lovely Sweaters and Blue Jeans Box Sign with Hello Pumpkin Easel set. This set of box sign and layered pumpkin easel-back sitter has a subdued orange finish with white accents. The sign measures 8" high by 7" wide with a 1.5" depth and lists a few Fall favorites followed by the phrase ‘I Love Fall.’ It has an open back that allows hanging and can also be displayed freestanding. The pumpkin is topped with a round white tag that reads ‘hello Pumpkin’ with an orange and white gingham ribbon bow. It measures 7" high by 6" wide with a .25" depth and has an easel-back as well as a sawtooth hanger. The pumpkin nests in the back of the box sign creating a charming gifting opportunity. Just tie a ribbon around the set, no wrapping needed! This lovely set has soft colors that pair well with other Fall or everyday decor for an easy and lovely display.

Tiered Wooden Christmas Trees

Bring some rustic charm into the farmhouse this Winter with the Tiered Wooden Christmas Trees. Featuring three pine cutout trees of varying heights, this piece measures 16.75" high by 11.5" wide by 4" deep overall. The trees are affixed to a wooden base for sturdy display. The largest tree has a white finish, the middle a dark green with white paint splatters and the smallest is a natural wood finish. All three have moderate to heavy distressing for a rustic feel. Pair these trees with box signs, candles or containers filled with Winter florals. They are great for Christmas and Winter-long decor!

Today's Good Mood Pumpkin Spice Box Sign

Today's Good Mood Pumpkin Spice Box Sign pays homage to the things that get us through the day, like Fall and pumpkin spice! This cute box sign has a teal and white buffalo check frame with a slight inset. The inset depicts a coffee to-go cup with a lovely pumpkin logo and reads 'Today's good mood brought to you by Fall and pumpkin spice" in a colorful mix of text and script. The phrase is finished with an orange buffalo check pumpkin. With its shades of orange, brown and teal, this sign brings a fresh Autumn feel to shelf and table displays and is simply perfect when paired with a pumpkin or two! Measures 9" square with a 1.5" depth.

Weathered Locally Grown Christmas Trees Wooden Sign

The Weathered Locally Grown Christmas Trees Wooden Sign is inspired by vintage designs. It features a mix of engraved and dimensional lettering with a distressed white finish and black and green trim. The sign reads, "Locally Grown Christmas Trees - Open Daily - Cut Your Own - Cider - Pine - Fir - Spruce - EST. 1956" with three metal pine tree accents in the center. The sign conveniently comes ready to hang by two D-rings installed on the back. Measures 10" high by 23.5" wide by .75 deep.

Welcome to Fall Blocks, 3/Set

Mix things up a little this Fall with the fashionable Welcome to Fall Block set. This set of 3 wooden blocks features two blocks with wording and one pumpkin shaped sitter. The largest block measures 4.5" high by 8.5" wide and reads ‘Welcome to Fall.’ It is sports brown text and script with leaf designs. The smaller sign block is 3.75" high by 4" wide with a pretty orange background and a mix of white script and text. It reads ‘Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice’ and has leaf designs. The pumpkin sitter measures 3.25" high by 3.75" wide and has a white and orange animal print pattern with brown edging. These freestanding blocks are 1" thick for sturdy display. They look lovely displayed together or could be split up and scattered among other displays with Fall florals, beads and more!

Woodland Tree Truck Christmas Calendar Hanger

Mark the days until Christmas with the Woodland Tree Truck Christmas Calendar Hanger. This shiplap style calendar is shaped like a truck with layered wooden accents. Simple black numbers range from 1-24 and each has a small metal peg above it. Hang the cute bottle brush wreath with ribbon accent on the pegs to countdown until Christmas! The wreath is secured to the calendar with white string so there’s no worry of misplacing it. The truck has five snowy bottle brush trees of various heights at the top of the bed and a jute hanger for easy hanging. This unique and darling calendar looks great on its own or as a focal point in Christmas displays with other wooden decor and frosty Winter florals. Measures 11.25" high by 18.5" wide with a 2.5" depth (due to the trees & wreath).

Bones & Bead Garland

No bones about it, the Bones & Bead Garland will string a little spookiness through Halloween displays this season. This charming bead garland features white wooden bone beads alternating with round gray beads. The ends are finished with black string tassels and the garland measures 49" long. String this garland among pumpkins and ghosts for a chilling display. Or pair this garland year-round with dog-themed decor for an adorable arrangement!

Boo Ghost Sitters, 3/Set

Halloween displays will be boo-tiful in the farmhouse with the Boo Ghost Sitters set. This set of three wooden ghost sitters are .75" thick with distressed edges. They come in three sizes with the largest measuring 6" high by 3.5" wide with a traditional white coloring and black eyes and mouth. The middle sized ghost is gray and white buffalo check with black accents and it measures 5" high by 3" wide. The smallest ghost is 3.75" high by 2.5" wide and has a black finish with white accents and white letters reading ‘BOO.’ This ghost trio looks great as a grouping or split up throughout a display with pumpkins and Halloween themed signs.

Burnt Orange Knit Pumpkin Large

Make Fall-time displays a little extra warm and inviting with the Burnt Orange Knit Pumpkin Large. This large stuffed pumpkin features a soft knit body in orange with flecks of cream. It is topped with a realistic plastic stem. This pumpkin looks lovely displayed with other Burnt Orange Knit Pumpkins or with other colors and textures for a fun mix. Measures 8" high with a 9.5" diameter.

Candy Cane Two-Tiered Tray

Display holiday goodies or holiday décor with the fun and festive Candy Cane Two-Tiered Tray. This adorable metal tray features two white tiers with scalloped edges and a red-striped candy cane for the center, supporting rod. The upper tray has a 10.25" diameter and the bottom tray has a 12.5" diameter. The overall piece measures 19" high with a 12.5 Diameter. This tray makes a beautiful centerpiece with block signs, candles, winter florals or a variety of other accessories!

Fall Ombre Eucalyptus Leaf & Berry Spray

Bring a burst of Fall-time beauty into farmhouse decor with the Fall Ombre Eucalyptus Leaf & Berry Spray. This 20" high spray has papery foam eucalyptus leaves with a lovely ombre coloring effect in shades of brown and gold. Long fabric leaves in brown and white are scattered through out as well as sprigs of abundant mini cream colored berries. This spray looks great poking out of buckets and milk cans or accenting harvest accessories.

Haunted Hay Rides Wooden Chunky Truck Sitter

Fright this way to awesome Halloween displays with the Haunted Hay Rides Wooden Chunky Truck Sitter! This darling solid wood sitter features a black farm truck with gray wheels hauling a bed of pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns. A spooky skeleton drives the truck while two ghosts tag along in the back. The truck reads ‘Haunted Hay Rides’ in white capitals. This sitter is solid wood with wooden cutouts for the ghosts that are attached via metal wire. It measures 5" high by 8" wide with a .75" depth. This truck looks great as focal point or can be added along side a larger sign or pumpkin display for a hair-raising accent.

It's Spooky Season Blocks, 3/Set

’Tis the season to be spooky with the It’s Spooky Season Blocks set. This playful and chic wooden block set comes in traditional farmhouse black and white with distressed edges and styling. The blocks have a .75" depth for sturdy display and look great displayed as a set or as individuals. One block reads ‘Home Sweet Haunted Home’ with accenting bats and measures 3" high by 3.5" wide. Another measures 1.5" high by 7" wide and reads ‘It’s Spooky Season.’ The third block is a cute pumpkin sitter that measures 3" high by 3" wide and comes in black with white edges. Pair this set with colorful Fall florals or pumpkins for an appealing Halloween display.

Orange Burlap Pumpkin Pick, 30.5"

Instantly add Fall, Thanksgiving, or Halloween notes to displays with the Orange Burlap Pumpkin Pick, 30.5”. This festive Fall pick features eight mini pumpkins with orange burlap bases and brown plastic stems. The pick measures 30.5" high and the stems are wrapped wire for easy positioning. This pick looks great added to vases, cans, or hanging containers for an easy Fall refresh.

Black & White Floral Patterned Metal Vase, Short

Add an extra touch of beauty to displays with the Black & White Vintage Patterned Metal Vase, Short. Featuring a raised pattern of interconnected diamond designs, this vase has a white finish with accents in black. It measures 7" in diameter and 7.75" high. The black and white color scheme meshes well with a variety of farmhouse decor making it a great fit for any season.

Frosted Boxwood Candle Ring

The Frosted Boxwood Candle Ring is a charming touch of natural beauty among holiday farmhouse decor. This ring features plastic boxwood sprigs that fade from darker to pale greens with a subtle white dusting over all. The ring looks beautiful with thin pillars or taper candles. It can also double as a festive napkin ring. Measures 1.5" on the inside diameter with an approximate 4-6" outside diameter.

Hot Cocoa Bar Blocks, 3/Set

Pour a cup of warm Winter cheer into farmhouse displays with the Hot Cocoa Bar Blocks set. Featuring three wooden sitting signs, this set has a bright red and white color scheme with distressed edges. One block measures 2.5" high by 3" wide and states ‘have a cup of cheer’ in red text and script on a white background. The design has a triple-line frame and a cute snowflake in one corner. The second block is cut out in the shape of a mug and has a red finish with white script and text reading ‘hot cocoa & marshmallow kisses.’ It measures 2.5" high by 3" wide. The largest block is 2" high and 6.5" wide with a white finish and red text reading ‘Hot Cocoa Bar’ with a red frame. All blocks have a .75" depth for sturdy freestanding display. Feature this set together or split among several displays. The blocks look lovely with cocoa-making ingredients, peppermints, or red berry florals.

Hot Cocoa For Santa Chunky Cup Sitters, 2/Set

Displays will be sweet and warm this Winter with the Hot Cocoa For Santa Chunky Cup Sitters set. These mug shaped wooden sitters feature a red and white color scheme and a .75" depth. The larger mug measures 3.5" high by 4" wide and has a red finish with white snowflake and white flecks. The white mug reads ‘hot cocoa for Santa’ in red and measures 2.75" high by 2.75" wide. These mugs will brighten up the kitchen or display on the mantel with cookies on Christmas Eve.

Hot Cocoa Served Here Daily Block Sign

Bring a lovely vintage feel to Christmas or Winter displays with the Hot Cocoa Served Here Daily Block Sign. Featuring a red finish with distressed edges and a white design and text. It reads ‘Old Fashioned Hot Cocoa - Served Here Daily’ with flourishes and a line frame. A small filled mug icon accents the text. The sign measures 5" high by 6.25" wide by .75" deep and makes a beautiful accent to kitchen decor or any holiday display.

Icy Pine & Sugar Berry Spray

Add a natural element with a bit of sparkle to Winter farmhouse displays with the Icy Pine & Sugar Berry Spray. This 21" long spray features plastic boxwood greenery and pine boughs. Red berries and natural pinecones accent the greenery along with red jingle bells. A dusting of glitter gives an icy finish that looks great with holiday and Winter decor.

Light Fall Ombre Eucalyptus Leaf Spray

Add natural texture and a warm mix of color to Fall displays with the Light Fall Ombre Eucalyptus Leaf Spray. This spray measures 22" high and features papery foam eucalyptus leaves twisted between wire stems that end in a loop. The leaves show a lovely fading of light reddish brown to shades of pale gold and cream.

Red & Natural Bead Garland, 5ft

Bring lovely beaded accents to the farmhouse with the Red & Natural Bead Garland, 5ft. This 5 ft long garland features round natural wooden beads interspersed with slightly larger round red beads. The garland is strung on a jute cord and finished with a jute tassel on each end. This garland looks beautiful on the Christmas tree or draped along mantels, shelves, or tables.

Red Plaid Timer Pillar, 3" x 4"

The Red Plaid Timer Pillar measures 4" high with a 3" diameter and adds a touch of country charm with its red and black plaid pattern. This deep red pillar is perfect for holiday decorating but also a welcome addition to year-round displays. The candle requires 3 AAA batteries (not included) and features a built-in timer that alternates between six hours lit and eighteen hours off for easy use. Arrange with other candles or accessories in solid colors or complimentary patterns for a rustic, stylish grouping.

Red Plaid Timer Pillar, 3" x 5"

This Red Plaid Timer Pillar measures 5" high with a 3" diameter and brings a note of country charm to farmhouse displays. The deep red and black plaid of this pillar candle makes it a lovely compliment to seasonal holly and greenery. It requires 3 AAA batteries (not included) and the built-in timer alternates between six hours lit and eighteen hours off.

Vintage Dear Santa Old Town Scale Clock

Count down the minutes until Santa’s arrival with the Vintage Dear Santa Old Town Scale Clock. This charming kitchen scale styled clock has a festive red finish with light distressing and features a clock face in the base. It reads ‘Dear Santa Please Stop Here’ in red text and script and has a small depiction of Santa’s sleigh flying along the letters. The scale platform looks great holding candles, Winter florals, pinecones or a gathering of Christmas bulbs. The clock requires one AA battery (not included) and measures 7" high by 5.5" wide by 5" deep.