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Spring Decor

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Angelvine Birdnest With Eggs, 4.5"

The Angelvine Birdnest With Eggs, 4.5" will make an adorable statement in your farmhouse with its natural look and earthy charm. The brown angelvine branches are crafted together in the shape of a bird's nest carrying two blue eggs. It measures 1.5” high by 4.5” in diameter and looks great on tabletops, shelves, or mantels. Pair with a spring floral or candle for a beautiful and unique seasonal look.

Beach Chunky Star

Bring the beach home with the Beach Chunky Star. This charming wooden accessory features a whimsical star shape with a light blue finish. It reads, “Beach” in white wooden letters and measures 5.75" high by 5.75" wide by 1.25” deep. The star is freestanding and looks great on a mantel or tabletop paired with a family photo from the beach for a charming beach-inspired display.

Beach More Worry Less Frame

Bring the beach to your house with the Beach More Worry Less Frame. This relaxing wood box sign has a natural wooden frame with the simple graphic of a sun framed by a blue wood cutout of water. The sign reads, “Beach More. Worry Less” in a mixture of black script and cut out letters. It can be left freestanding on tabletops or styled as a wall display from its sawtooth hanger. Measures 6.75” high by 8.75” wide by 1” deep.

Bee-Ing Productive Notepad

Being productive is easy and fun with the Bee-Ing Productive Notepad. This adorable accessory boasts 50 lined pages and the image of a buzzing bee and bright sunflower. It measures 5.75" high by 4.25" wide and reads, "Bee-ing Productive" in black lettering. The notepad is great for taking notes, leaving messages, and making lists. It has a magnet that can be used to easily hang the notepad around the house. Made in the USA!

Bee-utiful Wooden Block, 3/Set

Take a moment to find beauty in the simple things with the Bee-utiful Wooden Block, 3 Set. These freestanding wooden blocks have a white finish and three unique designs that look great displayed anywhere throughout the farmhouse. The blocks have two keyhole hangers and read, “Life Is Bee-utiful", “We’re meant to Bee”, and “Always bee Sweet” in black lettering. Images of honey pots, sunflowers, and bees adorn these beautiful spring signs. They measure 3” high by 6” wide by .75” deep and make great accessories for tabletops, mantels, or bookshelves.

Busy Bee Notepad

Manage the stress of being a busy bee with the Busy Bee Notepad. This adorable mini notepad has 50 lined pages that are perfect for taking notes, making lists, and keeping all of your day-to-day activities in order. It has a magnet on the back that is perfect for hanging in offices, kitchens, or bedrooms. The notepad measures 5.75" high by 4.25" wide and is made in the USA! It reads, "Busy Bee" in black lettering, and is adorned with buzzing bees, sunflowers, and a beehive.

Chunky Sun Shine

Chunky Sun Shine is the perfect accessory to brighten up any room in your home. The freestanding wooden sitter is in the shape of a sun with a golden yellow finish. It reads, “Shine” in black wooden script and has a flat bottom that is great for display on any surface. Measures 3.5” high by 7.75” wide by 1.5” deep and looks great on a covered porch, bookshelf, or tabletop.

Hello Spring Wooden Bead Garland w/Bunny

Decorate for spring with the charming Hello Spring Wooden Bead Garland w/Bunny. This adorable spring decoration is a wooden bunny cutout that boasts colorful spring flowers and a white paint finish. It reads, “Hello Spring” in pink script and has a bead garland accent with a mixture of white, pink, and natural wood colored beads. The garland has a jute string tassel and is perfect for wall display from a nail or hook in a kitchen, entryway, or living room. Measures 24” high (including garland) by 3.25" wide by .5” deep.

Honey Do List Notepad

Create a super sweet to-do list with the Honey Do List Notepad. This adorable notepad reads, "Honey Do List" in black lettering, and features the image of buzzing bees with a vintage honey pot. It has 50 lined pages and a magnet for easy hanging. The mini accessory is perfect for taking notes, making a to-do list, and leaving notes. It measures 5.75" high by 4.25" wide and is made in the USA.

Inspirational Chunky Cross, 3/Set

Never waiver in your convictions with the Inspirational Chunky Cross set. These simple wooden crosses have an off-white finish with lightly distressed edges. The accessories are freestanding and read, “Blessed”, “Faith”, and “Hope” in black lettering and look great displayed in any room as a daily reminder to remain thankful. They measure 6” high by 4.25” wide by 1” deep and can be paired with your favorite bible verse or candle as a beautiful tabletop display.

The Beach Is Calling Star Plaque

If the beach is your happy place, The Beach Is Calling Star Plaque is the perfect accessory for you. The wooden sign has starfish shape with lightly distressed edges and a relaxing aqua color that is reminiscent of the ocean. The sign reads, “The Beach Is Calling” in a white lettering, with the word “Beach” highlighted in cutout wooden letters. It measures 11.5” in diameter by .5” deep and has a sawtooth hanger for wall display. Pair the plaque with an array of beach-inspired accessories to create a charming display that looks great in any room.

Welcome Spring Block Stackers, 3/Set

Usher in spring with the Welcome Spring Block Stackers. These adorable wood blocks have a simple grey finish and read, “Welcome” and “Spring” in white lettering. A simple wooden bunny with a white finish completes the blocks and is the perfect accent to these festive blocks. The blocks are stackable and look great displayed together on a tabletop or mantel with your favorite spring florals. Stacked blocks measure 6” high by 7” wide by .75” deep.

When Life Gives You Lemons Notepad

When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade, and the When Life Gives You Lemons Notepad will be there to help you remember the recipe with its adorable design and 50 lined pages that are perfect for note taking. The notepad reads, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade" in black lettering with the image of lemons for a subtle vintage touch. It measures 5.75" high by 4.25" wide and has a magnet on the back for convenient hanging options all around the house or office. The notepad is locally made in Ohio and is great for note taking, making lists, and jotting down recipes.​

Busy Bee Hive Distressed Metal Post Box

Adorn your home with the vintage feel of the Busy Bee Hive Distressed Metal Post Box. This adorable accessory is simply decorated and covered in country charm with its distressed white finish and embossed honeycomb pattern. It boasts beautiful embossed floral accents and reads, “Bussy Bee Hive” in black lettering with the image of an embossed bee. The post box is perfect for easy sorting and storing mail with its open and close mail slot that features a convenient smaller mail slit on top. Hang on porches or entryways for with its two keyhole hangers for wall display. Measures 15.5” high by 10.5” wide by 3” deep.

Please note: MSRP for this item is $50.19 each.

Sweet Bee Honey Metal Boots Planter

Add a rustic charm to your farmhouse with the Sweet Bee Honey Metal Boots Planter. This vintage-looking planter boasts the appearance of two galvanized metal boots with a whitewash finish and an adorable honeycomb pattern. The boots are adorned with a whitewashed metal plaque with yellow trim that reads, “Sweet Honey Bee” in embossed yellow letters that are accented by an embossed bee and floral accents. The planter has two metal handles and is perfect for faux florals or live plants. Place the planter in entryways or covered porches for a beautiful display as soon as you enter your home. Measures 13.25” high by 7.25" wide by 9" deep.

Local Flower Market Open Daily Metal Sign

Local Flower Market Open Daily Metal Sign is made for the classic farmhouse with its vintage charm and old-fashioned detailing. This adorable metal sign has a cream finish with green trim and embossed yellow detailing around the outside of the sign. It reads, “Local Flower Market. Open Daily. Flowers & Potted Plants. Garden Tools & Supplies” in embossed black lettering. An embossed pair of green boots with floral accents are highlighted in the center of the page and is filled with a variety of colorful florals. The sign measures 16.75” high by 16” wide by .25” deep and has one triangle hanger for wall display.

Please note: MSRP for this item is $34.49 each.

Honeybee Floral Oval Bucket

The Honeybee Floral Oval Bucket is a vintage-inspired metal bucket perfect for the farmhouse with its white paint finish and charming weathered look. It boasts two metal handles and an embossed image of a bee surrounded by multicolored embossed florals. This charming bucket looks great with spring décor and pairs well with a bouquet of seasonal florals. Bucket measures 10.25” high by 11.5” wide by 6.5” deep and looks great on tabletops, mantels, or shelves.

Happy Easter Wooden Egg Sitters, 2/Set

Welcome Easter and Spring to the farmhouse with the Happy Easter Wooden Egg Sitters. This set of two, wooden, egg-shaped sitters comes in taupe, pale teal, and light slate gray. The large egg features the phrase “Happy Easter” and three distressed pinstripes in light gray. The small egg reads “hello spring” with two pinstripes in taupe. The aged edges and subtle color scheme give these eggs a vintage feel that will pair nicely with any farmhouse style. The smaller egg can be displayed beyond Easter to celebrate the entirety of the Spring season. Small egg measures 6" high by 4.75" wide by .75" deep and large egg measures 8" high by 6.5" wide by .75" deep.

Hello/Welcome/Spring Mini Block, 4/Set

Welcome Spring to the farmhouse with the simple and lovely Welcome Spring Duo Mini Blocks. Each block measures 1.5" high by 5" wide and features lightly distressed paint and a single word phrase. Two blocks come in white with gray text and read “hello” and “spring.” Two blocks come in teal and read “welcome” and “spring” in white text. These blocks look lovely when you pair two of the same color or when mixing colors in the same display.

Wooden Tulip Pedestal, 3/Set

Add a touch of spring cheer to any shelf or tabletop with the Wooden Tulip Pedestal! Tulip is made of lightweight wood and rests on a wood block for freestanding display. It is painted blue, yellow, or dusty pink with a white base and boasts light distressing for an aged finish. Measures 11" high by 4.5" wide.

Bee Sweet Sunflower Circle Frame

Add a sweet message and a bright pop of color to farmhouse decor with the Bee Sweet Sunflower Circle Frame. This lovely piece features a brown, wooden frame with distressed edges and a large gold and brown sunflower on a white background. The sunflower is accented by three bees in gold, black and gray and the center of the flower reads "Bee Sweet" in white script. This eye-catching frame looks great with sunflower florals and other bee decor, or will brighten up more simplistic black and white decor. Measures 11.5" in diameter with a .75" depth.

Chunky Watermelon Wedge Sitter

What better way to refresh existing décor than with the juicy, summer-fresh Chunky Watermelon Wedge Sitter? This adorable wooden sitter has a bold red color with lightly distressed edges, a two-tone green rind, and black seed accents. This sitter will look great with black and white farmhouse décor and also looks great when paired with summer greenery or other fruit decorations. Measures 3.75" high by 4.5" wide by 1 deep.

Chunky Summer Watermelon Sitter

Bring to mind the sweetness and warmth of summer with the Chunky Summer Watermelon Sitter. This sturdy wood sitter features the word "Summer" in black dimensional letters on a red background with two-tone green rind and black seed accents. Bitemarks can be seen at the top of the watermelon wedge. This block looks great on kitchen counters, shelves or as part of a centerpiece on the dining room table. Measures 3.5" high by 6.75" wide by 1" deep.

Twig & Vine Bird Nest w/Blue Eggs, 5.5"

Welcome in the new life of Spring with a classic springtime element in the Twig & Vine Bird Nest w/Blue Eggs, 5.5". This dried vine and twig nest holds three faux eggs in light blue with dark speckles and a hint of dried moss. This lovely, naturally styled nest looks great with greenery and florals or tucked into a variety of locations for a pop of springtime loveliness.

8/Pkg - Mini Lemon Bowl Fillers

Fill trays, bowls, jars, and large vases with the bright and sunny 8/Pkg - Mini Lemon Bowl Fillers. This set of 8 plastic coated foam lemons features a bright yellow color and two sizes. There are four larger lemons that measure 2" long with a 1.5" diameter. There are also four smaller lemons which measure 1.75" long with a 1.25" diameter. The lemons come packaged in a brown, plastic, net produce bag.

You're Berry Sweet Shadowbox Frame

The You're Berry Sweet Shadowbox frame will bring sweet smiles to the farmhouse this summer. This wooden shadowbox frame has a white, lightly distressed finish and reads "you're berry sweet" in black script and text. An eye-catching red and green dimensional strawberry with white polka dots accents the phrase. This frame can be displayed freestanding or hanging from the sawtooth hanger. Add to table or shelf displays for a little added depth and pair with black and white décor, or let it be the white pop among greenery and red accessories. Measures 4" high by 6.25" wide by 1.5" deep.

All Things Grow Block, 3/Set

Keep growing in life and love with the All Things Grow Blocks. These white wooden blocks have distressed edges and are freestanding. Each features a different depiction of greenery and a lovely message about growth in mixed text and script. One block depicts a potted vining plant with the phrase "All things grow with love." Another reads "Never stop growing" with green, watercolor style leaves at the bottom. And the third features the phrase "Stop rushing things that need time to grow" with a small plant in a terra cotta pot. These blocks spread wonderful messages and look great on trays, shelves or table displays. Blocks measure 2.5" high by 6" wide by 1" deep.

Simply the Zest Mini Stick, 3/Set

When life has you feeling squeezed, squeeze back with the Simply the Zest Mini Stick Set! Each mini stick gives bright and uplifting encouragement. Sayings, in jaunty type and script, are 'Squeeze the Day!', 'You're simply the zest!', and 'Hello Sunshine!'. Each mini stick measures 1" high by 6" wide and .5" deep.

Field Fresh Lavender Hand Picked Wooden Sign

Bring the beauty of lavender and farmhouse simplicity to décor with the Field Fresh Lavender Hand Picked Wooden Sign. This white, shiplap style sign has light distressing and features the phrase "Field Fresh lavender Hand Picked Daily" in black text and script. Watercolor-style lavender flowers rise up naturally on each side of the text and the design is framed by two vertical support slats. This sign is a perfect match with dried or faux lavender and greenery. It comes with two D-Ring hangers and measures 6" high by 19" wide by .75" deep.

Fresh Cut Lavender Framed Sign

Add a fresh note to existing décor with the Fresh Cut Lavender Framed Sign. This sign has a wooden frame with white background and reads "Fresh Cut Lavender – Seeds • Stems • Bouquets" in black script and text. Behind the word "lavender" a lovely, watercolor-style lavender plant spreads across the center of the sign. This sign looks beautiful with lavender florals or pairs nicely with other subtle-colored florals and greenery. It measures 14" square with a .75" depth and includes two sawtooth hangers.

Friends Are Flowers In The Garden Wood Heart Ornament

The Friends Are Flowers In The Garden Wood Heart Ornament combines a lovely sentiment with lovely design. This large, heart-shaped ornament reads "Friends are the flowers in the garden of life." in gray text on the left side of the heart. To the right, pretty watercolor-style flowers spring in shades of pink, white, gold and green. The wooden ornament is topped with a jute hanger with wooden bead. This ornament hangs easily from door knobs, hooks or pegs or makes a lovely gift for friends. Measures 5" high by 6" wide with a .25 depth.

It's So Good To Be Home Lavender Wood Cathedral Sign

Celebrate the importance of home with the beauty of the It's So Good To Be Home Lavender Wood Cathedral Sign. This sign features a cathedral-window style frame with light whitewashing. The sign reads "It's so good to be Home" in black text and script on a white background. Beneath this lovely sentiment, watercolor-style lavender grows adding simple elegance to the sign. This sign is both subtle and eye-catching in its design and would look great in entry ways or family rooms. It measures 22" high by 14" wide with a .5" depth and includes 2 D-Ring hangers.

Skinny Watermelon Wedge Block

Add the Skinny Watermelon Wedge Block to farmhouse décor to conjure thoughts of warm summer sun and fresh, fruity breezes. This cute wooden block has a bold red finish with green rind and black seeds. It measures 3.75" high by 3.5" wide. The block's thinner depth makes it easy to tuck into tiered trays or add to shadowbox frames to refresh everyday décor with a summery pop of color.

Berry Sweet Chunky Strawberry Sitter

Welcome warmer days to the farmhouse with the sweet sentiment of the Berry Sweet Chunky Strawberry Sitter. This fun, solid wood sitter features a deep red background with white polka dot accents and a green, dimensional stem. The word "berry" appears in black, wooden cutout script and the word "sweet" is in black text. This lovely strawberry is eye-catching on countertops, mantels, tables and shelves. It looks great with black and white décor or when paired with greenery or other strawberry items. Measures 5.25" high by 6.5" wide by 1" deep.

Life's Better at the Lake Box Sign

Say hello to summertime with the warm and inviting Life's Better at the Lake Box Sign. These box sign features distressed edges and a shiplap design with white background. The sign is striped in rustic summery blues, gold, and sand colors. Reading "Life's better at the Lake" in white text and script, this sign looks beautiful with natural tones and black and white farmhouse decor. Measures 6" square with a 1.5" depth.

On Lake Time Box Sign

Slow things down a little this Summer with the On Lake Time Box Sign. This box signs features a shiplap design with white background and distressed edges. It has rustic stripes of summery blues, gold, and sand colors. The sign reads ‘On Lake Time’ in white text and script. This sign is a perfect addition to shelves and tables at the lakehouse. Or display at home or office for an uplifting reminder of your happy place. Measures 6" square with a 1.5" depth.

The Lake is my Happy Place Box Sign

Say hello to summertime with the warm and inviting The Lake is my Happy Place Box Sign. Rustic stripes of summery blues, gold, and sand colors appear over a white shiplap box sign design. The signs read ‘The Lake is my happy place,’ in white text and script. This sign looks lovely with dried or large leaf florals and other summery decor. Measures 6" square with a 1.5" depth.

Queen Bee Mini Round Easel Sign, 3/Set

Bee confident, bee yourself, bee delighted with your decor when you add the Queen Bee Mini Round Easel Sign assortment. These adorable, round, wooden signs feature a dimensional bee in black and gold with white wings and little metal antennae. Each sign has a fun, bee-inspired phrase in simple black text. Signs read "Queen Bee," "Bee Happy," and "You're the Bee's Knees." Signs measure 4" in diameter with a .25" depth and can be displayed standing using their easel back or hanging using their D-Ring hanger. Pair these cute signs with other bee decor or add a pop of color to black and white farmhouse decor.

Summer With Strawberry Block

Make summer displays their "berry" best with the Summer With Strawberry Block. This white, sturdy wooden block reads "Summer" in black text. The "U" in Summer has been replaced with a dimensional strawberry in bold red and green with white polka dot accents. This block looks beautiful when displayed with summer greenery, especially with a few red buds or berries mixed in. Measures 3" high by 8" wide by .75" deep and is freestanding.

Happy Summer Watermelon Block

Welcome summer into the farmhouse with the sweetness of the Happy Summer Watermelon Block. This white, wooden block has distressed edges and is freestanding. It features a dimensional slice of watermelon with a bold red color, green rind and black seed accents. The phrase "Happy Summer" appears in black text and the word "Summer" is dimensional as well. This block looks great on shelves and tables or makes a fun addition to the picnic or patio table during cookouts! Measures 3.25" high by 6.25" wide by .75" deep.

Watermelon Square Block

The Watermelon Square Block is a lovely representation of summertime and adds an eye-catching pop of color to farmhouse displays. This 3.5" square by .5" deep wooden block is white with distressed edges and sports a red and green watermelon wedge with black, painted seeds. The bold colors and simple design of this block make it an easy accent to add to trays, tabletops and more. Pair with red and white buffalo check accents for the perfect summer picnic theme.

Fresh Flowers Distressed Metal Truck

Add a classic farmhouse element to displays with the Fresh Flowers Distressed Metal Truck. This metal farm truck has a distressed light blue finish and reads "Fresh Flowers" in embossed text and script. Small details like side mirrors and cutout front grill add to the charm of this lovely truck. The bed of the truck is open and looks great with a variety of additions like florals, candles, springtime bird nests, and more! Measures 16.75" from grill to tailgate. It is 8.5" wide and 7.25" tall.

Please note: MSRP for this item is $66.49 each.

Honey Bees & Flowers Please Sunflower Round Metal Sign

The Honey Bees & Flowers Please Sunflower Round Metal Sign is a lovely addition to the ever-popular bees and sunflowers theme. This round metal sign is framed in sprays of yellow, black and green sunflowers with a black and gold bee in the center. The fuzzy-looking bee is framed at the top and bottom with the phrase "Honey Bees & Flowers Please" in black text with simple spiral embellishments. This sign would make a beautiful focal piece when surrounded by other bee and sunflower décor or by other rustic-chic or black and white décor. It includes a keyhole hanger and measures 14.5" in diameter with a 1" depth.

Choose Happy Lemon Pillow Ornament

Add a pop of color to your happy place with the Choose Happy Pillow Ornament. The stuffed canvas pillow features a cheerful lemon illustration and is boldly printed with the inspirational phrase, “Choose Happy.” The back of the pillow is made from trendy black and white check fabric, and it comes with a jute hanger to easily hang in a summery wreath, on a doorknob, or kitchen cabinet. It measures 5.5” high by 4.25” wide.

Pucker Mini Sticks, 3/Set

Pucker Mini Sticks are the personification of country charm. These simple wood mini sticks have a freestanding display with a white finish that is highlighted by a black and white buffalo check pattern around the sides. The sticks read, “Squeeze the Day”, “Pucker Up”, and “When You Can’t Find the Sunshine Be the Sun” in black script that is highlighted with lemon accents. Measure 1” high by 6” wide by .5” deep.

Life Is Short Mini Round Easel Sign, 3/Set

Add the sweetness of strawberries and a little humor to the farmhouse with the Life Is Short Mini Round Easel Sign assortment. These round, wooden signs are white with distressed edges and feature a wood cutout, strawberry in red with green stem and white polka dot accents. The signs read "Life is short make it sweet," "The Sweetest Pick of the Patch," and "You are Berry Sweet" in black text. These signs include an easel back and D-ring hanger for a variety of display options. They measure 4" in diameter with a .25" depth and look great with other fruit and strawberry decor or when paired with red and white picnic decor.

Sweet Peach Chunky Sitter

The Sweet Peach Chunky Sitter will and a pop of soft, springtime color and bring to mind the scent and sensation of fresh fruit. This solid wood sitter is shaped like a peach with a green leaf and reads "Sweet Peach" in black text and script. Add this sturdy sitter to trays, shelves, or countertops. It looks great with other fruit decor or when complimented by springtime greenery. Measures 3" high by 3.25" wide with a 1" depth.

Strawberry Square Block

Add an easy pop of color and the feel of summer with the Strawberry Square Block. This 3.5" square block has a white background with distressed edges and a wood, cutout strawberry. The strawberry is bold red with a green top and white dotted accents. This block can be displayed freestanding or leaning and pairs perfectly with our other strawberry décor for a fun, summery display.

Summer With Watermelon Block

Nothing says Summer like a slice of juicy watermelon. Capture that sweet, fruity essence with the Summer With Watermelon Block. This sturdy wooden block is white with distressed edges and sports the word "Summer" in black text. The "U" in Summer is replaced with a red and green cutout of a watermelon slice with black seeds. This block looks great on kitchen counters or shelves, or tucked in among delicious food on a summer picnic table. Measures 3" high by 8" wide by .75" deep.

Beach Shadowbox Frame

Beach lovers will feel right at home in all the sentiment of the Beach Shadowbox Frame. This frame features a speckled white background with starfish shapes cut through it to reveal a pale teal color beneath. Two seashell cutouts frame the text which reads "hot sun and bright blue sky – sandy toes and salty kisses – flip flops – sunburned noses – waves, shells – sandcastles...the Beach." This message appears in black script and text with the word "Beach" in cutout form in brown. The rustic, medium brown shadow box frame sports a sawtooth hanger for mounting on walls or doors. This frame would look darling hanging or leaning next to family vacation photos... or anywhere that thoughts of the beach might uplift! Measures 10" high by 8" wide by 1" deep.

You Are My Sunshine Mini Round Easel Sign, 2/Set

The You Are My Sunshine Mini Round Easel Signs will brighten up any setting with a little love. These 4" diameter circular signs are made of wood with a white finish and distressed edges. One sign reads "you are my sunshine" in black text with a yellow and brown, dimensional sunflower. The other reads "Hugs and Kisses" in black text with a red, dimensional heart. These signs are perfect for the master bedroom or children's rooms and look great sitting on nightstands or shelves using the wooden easel. Or mount on doors or add to wall collages with the included triangle ring hanger. Measures 4" diameter with a .25" depth.

Wooden Strawberry Block

Add a little fresh color to the farmhouse this season with the Wooden Strawberry Block. This solid wood block in rich red has a green, dimensional stem and white polka dot accents. Pair this fun block with box signs or other fruit décor for a lovely, summery display. Can be displayed leaning, freestanding or lying flat. Block measures 3.5" high by 4.25" wide by .5" deep.

Bees & Sunflower Wooden Ornaments, 3/Set

Add an easy touch of Spring to displays with the Bees & Sunflower Wooden Ornament set. These light, wooden ornaments feature stamp-style designs and a metal wire hanger at the top. The set includes a large and small bee in black, gold and gray, and a sunflower in gold and brown. Add these ornaments to hooks, knobs, floral garlands, or bend the hanger into a hook for easy addition to milk cans or tray edges. Ornaments measure 2.5" high (4.5" with hanger) by 4" wide (large bee); 2.25" high (4" with hanger) by 3.5" wide (small bee); 3.25" high (5" with hanger) by 3.25" wide (sunflower).

Felt Carrots Ornament

The Felt Carrots Ornament features two adorable felt carrots strung together by jute rope. This charming spring accent makes decorating a snap, simply drape the pair in a seasonal garland, around a cabinet knob, or tuck inside a floral arrangement. Each carrot measures 5.25” high by 2” wide, and it measures approximately 20" long.
$5.79 $6.29

Americana Gnome with Flag Knit Hat, 2/Set

These charming Americana Gnomes will be the talk of the 4th of July party when displayed in centerpieces or on buffet tables. The freestanding dolls come in an assortment of two designs featuring wired Americana-themed knit hats sporting red and tan stripes, and blue and tan stars. They each have a round wooden nose peeking out from their caps, and have long, fluffy white beards. They measure 12” high with hats fully extended, and are 3.5” wide.

Tulip Printed Easter Bunny Wood Sitter

Bring touches of Springtime beauty and simple elegance to Easter decor with the Tulip Printed Easter Bunny Wood Sitter. This solid wooden sitter features the silhouette of a rabbit sitting upright with a distressed white finish and raw edges. At the bottom of the bunny, lovely tulips in shades of pink, purple, yellow and green add a little splash of color. The bunny is finished with a jute bow around the neck that has two round wooden beads at each end. This rabbit will make a lovely compliment to larger Easter signs or looks lovely as part of an Easter centerpiece with florals, nests, colorful eggs, and more! Measures 8" high by 4.5" wide with a .75" depth.

Fuzzy Easter Egg Bunny with Headband

Every bunny will adore the Fuzzy Easter Egg Bunny with Headband this Spring! This sweet bunny sitter has soft, light brown faux fur with black plastic eyes and a cute pink nose. It holds a blue fabric Easter egg decorated with white ric rac and pink and white flowers. The bunny is finished with a pink knit tied headband wrapped around its long lop ears. This rabbit sitter has a weighted bottom and will look adorable as a part of Easter centerpieces or added to shelf and table displays. Measures 9" high by 5" wide by 4.75" deep.

Fuzzy Yellow Flower Gnome 13"

Add the cheery Fuzzy Yellow Flower Gnome 13" to your décor and the smiles are sure to abound. This adorable plush gnome sitter has a white faux fur beard with a bulbous nose peeking out from under his yellow cap. The cap is made of a fleecy material and has a white flower accent and yarn puffball on top. It also includes an inner wire so the cap can be positioned as desired. Brighten up everyday displays or add an extra sunny note to spring and summer décor with this charming little gnome. Measures 13" high by x 4.5" wide by 3.5" deep.

Fuzzy Yellow Flower Gnome w/Dangle Legs

The Fuzzy Yellow Flower Gnome with Dangle Legs is sure to delight young and old. This plush gnome sports a bright yellow cap and shoes in a fleecy material with a white flower accent on the cap. His long white beard is made of faux fur and his cute, round nose pokes out from under his hat. The legs dangle freely and can be crossed for an adorable look. The hat also includes a wire support inside and can be positioned as desired. This cute, plush gnome will brighten up any setting and looks perfect with his legs dangling over the edge of shelves, mantels or tables. Measures 7.5" high by 4" wide by 4" deep.

Fuzzy Yellow Flower Gnome 16"

The Fuzzy Yellow Flower Gnome 16" is sure to catch the eye and spark smiles. This cute plush gnome has a round nose and white, faux fur beard spilling out of his yellow, fleecy hat. The hat includes an internal wire for easy positioning and is accented with a white flower and puffball topper. This adorable gnome will add color and charm to table, shelf and floor displays or would make a fun doorstop for lighter weight doors. Measures 16" high by x 6" wide by 4" deep.

Black Bee Metal Wall Décor

Spread your wings by adding lovely metal texture to Bee-themed farmhouse decor with the Black Bee Metal Wall Décor. This metal bee sculpture has an overall black finish with a distressed vintage feel. It has golden yellow stripes on the abdomen and a distressed white finish on the legs underneath the wings. The body and wings have embossed patterns and there is a keyhole hanger on the back for easy hanging. This bee makes a great central point for a wall display or looks lovely on the front door or porch. Measures 10" high by 17.25" wide with a 1" depth.

Black Bee Metal Hanger w/Hook

The Black Bee Metal Hanger with Hook will bring beauty and function to the farmhouse. This solid metal hook has a hexagon base with a lovely cutout metal bee. The hook can be secured to the wall using a nail or screw through the round hanger at the top. This hanger is great for hanging necessities like keys, leashes, jackets, and more! It is also a charming hook for hanging other decor like a sign or wreath. Measures 7.5" high by 7.75" wide with a 1" hook depth.

Blue Scalloped Metal Wheelbarrow

The Blue Scalloped Metal Wheelbarrow will carry a whole load of charm into Springtime displays! This pretty metal wheelbarrow has a blue finish with scalloped edges and a moveable black wheel. It measures 5.5" high by 12" long with a 3" width. This wheelbarrow will look darling carrying a candle and greenery or filled with eggs for a cute Easter display.

Pink Scalloped Metal Wheelbarrow

Add a unique and charming element to Spring and Easter displays with the Pink Scalloped Metal Wheelbarrow. This cute metal wheelbarrow has scalloped edges and a turnable black wheel in front. It has a lovely, soft pink finish and measures 6.75" high with a 17.25" length and 4.5" width. Fill this barrow with a bird’s nest, greenery and pillar candle for a lovely Spring display.

“You're the Berry Best" Strawberry Bead Garland

String a little sweetness through farmhouse display with the “You're the Berry Best" Strawberry Bead Garland. This cute beaded garland features white and red wooden beads and measures 23" long. One end of the garland sports a white wooden tag that reads ‘You’re the berry best’ in black script. The other end of the garland is finished with a jute tassel and wooden strawberry charm. This garland looks darling wrapped around candles and containers and looks great with our other strawberry decor.

Always Look on the Bright Side Square Block, 4/Set

When life gives you lemons… make lovely displays! The Always Look on the Bright Side Square Block assortment features cute lemon graphics with phrases in gray text and script on white wooden blocks. The blocks have distressed edges and a keyhole hanger in the back but can also be displayed freestanding. One block reads ‘Always look on the Bright Side’ while another states ‘Bless this Kitchen.’ A third block states ‘Every day is a Fresh Start’ and the fourth reads ‘Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.’ These blocks look darling with grey and white buffalo check pillar candles and yellow beads or florals. They measure 4" square and .75" deep.

Vintage Squeeze The Day Old Town Scale Clock

Squeeze every moment in life with the Vintage Squeeze The Day Old Town Scale Clock. Sporting a yellow finish with black distressing, this metal clock looks like a vintage kitchen scale. The platform at the top is fixed for easy display of other decor and the face of the clock reads ’Squeeze the day’ in gray script and text. Behind the wording and numbers, a wreath of branches with lemons and white flowers is depicted. This sunny take on the farmhouse scale clock measures 7" high by 5.5" wide with a 5" depth and requires one AA battery (not included). This clock will look great topped with a candle and floral candle ring or supporting a few fresh or faux lemons for an on-point display!

Rustic Bird Garden Wall Planters, 2/Set

Add some vintage garden-style appeal to farmhouse decor with the Rustic Bird Garden Wall Planters set. This set of matching metal planters have matching designs with perforated metal baskets at the base. The top of each has an embossed design that reads ‘GARDEN’ with a frame and leaf details and an embossed bird at the top of the basket. Sitting on each basket is a cute three dimensional metal bird The planters have a hole at the top for hanging with nails, screws, or small hooks. They have a rustic finish in faded white, blue-green, and a rusty tones. These planters look great with florals and greenery indoors or hanging on the porch or in the garden. The small planter measures 14" high by 9.5" wide with a 3.75" depth. The large planter is 18" high by 12.5" wide with a 4.75" depth.

Please note: MSRP for this item is $78.99 each.

Squeeze the Day Lemon Metal Sign

Make lemonade out of lemons everyday with the Squeeze the Day Lemon Metal Sign. This sizable metal sign features an upright yellow lemon with a green stem and large leaves at the top. It reads ‘Squeeze the day’ in raised white script and text with a gray outline. This embossed sign will look great hanging over the sink in the kitchen or as a focal point in a lemon-inspired wall display. The sign measures 19.5" high by 16" wide with a .25" depth and has a D-ring hanger on the back.

Flower Market Seeds Blooms Stems Metal Sign

Welcome sunny days in the garden with the Flower Market Seeds Blooms Stems Metal Sign. Featuring an embossed design, this solid metal sign depicts a watercolor-style watering can filled with tulips, daisies and daffodils along with a hand rake and spade. The sign reads ‘Flower Market’ in large pink and blue letters circling around the watering can. Pink script at the bottom reads ‘seeds • blooms • stems’ and the sign is framed in a simple blue line. The white background has light distressing for a vintage feel. This 16" high by 12.75" wide sign looks beautiful hanging in wall displays or just above shelves or table displays and paired with Spring florals and garden-themed decor.

Fresh Garden Flowers Yellow Gingham Bucket

Bring fresh, soft Spring tones to farmhouse displays with the Fresh Garden Flowers Yellow Gingham Bucket. This darling metal bucket features a soft yellow and white gingham pattern with scalloped edges at the top. The edges are embellished with twisted white metal edging and the bucket sports a white metal handle for easy carrying or hanging. The front of the bucket has a white embossed seal that reads ‘Fresh Garden Flowers’ in script and text. The inside of the bucket is has a galvanized metal appearance for a nice contrast to the outer finish. This bucket looks great filled with daisies, tulips or a range of other garden and wildflowers. It measures 8.5" on the diameter and 8.25" high.

Beaded Metal Butterfly Ornament, Mauve

Heart will be aflutter in the farmhouse this Spring with the Beaded Metal Butterfly Ornament, Mauve. This lovely ornament has a metal butterfly cutout with a mauve finish and round wooden beads above and below the butterfly. It is finished with a jute tassel at the bottom and a jute hanger at the top. It hangs 12.5" long overall with a measurement of 8.5" high by 2.75" wide on the ornament itself. Add this ornament to a Spring wreath or garland for an instant uplift of textures and style.

Pictured with Pink and Turquoise Beaded Metal Butterfly Ornaments.

Beaded Metal Butterfly Ornament, Pink

Bring lovely Spring notes and a mix of textures to farmhouse decor with the Beaded Metal Butterfly Ornament, Pink. This ornament hangs 12.5" long overall with a measurement of 8.5" high by 2.75" wide on the ornament itself. It features a metal cutout butterfly with a warm pink finish and a jute tassel at the bottom. A jute hanger supports three wooden beads above and three below the main event. Hang this ornament on door knobs, drawer pulls, or anywhere you could use a little pop of Spring beauty.

Pictured with Turquoise and Mauve Beaded Metal Butterfly Ornaments.

Beaded Metal Butterfly Ornament, Turquoise

Uplift Springtime display sin the farmhouse with the Beaded Metal Butterfly Ornament, Turquoise. Featuring wooden bead accents on a jute hanger, this ornament sports a metal butterfly cutout with a turquoise finish. It hangs 12.5" long overall with a measurement of 8.5" high by 2.75" wide on the ornament itself and has a jute tassel at the bottom. This ornament will add a little flair to containers or hanging on the corner of Spring-themed signs.

Pictured with Pink and Mauve Beaded Metal Butterfly Ornaments.

Farm Fresh Honey Resin Coasters, 4/Set

Sweeten living room decor in the farmhouse with the Farm Fresh Honey Resin Coasters set. These resin coasters have a natural stone styling with rounded corners and a cork backing. The set has four very unique designs and each measures 4" square with a .25" thickness. One coaster reads ‘Farm Fresh Local Honey - Natural · Pure · Raw · Organic’ in a mix of black text styles. It has a yellow and white gingham background with a large jar of honey sporting a black and white gingham ribbon and a spiral honey dipper. Bees fly around the jar and the words for added accent. Another coaster with a white background sports a bouquet of Black-eyed Susans and daisies tied off with a yellow gingham ribbon. Bees are scattered about and the coaster reads ‘Honey Bees and Flowers please’ in black script. The third coaster has a black background with a wreath of yellow flowers and gray greenery. A large golden and black striped bee sits in the center of the wreath and is accented with the phrase ‘Bee Humble - Bee True.’ The fourth coaster has a white background with a burst of wild flowers in tones of yellow and white with gray leaves and stems. Bees dance among the flowers and the coaster reads ‘You Bee-long Among the Wildflowers. These beautiful coasters will be a welcome addition to the farmhouse living room, dining room, and more!

Lemon Slice Bead Garland

Variety is the Slice of life, and the Lemon Slice Bead Garland will add color and beauty to a variety of farmhouse displays. This lovely wooden bead garland has white and yellow beads with a .5" diameter and sports a jute tassel at one end. The other end of the garland has a round wooden lemon slice with light distressing that measures 3" in diameter. The garland is 24" long overall and makes a beautiful accent to lemon, fruit, or Spring-themed displays.

Distressed Wooden Layered Flower Sitters, 3/Set

Brighten up any corner of your home with the Distressed Wooden Layered Flower Sitters. These vibrant and playful sitters can add texture and life to any table or centerpiece. These sitters come in 3 different sizes varying in colors of yellow and white with hints of green leaves. These sitters measure with 1" depth, small: 5" long and 3.5" height, medium: 5" long and 4" height and large: 6.5" length and 5" height.

Bee Beaded Garland

Farmhouse displays will Bee sweeter than honey with the Bee Beaded Garland. This charming bead garland has .5" diameter wooden beads in black, golden yellow, and white strung on a jute cord. One end has a wooden bee tag in black, gold and gray, while the other end is finished with a jute tassel. The garland measures 23" long while the bee is 1.5" high by 1.75" wide. This garland looks lovely draped over sign and frame edges or wrapped around spring florals.

Please Grow Plant Stake, 2/Set

Some plant just need a little help and words of encouragement. Give your green friends the support with the Please Grow Plant Stakes. These stakes read "Please Grow" in white lettering on a gray backing and "Don't go dying on me" in gray lettering on a white background. These are perfect for any planter inside or on covered porches. Measures at 2.5" long and 10" tall.

"Bee Happy" Beehive Bead Garland

Farmhouse displays will bee as sweet as honey with the "Bee Happy" Beehive Bead Garland. This eye-catching garland features wooden beads alternating in white, yellow, and black colors. One end features a black suede-style tassel and the other has a wooden cutout of a bee hive. The hive is yellow with golden lines and a gray doorway and reads ‘bee happy’ in black script and text. This garland makes a great accent hanging over sign frames or around containers and adds a lovely pop of color among black and white decor. Measures 22.5" long with .75" diameter beads and a 2" high by 2" wide hive.

Summer Fruit Distressed Wooden Tag Ornaments, 3/Set

Scatter the sweetest compliments around the farmhouse with the Summer Fruit Distressed Wooden Tag Ornaments. These have a tag shaped design in wood with a whitewashed finish ornaments and read ‘You’re one in a melon’, ‘Life is berry sweet’ and ‘You’re simply the zest’. Each phrase is accented with a simple depiction of a fruit and the ornaments are topped with jute hangers with wooden bead accents. These tags will brighten the day when hanging on door knobs, cabinent knobs, hooks and more! Measures 5" high and 3" in length.

Yellow & White Bead Garland w/Flower Tag

Drape a little sunshine and flourish over farmhouse displays with the Yellow & White Bead Garland with Flower Tag. Measuring 49" long, this garland of alternating small white and larger yellow wooden beads has the length to accent a variety of displays and decor. It has a lovely wooden flower cut-out on one end measuring 3" high by 2.75" wide. The other end is finished with a white suede tassel. This garland makes a beautiful accent to Springtime displays or tuck the flower away and use throughout the year. It will look great with many popular farmhouse themes such as lemons, honey bees, or sunflowers!

Light Blue & White Bead Garland

This Light Blue & White Bead Garland adds light and freshness to any decor it is paired with. The light blue and white colors of this garland can be used for any time of the year, whether Winter, Easter or Summer. The garland has suede tassels at each end and measures at 44" in length. Wrap this garland around a candle, draped on a tray accompanied with florals, sitters and so much more for a lovely farmhouse feel.

Stars & Stripes Star Sitters, 2/Set

The Stars & Stripes Star Sitters set will bring a little star-spangled beauty to farmhouse displays. This set of two stars come in two sizes with the smaller having a 4" diameter and the larger having a 5" diameter. The sitters are 1" thick and have white edges. One star sports a dark blue background with white stars while the other is striped in red and white. These stars look great on different levels of a tiered tray or simply displayed together with other patriotic decor.

Red, White & Blue Flag Star Beaded Garland

Bring a little red, white, and blue to displays with the Red, White & Blue Flag Star Beaded Garland. This garland measures 25" in length and is made of wooden beads on a jute cord. One end features a jute tassel while the other sports a wooden star with an American flag design. The beads alternate in shades of red, white and blue and have a .5" diameter. This garland looks great added to other patriotic decor or wrapped around containers for decoration or for serving drinks at Fourth of July parties!

Count Me In Framed Sign

Bring the feel of bursting fireworks and warm summer evenings to farmhouse decor with the Count Me In Framed Sign. This patriotic sign features wording in gray, red and blue on a white background with light distressing. It reads ‘If it involves Fireworks Barbeques Summer Nights & Bonfires Count me in.’ The words appear in a mix of script and text and are accented with blue stars. The sign measures 10" high by 8" wide and can be displayed using the sawtooth hanger on the white wooden frame. This sign also looks great as part of a patriotic centerpiece sitting on its frame with bead garlands, candles, and more!

Welcome Spring Blocks w/Flower Truck, 3/Set

Roll on into Spring with the Welcome Spring Blocks w/Flower Truck. This Spring-ready set of wooden pieces are great all together, spread out in various areas or in different combinations. The floral teal truck sitter stands 2.75" tall with rustic details. The "Welcome" and "Spring" sitters sit 2" tall in teal and distressed white with alternating lettering and backgrounds.

Welcome Spring Flower Truck Block

The Welcome Spring Flower Truck Block is sure to be a pick-up for displays this Spring season. Reading ‘Welcome Spring’ in green text, this solid wood sitter is a lovely combination of Spring colors and farmhouse favorites. It sports a teal pickup truck with a bed full of Spring flowers in shades of blue, pink, yellow, white and green. This block looks great featured in front of a milk can full of Spring florals or added to a variety of other Spring displays. Measures 4.5" high by 7" wide with a .75" depth.

Fireworks & Freedom Square Block, 3/Set

Show the red, white, and blue spirit in the farmhouse this Summer or year-round with the Fireworks & Freedom Square Block assortment. These 4" square block signs feature patriotic designs on white background with lightly distressed edges and keyhole hangers on the back. One sign reads ‘Fireworks & Freedom’ and is topped with aviator sunglasses with one star-spangled lens and one red and white striped lens. Another sign reads ‘Red White & Sparkle’ with blue star accents. The third states ‘Party in the USA’ with a background full of red, gray, and blue stars. These signs will add a patriotic pop when displayed alone and look great displayed as a pair or set!

USA Tag & Stars Garland

String up a little patriotic cheer with the USA Tag & Stars Garland. This garland measures 25" long and is made of thin wooden tags and stars strung on a jute cord. The tags are white and measure 3" high by 2" wide. Each sports one letter of the phrase ‘USA.’ Stars in red and deep blue alternate between the white lettered tags. This garland looks great added to greenery, hanging in doorways or windows, and more!

Red, White & Blessed Block

The farmhouse will be patriotic and blessed with the addition of the Red, White & Blessed Block. This solid wood, freestanding block sign has a white background and reads ‘Red, White & Blessed’ in script and text. The “&” appears on a dark blue, dimensional star and the sign has an overall red, white, and blue theme. Measuring 3" high by 6.25" wide with a .75" depth, this sign looks great with other patriotic decor or can be used to easily refresh everyday decor for patriotic holidays.

Red, White and Blessed Blocks, 3/Set

Add a dash of stars and stripes to the farmhouse with the Red, White and Blessed Blocks, 3/Set. This stackable block set is made of solid wood and features two worded blocks with a decorative star topper. The blocks read ‘Red, White & Blessed’ in red, gray and blue text on a white background. The star sports an American flag design. The set measures 5" high by 6.75" wide with a .75" depth when stacked. These stackers look great on shelves or tray displays or as part of a patriotic centerpiece for Summer cookouts.

God Bless America Y'All Block

Farmhouse displays will be red, white, and blessed with the God Bless America Y'All Block. Featuring an overlapping text design, this sign reads ‘God Bless America Y’all’ in a mix of script and text. Five stars accent the phrase and the design appears in red, blue, and gray on a white background. The solid wood block has distressed edges and two keyhole hangers in the back. This sign looks great hanging or freestanding with other patriotic decor for summer holidays or year-round display. Measures 4" high by 6.75" wide with a .75" depth.

USA Flag Star Sitters, 2/Set

Bring a touch of old glory to farmhouse decor with the USA Flag Star Sitters, 2/Set. These solid wood sitters are star-shaped and come in two sizes. The larger star is 5" in diameter and the smaller is 4" in diameter. Both stars have a 1" depth and feature a traditional American flag design with white edges. The stars make a lovely accent to patriotic signs and will refresh everyday decor with an Americana feel.

Vintage Bee Black Old Town Scale Clock

Always Bee on time with the Vintage Bee Black Old Town Scale Clock. This black, kitchen scale style clock has white distressing on the finish and a fixed pedestal for displaying candles, florals and more! The clock is metal with a clear plastic face plate. It sports a lovely black and yellow bee on a white background with small charcoal gray numbers. It requires one AA battery (not included) and measures 7" high by 5.5" wide with a 5" depth. This clock looks great in the kitchen or throughout the farmhouse with black and white color schemes or other bee decor.

House Sayings Plant Stake, 3/Set

If plants could talk...Let's pretend they do with these House Sayings Plant Stakes. We wonder what plants might be saying, so do it for them. These black metal stakes are topped with gray plaques in wood that say "You're Killin' Me", "Livin' The A/C Life" and "Gimme A Window View". These are perfect for indoor floor plants, bouquets or even centerpieces. These stakes stand 10" high.

Hippity Hoppity Bunny Bum Blocks, 3/Set

Spring and Easter displays will be particularly adorable this season with the Hippity Hoppity Bunny Bum Blocks set. This set of three solid wooden blocks features two rectangular blocks in shades of green that read ‘Hippity Hoppity’ and ‘Spring is on its way.’ A cute bunny bum sitter in white with pink toes sits atop the rectangular blocks. The text and finish of the blocks has light distressing for a lovely vintage feel. This set measures 6.5" high by 7" wide when stacked. This set will look darling with Spring florals, candles, eggs and more!

Americana Gingham Rag Balls, 6/Set

Show off your patriotic spirit with the Americana Gingham Rag Balls set. This set features six styrofoam balls covered with fabric strips of three different patterns. One pair features navy blue fabric with white and red stars. Another has red and white striped fabric. The third pair has a red and white gingham pattern. With each rag ball measuring 2.5” in diameter and 2.5” high, this colorful set will pop year-round and looks great with rustic décor.

LED Sunflower Timer Lights, 15 Count

The LED Sunflower Timer Lights, 15 Count will add a little sunny light to the farmhouse this Fall. This strand of warm white LED lights has a thin silver wire and yellow plastic sunflower blooms with crosshatch centers. The lights require two AA batteries (not included) and have a 6-hour on/18-hour off timer function. These lights great for indoor displays with sunflower decor and florals.

Orange Gingham Fabric Carrots, 2/Set

Keep calm and carrot on with Springtime displays with the Orange Gingham Fabric Carrots, 2/Set. This set of two darling carrots has a foam core with orange and white gingham fabric. The leafy carrot tops are plastic in a rich shade of green. The pair is secured together with glue and tied off with a jute tie for a cute detail. These carrots will look great tucked into containers or trays or added along side bunny decor for Spring and Easter decorating! The pair measures 12.5" high by 3.25" wide with a 2" depth.

Mr. Gingham Fabric Bunny Doll

Spring decor will be hoppin’ at the farmhouse with the Mr. Gingham Fabric Bunny Doll. This darling bunny carries a raffia baskets full of greenery and flowers. He has a black and white gingham jacket over his green button down vest and dark blue jeans. His outfit is topped off with a black and white polka dot bow tie. His fur is made of a dried grass-like sisal plant material and the nose and eyes are plastic. This charming bunny is dressed in his best and will make beautiful centerpiece for Spring and Easter. Display him alone or pair him with the Mrs. for a lovely display. He stands 15.25" high with a width of 5.5" and a depth of 6".

Mrs. Gingham Fabric Bunny Doll

Everyone in the farmhouse will be charmed this Spring by the Mrs. Gingham Fabric Bunny Doll. These lovely bunnies carry raffia baskets full of greenery and flowers or carrots. Sporting a lovely green button down shirt and black and white gingham skirt, Mrs. Bunny carries a raffia baskets full of greenery and carrots Her eyes and nose are plastic while her pretty white fur is made of a dried grass-like sisal plant material. This darling lady stands 15.75" high with a width of 5.25" and a depth of 7". She'll dress up any Spring or Easter display all on her own or paired with Mr. Bunny.