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Snow Tipped Pine Tree, 18"

SKU: FXP78295
Our Snow Tipped Pine Tree stands 18" tall. Its needles have been frosted in white, as if by snow, and it rests nestled in a rustic burlap base. This artificial tree sits well on a tabletop or shelf and brings a little country warmth to the home in winter.
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  • Faux pine, burlap, jute
  • 18" H
  • Burlap wrapped base
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Hot Cocoa Mini Stick, 3/Set

Our Hot Cocoa Mini Sticks remind everyone that hot chocolate is a wintertime tradition. The freestanding, wood signs with distressed edges read 'All you need is love & hot cocoa', 'Hot cocoa and cuddles', and Warm wishes & holiday cheer'. Add these to your kitchen, by the fireplace, or wherever a reminder for hot cocoa is needed (and it's always needed). Each stick measures 1" high by 6" wide and is .5" deep.

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  • Faux pine, burlap, jute
  • 18" H
  • Burlap wrapped base